Kallachirippu (2018)

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Release Year:2018
Director:Rohit Nandakumar

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Kallachirippu Plot

The series follows 24 year old Mahati (Amrutha Srinivasan) through a series of misadventures that begin after being forced into an arranged marriage. Then the newly married Mahati accidentally stabs her husband to death in self-defense after a heated argument. She then promptly wipes her blood-spattered face and calls her boyfriend to clean up the mess. This sets off a chain of events that the true nature of every character involved in this marriage

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Kallachirippu - Star Cast

Amrutha Srinivasan , Rohit Nandakumar

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Kallachirippu - Director

Rohit Nandakumar

Release Year:2018
Director:Rohit Nandakumar

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