Zee5 Originals: Web Series And Movies | Rangbaaz, Life Sahi Hai, and More

With the world moving towards video streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, why should the Indian TV be left behind? Hi and welcome to FlickZee Blogs, where we keep you updated with all the latest happenings of the Digital Media world. And in today’s blog, you’ll get to know about all the zee5 original shows and movies that you can enjoy on the platform.

zee5 originals

 Zee5 offers a wide range of quality content in about 12 languages worldwide, which makes it the second largest OTT platform in India, it was launched on 14th February 2018 and has gained immense popularity among the Indian audience since then. Below is the Zee5 originals list comprising of movies and TV series across various genres. Enjoy!

Zee5 Originals: Comedy

Let’s kick off the list with some bone-tickling Zee5 Originals in the comedy genre. If you’re looking for some feel-good and laugh-worthy Zee 5 Originals, then this section is for you. Check out the following Zee5 original web series and movies list in the comedy genre.

Mrs. Subbalakshmi

Mrs. Subbalakshmi

Languages: Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali, Malayalam

The plot revolves around a housewife, Subbalakshmi who has given up on her dreams because of family and her husband’s pressure to take care of the kids and household chores. But one day, when her husband forgets their anniversary, Subbalakshmi decides to go on a date with herself and tells her family to not try to find her. This leads to hilarious situations as her husband tries to find her and Subbalakshmi meets a lot of interesting people on the same day.

You would love ‘Mrs. Subbalakshmi’ if: 

  • You are a homemaker and can relate to Subbalakshmi.
  • You want to watch a family show with a good message like women empowerment.
  • You’re looking for a lighthearted family comedy.



This dark comedy revolves around two regular stoners, Lallu & Sathu. Their friend, Ishtiaq, who has just returned from Kashmir hands them a bag of weed as asks to keep it safe until he comes back to collect it. Out of the fear of getting caught by the police, Lallu & Sathu sells this bag of weed to a stranger. When Ishtiaq comes to know about this, he insists on getting the weed back. What follows are their attempts to find that stranger and tackle the difficulties that arise on their way.

You would love ‘Dhunki’ if:

  • You can relate to the stoner characters.
  • You’re all in for a buddy comedy.
  • You’re looking for an Indian stoner comedy series.

Amrutham Dhvitheeyam

Amrutham_Dhvitheeyam Zee5 Original

Amrutham, Anjaneyulu and Sarvam, make elaborate plans to relaunch their family restaurant, Amrutha Vilas again. Appaji offers to help them financially, but they refuse to take his help. Amrutha and Anji approach a capitalist firm for help. After being rejected by them, they, fortunately, meet an investor, who wants to fund their business idea.  Sarvam promises them that he will not incur more losses as he did in the past. Despite their efforts, they fail hilariously, leading to laughter and chaos. 

You’ll like ‘Amrutham Dhvitheeyam; if:

  • You have liked the show ‘Amrutham’.
  • Comic plots with twists and confusion is your thing.
  • If you’ve had a long day and a good dose of comedy is all you need.


D7 Zee5 Original

Languages: Tamil

D7 is a new-age rom-com that revolves around a young couple, Sachin and Isai. Isai proposes Sachin to which he asks her to be in 7 days live-in relationship with him before committing to each other. She accepts this offer and moves in with him. This sets off a chain of hilarious situations including the intimacy, fights and the growing love between them. All this leads to a suspenseful twist which proves to be a turning point in their lives.

You would love ‘D7’ if:

  • You’re looking for a fresh rom-com without any melodrama.
  • You enjoy the millennial couple stories.
  • You are fond of suspenseful comedy content. 

Life Sahi Hai- 2

life sahi hai 2 zee5 original

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Language: Hindi

This zee5 web series is a sequel of the YouTube series by the name “Life Sahi Hai”. The plot revolves around two friends and their lives that revolve around girls, beer, and their nosy neighbours creating trouble for them. Amit and Jasjit, like any other bachelor, believe in living their lives to the fullest without any restrictions. But one unfortunate day, their landlord asks them to move out and now they gotta impress the old folks in the neighbourhood to get a place to stay. On the quest for a new roommate, they come across a simple Brahmin boy, Vaibhav, who tells them that he does not touch booze or girls. However, things take a U-turn when instead of sorting their lives out, Vaibhav adds onto the chaos. What happens next? Find out on Zee5!

You would love “Life Sahi Hai” if:

  • You’re a bachelor. Especially male bachelor.
  • You’re looking for fresh humour & don’t get offended by sexual and double meaning jokes.
  • You’ve liked Pyaar ka Punchnama Series, Sonu ke Titu ki Sweety & other similar movies.


Akoori Zee5 Original

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Language: Hindi

This Zee5 original web series is based on a dysfunctional family,  Parsi father who is adamant on not selling his house and his brother who wants to build a resort at that place. Things get worse when the often misunderstood and the sexually frustrated daughter along with her Punjabi not-so-cultured husband come together in the same house to add to the chaos. Moreover, there is another misunderstood son who is presumably gay. Amidst all this, the Parsi father falls in love with a hot aunty in the neighbourhood while his wife is in a coma for 2 weeks. Watch the show and witness a chaotic yet funny the drama of this dysfunctional family.

You would love ‘Akoori’ if:

  • You are fond of comedy of errors.
  • You’re looking for a new not-so-cheap sex comedy. 
  • You want to watch a hilarious Indian sitcom.

Sone Bhi Do Yaaron

Sone bhi do yaaron Zee5 Original

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Languages: Hindi, Bengali (Ghumote De Bhai), Tamil (Thoonga Vidungappa), Telugu (Padukoniyyandira Baboe), Malayalam (Onnu Urangann Vidu), Marathi (Zopu De Na Yaar)

This Zee5 original series is a hilarious & relatable story that each of us would have experienced at least once in our lives. A sleep-deprived Naveen Kasturia has an important meeting the next day. He reaches home from the office to get a good sleep but to his dismay, one of his friends’ uncle is there at his home, unapologetically snoring at the loudest volume. Will he be able to get a good sleep? How will he manage the uncontrollably loud snoring of the uninvited guest? Watch this hilarious Zee5 Original and find out.

You would love ‘Sone Bhi Do Yaaron’ if:

  • You have a personal grudge against the snorers.
  • You’ve watched and liked Naveen Kasturi’s acting.
  • You enjoy slapstick comedy.


Liftman Zee5 Original

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Language: Malayalam, Tamil, Marathi, Telugu, Hindi, Bengali

Liftman is another Zee5 original web series starring the famous Marathi comedian Bhau Kadam in the lead role. Bhau Kadam takes a job as a liftman in a society. Throughout the day, he experiences numerous adventures & misadventures with the different people using the lift. It is almost as if he is the artist and the lift is his stage. Watch this fun-filled show to lighten the mood and find the fun through the perspective of a liftman. This Zee5 Marathi series is also dubbed in Hindi and other regional languages.

You would love ‘Liftman’ if:

  • You enjoy light-hearted humour. 
  • You’ve watched and enjoyed Bhau Kadam’s work.
  • You’re looking for a chuckle-worthy Indian sit-com.

Dhatt Teri Ki

Dhatt Tere Ki Zee5 Original

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Language: Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Malayalam(Ambadaa), Tamil (Adachche), Telugu (Chaa…Jeevitham!)

This Zee5 original series talks about the hypocrisy and burdens that society has laid on our minds. Each one of the 4 episodes is a standalone story about a socio-political issue ranging from Politics to Religion while exploring the good, the bad & the ugly parts of these. This Zee5 original manages to bring a smile to the faces while throwing light on the double-standards and the hypocrisy of love that we face in our real lives. So get ready to have a ball of a tie watching this hilarious show.

You would love ‘Dhatt Tere Ki’ if:

  • You do not like the stereotypes of society.
  • You love satire & cynical comedy.
  • You enjoy humorous takes on religion and politics.

Amriki Dulha

America Return Amriki Dulha

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Language:  Hindi, Tamil (America Mappillai), Malayalam, Marathi, Telugu

Ganesh returns to his hometown Chennai to spend his vacation with his family but things go haywire when his father, Mr. Rangarajan forces him to get married and settle in life. However, this is not what Ganesh wants which is why he seeks help from his friend Michael and asks him to come up with a plan. In the meantime, Mr. Rangarajan is not pleased with the decision of Ganesh not wanting to get married and confides in his sister about the same. Will Michael be able to come up with a plan to save Ganesh? Or will Mr. Rangarajan will make Ganesh agree with him? Witness all the drama and have good laughs with this Zee5 original series.

You would love ‘Amriki Dulha’ if:

  • You can relate to Ganesh and his situation of being pressurized to get married.
  • You want to want to watch a family drama cum hilarious mess.
  • You enjoy buddy comedy movies and TV shows.

Chitra Vichitram

Chhitram Vichhitram Zee5 Original

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Language: Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi, Bengali, Telugu

This Zee5 original is a comedy series that revolves around two best friends – Abhi and Sidhu. Sidhu comes up with a plan to make a film and Abhi partners with him. They approach a producer who recommends an upcoming actress Ramya as the lead for the film. Both the men, on seeing Ramya, fall for her instantly and what follows next are the incidents of them trying to impress Ramya and fighting over small issues. Who will win Ramya’s heart? And Will the film ever get completed? Watch this hilarious Zee5 original series and find out.

You would love ‘Chitra Vichitram’if:

  • You have gone or are going through a “Love-triangle” kind of phase.
  • You’re looking for a light-hearted comedy series. 

Zee 5 Originals: Biography

Welcome to the infotainment zone of Zee5 originals and get ready to deep dive into the lives of famous people. Take a look at the Zee5 original series list in the Biography genre.

Karenjit Kaur

Karenjit Kaur Zee5 Original

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Language: Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali, English

Karenjit Kaur is the original name of Sunny Leone, the Bollywood star & the former Penthouse Pet. Born and brought up in a Punjabi Sikh family in Canada, the transformation of this girl-next-door to a popular porn star and then to a celebrated Bollywood actress is worth applauding. The series explores her side of the story by narrating the hardships that Karenjit went through to become ‘Sunny’, how she was disowned by her own family due to her profession, how she found out about being a bisexual, and finally how she met the love of her life – Daniel Weber. Witness the ups and downs of Sunny’s life with this Zee5 Original series.

You would love ‘Karenjit Kaur’ if: 

  • You’ve watched Sunny Leone and are curious to know more about her.
  • You’re fond of biographies.
  • You’re looking for snackable content because the episodes are only 20 minutes long.

Zee5 Originals:  History

This section lists all the Zee5 original series that has re-created the important events of the history on the screens. Some of them were future-defining and others were controversial. Travel back in the time with these Zee5 Original series of History genre.


Khaar Zee5 Original

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Languages: Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali, Hindi

This Zee 5 Original is based on the famous ‘Dandi March’ that was led by Mahatma Gandhi. The documentary showcases all the politics played by the British in order to stop this historical march. Even after being opposed by the Indian National Congress, how this revolutionary idea came forward and changed the course of the Indian freedom struggle, is going to leave you inspired and respectful for the ‘Father of our Nation’.

You would love ‘Khaar’ if:

  • You are keen to learn about India’s struggle for freedom.
  • You want to know about the events that led to Dandi March which become a historical event.
  • You want to know more about India’s History.

Lal Bahadur Shastri’s Death: An Unfinished Story

Lal Bahadur Shastri's Death Zee5

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Languages: Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi

Lal Bahadur Shastri, India’s second Prime Minister, was loyal to his nation and served India selflessly. However, the way he died remains an unsolved mystery to this date. This Zee5 original series throws light on the events and attempts to explore the grey areas around this mystery. Was he poisoned? Did he meet Subhash Chandra Bose in Russia before he was killed? Why was the autopsy report not released? Watch this informative Zee5 series and find out all the answers.

You would love ‘Lal Bahadur Shastri’s Death’ if:

  • You’re interested in knowing about India’s history.
  • You admire Lal Bahadur Shastri’s contribution to India’s growth.
  • You find yourself indulge in conspiracy theories from time to time,
  • You like mysteries and documentaries.

Zee 5 Originals: Thriller

Get ready to remain on the edge of your seats throughout these thrilling Zee5 originals. The shows listed on this list are backed by a great cast and thrilling stories to keep your eyes glued to the screens. Grab your snacks and get ready for a thrilling ride with these Zee5 original series in Thriller genre.


Kalavu_(2019) Zee5 web series

Languages: Tamil

Set in Chennai. Kalavu is the story of three friends and their escape from the cops. Later getting caught in the confusion of a chain-snatching incident, a crime which they have not committed. The plot of this film is based on a lie and the misunderstanding that follows it. 

You will like ‘Kalavu’ if:

  • You and your friends are always up to some mischief. 
  • You are looking for an action-packed film.
  • If suspense and thrillers get your nerves tingling.

The Final Call

the final call


The Final Call is a thriller Zee5 Original series which is based on the book “I Will Go With You” by Priya Kumar. Captain Sachdeva is a pilot of Skyline flight 502 which is heading towards Sydney from Mumbai. Sachdeva boards the plane with some kind of poison and plans to commit suicide. This puts the lives of 300 passengers in danger as the show hints on crashing of the plane. What follows is the conversation of Sachdeva with an Air Traffic Control officer who tries to calm and control the situation. The whole show is set in the aeroplane and is made with the intention to give you a thriller vibes throughout the story.

You would love ‘The Final Call’ if:

  • You have watched and admired Arjun Rampal’s work.
  • You want to watch some thriller series along with philosophical content. 




Rangbaaz is based on the real-life gangster by the name Shri Prakash Shukla. The show presents his journey from a college student in Gorakhpur to the most feared gangster of North India in the 90s. This 9-episodes long Zee5 original series covers the various aspects of his life including his romantic relationship, blood-lust, dirty politics, and the catch-me-if-you-can game with the Police. Watch this Zee5 original and witness the evolution of a gangster.

You would love “RangBaaz” if:

  • You’ve enjoyed other gangster series like Sacred Games and Mirzapur.
  • You’ve heard about Shri Prakash Shukla and interested to know his story.
  • You’re interested in a ’90s style crime thriller.


Abhay Zee5 Original


This 8-episode Zee5 original series is based on the true crime events that took place in India including the infamous 2006 mass murder and cannibalism case in Nithari, Noida. Abhay is an investigation officer who attempts to solve such mystifying cases along with his personal life problems. Will Abhay be able to juggle between his professional and personal problems? Or will any of them be going to take a toll on him? Tune in to Zee5 and find out.

You would love “Abhay” if:

  • You’ve heard about such crime incidents and always wanted to know more about them.
  • You enjoy the crime thrillers and investigation series and movies.
  • You’ve watched and liked the work of Kunal Khemu.

7 no. Shanatan Sanyal

Shanatan is an aged salesman who is unhappy with his job and gets fired frequently. This leads him to switch jobs frequently, and the tough phase of his life seems never-ending. His simple life is faced with confusion when suddenly his clients start disappearing one by one.

You will like ‘7 no. Shanatan Sanyal’ if:

  • You like watching murder mysteries.
  • You like movies that can be unpredictable with twists and turns.
  • If you’ve watched and liked Kaushik Ganguly’s acting.

Sharate Aaj

Sharate Aaj Zee5 original


This Bengali Zee5 original revolves around the most important festival of Bengalis, Durga Pooja. The show is set in London and revolves around the preparation to carry out a Durga Pooja in a university which has recently faced a failed bombing attempt. There is an underlying tension of the terror attack throughout the show which makes the series suspenseful. This Zee5 original also shows the beauty of Durga Pooja as it brings in together the Non-Resident Indian and Bangladeshi who worship the same goddess. Will Durga Pooja be successfully organized? Or the terrorists are going to be successful this time? Watch the mystery unfolding in this thriller Zee5 original series.

You would love ‘Sharate Aaj’ if:

  • You’re a Bengali and want to watch a gripping Bengali content.
  • You enjoy the mystery thrillers with a sense of tension throughout the runtime.

Date With Saie

Date With Saie Zee5 Original


Similar to the movie “Truman Show”, this Zee5 original begins a novel concept to the table. Saie is a popular Marathi actress who is introduced to an investment banker, Himanshu, in a Janmashtami festival where he helps Saie to be escorted out safely from an aggressive fanatic crowd. Himanshu is later revealed as Raghunath who is an aspiring film director and a maniac fan of Saie. He stages the movie and coffee dates with Saie without her knowing that she is being filmed this whole time by a friend of Raghunath. How will things fold now? How would she react once she knows about this? Find all the answers in this thriller 9-episode Zee5 original series.

You would love “Date With Saie” if:

  • You are fond of such a novel concept.
  • You’ve watched and liked the work of Saie Tamhankar. 


Kallachirippu Zee5 Original

Kannada, Marathi

Kallachirippu is a Tamil Zee5 original series that revolves around the life of a 24-year-old newly married Mahanati, who is not happy with her arranged marriage. One day, in a heated argument, she accidentally stabs her husband as a defence mechanism. Terrified by this, Mahanati seeks her boyfriend’s help to take care of the mess. This triggers a chain of events which leads to the unmasking of true characters who were involved in the wedding. Are there some other links to this murder? Watch this 9-episodes Zee5 original to find out.

You would love ‘Kallachirippu’ if:

  • You enjoy the neo-noir thrillers.
  • You are okay with the progressive content like pornography, homosexuality, lust, and sexuality.
  • You are bored with the same type of crime thrillers in the digital space.

Zero KMs

Zero KMs

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Language: Hindi, Malayalam, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi

Zero Kms is a Zee5 original series with Naseeruddin Shah in the lead role and is inspired by true events. Arjun, who was wrongly accused of a crime he did not commit, spent a decade behind bars. After completing this tenure, he finally has a shot at being a free man. However, things take a wrong turn and he is caught in the middle of a trafficking racket that is a threat to his entire family. Will he be able to prove himself innocent? Will this criminal activities come to an end? Watch the show to find an answer.  

You would love ‘ Zero KMs’ if:

  • People who like Crime Thrillers
  • People who like shows inspired by true events


Mehmaan Zee5 Original

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Languages: Bengali, Hindi, Telugu(Atithi), Tamil( Virundhaali), Marathi(Pahuna), Virrunnukaran(Malayalam)

A thriller with Raima Sen, Kaushik Sen, and Saheb Bhattacharjee in the lead, Mehmaan is going to keep you on toes. Aalo and Somshubhro make a much-in-love, happily married couple. Aftaab is a taxi driver tells Somshubhro about his passion for acting and feels comfortable talking to him. One night when Aftaab goes off to drop Somshubhro to his house, he invites him inside for dinner and insists him to stay back. What happens next? Is there something that the couple is hiding from him? Tune into Zee5 to find out!

You would love ‘Mehmaan’ if:

  1. People who love suspense thrillers

Table No. 5

Table No 5 Zee5 Original

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Languages: Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Malayalam, Marathi, Telugu

As the name suggests, this six-part show revolves around a table with the number 5. Coincidentally, all the interesting, as well as bizarre conversations, take place on this exact spot. Starring some very talented actors including Mohan Kapoor, Ashish Verma, Namit Das, Swanand Kirkire, and Pitobash Tripathi and ranging from the story of two magicians to a game of snakes and ladders, to the discovery of a walkie-talkie, this series promises to keep you in suspense till the very end. Is it really a coincidence that all the strange things happen at the exact same table or is it something else? Tune in to Zee5 to find out!

You would love ‘Table No 5’ if:

  1. People who love suspense

Badalte Chehre

Badalte Chehre Zee5 Original

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Language: Telugu(Abadham Venuka), Tamil (Kallachirippu), Marathi (Sandeh), Bengali (Antarale), Malayalam (Goodasmitham)

This Zee5 thriller has been produced by Karthik Subbaraj and revolves around a young couple. The wife does marriage because of a deal with his father but is still in love with her boyfriend. Things take an ugly turn when the wife accidentally kills her husband and seeks help from her boyfriend in hiding his body and this news. As the mystery unfolds, so does the true character of each and every person associated with the marriage. Do people find out the truth about the killer in the end? Watch to find out!

Who might like ‘Badalte Chehre’

  • Those who like Crime Thrillers
  • Those who like murder mysteries

Zee5 Originals: Horror

Let’s make this list spooky, shall we? This section is for the horror lovers, the ones who are an avid watcher of paranormal stories. So this is for you guys, the complete list of Zee5 originals in the Horror genre.

Parchhayee: Ghost Stories by Ruskin Bond

Parchhayee Zee5 Original

Languages: Hindi

Parchhayee is a six-episode Zee5 original series that presents family-friendly horror stories by Ruskin Bond. Each episode features a different paranormal story with a bit of fantasy added to the actual ones like the first episode is about a boy who lives with his grandmother. He has nightmares of a lady who committed suicide by hanging on a nearby tree. The show projects ’90s vibes and is a good watch with your family.

You would love ‘Parchhayee’ if:

  • You’re looking to watch a horror show with your family.
  • You’ve read and admire the work of Ruskin Bond.

Zee 5 Originals: Drama

Time to enjoy some intense drama! This section of Zee5 original series contains the shows that are drama heavy mixed with action, comedy, or thrill. If you are looking for some good Zee 5 original shows in the drama genre, then this is the list for you.


kali zee5 original series

Languages: Bengali, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Marathi

Kaali is the story of a single mother and her attempts to save her dying son who met a severe accident. The doctor tells Kali that her son needs an artificial lung to survive and the surgery would cost 6 lakhs that she needs to deposit within 12 hours. This makes her indulge in illegal activities like drug trafficking in order to earn quick money. Kaali is the first Bengali Zee5 Original web series and features Paoli Dam as the lead actress.

You would love ‘Kaali’ if:

  • You understand the power of motherhood.
  • You want to watch a strong women-centric movie.
  • You are looking for a nail-biting drama thriller.

377 अब Normal

377 ab normal zee5 original

Languages: Hindi

This Zee5 Original film is about the landmark decision of decriminalising homosexuality by the Supreme court of India. Section 377 still remains the talk of the town. ‘377 Ab Normal’ sheds light on the five petitions who challenged section 377. The plot revolves around the struggles faced by the LGBT community in India and the difficulties that that arose in the process of challenging section 377.

You would love ‘377 अब Normal’ if:

  • You’re interested in Political Dramas.
  • You want to understand the hardships of LGBT in the Indian community.
  • You’re interested in knowing more about section 377.

Sex, Drugs and Theatre

Sex, Drugs, and Theatre Zee5 Original

This Zee5 Original revolves around the lives of six college students and a drama theatre competition that they are forcefully made to take part in. Elements like the struggle to find the right script, the adamant behaviour of a politician’s son, and the disputes within the team are what make this Zee5 originals series an interesting watch.

You would love ‘Sex, Drugs and Theatre’ if:

  • You’re into serious drama series and movies.
  • You’re interested in watching the politics among friends.


Veergati Zee5 Original

Languages: Marathi

This Zee5 original film highlights a critical issue of India – Kashmir. The plot revolves around the struggles of the Indian army on this troubled state of the country. Salim, an Indian soldier who has just returned to his home for a vacation, is called back after the situation becomes unsettling in Kashmir. On the other hand, Hussain is a jobless young guy who is brainwashed by a rebellion jihadi to join the militant group as a stone pelter. A set of events bring both of them face to face and what happens next is what forms the rest of the movie.

You would love ‘Veergati’ if:

  • You enjoy patriotic movies and shows.
  • You want to gain a deeper perspective on the Kashmir issue.
  • You want to understand the hardships of Indian soldiers in the valley.


Baarish ALt Balaji Zee5 Web series

Anuj, a Gujarati man, is the head of a successful business empire by the name, ‘Mehta Jewellers’. Owing to the early death of his father, Anuj had to quit his schooling and raise his younger siblings and become the bread earner of the family. Gauravi, an employee at Mehta Jewellers,  hails from a Marathi background and is well-educated. While Anuj did not get a chance to seek much education, he highly respects people who work for his company and is a humble, kind-hearted man. Gauravi has a brother Aniket, who happens to be dating Anuj’s younger sister, Shreya. During an exhibition, Gauravi is saved by Anuj, from falling victim to a conspiracy. The incident brings them closer and lessens their differences. Will they fall in love or not?

You’ll like ‘Baarish’ if:

  • If watching the quintessential love story is something you like. 
  • You are a Sharman Joshi fan
  • You are a fan of old-school romance

The Sholay Girl

The Sholay GIrl

This Zee5 original film takes us into the life of Reshma, Bollywood’s first ever successful stuntwoman who performed as a body double for many popular female celebs like Hema Malini, Sri Devi, Meena Kumari, and Dimple Kapadia. The narrative plot revolves around her beginning in the film industry, the struggles of being a woman in the industry, and it tries to answer certain questions like the money in this business, and the dangers of being a stuntperson. Watch this Zee5 original and get to know these off-screen heroes as well.

You would love ‘The Sholay Girl’ if:

  • You enjoy biography movies.
  • You want to know more about these unsung heroes of the Bollywood.
  • You want to understand the struggles of a woman in the film industry. 


Cabaret Zee5 Original

Languages: Hindi

Razia is a young girl who escapes from her village in Jharkhand due to increasing encounters of Maoists and Police forces and also to follow her dreams of becoming a film celebrity. She reaches Dubai and starts out as a cabaret dancer there and eventually becomes a film star. Meanwhile, she falls in love with a journalist named Gaurav but she is soon haunted by her dark past that involves murders. How would Gaurav react to Razia’s secrets? What else is she hiding? Unravel all the mysteries in this Zee5 original film.

You would love “Cabaret” if:

  • You have watched and enjoyed Richa Chadda’s work.
  • You enjoy mystery drama.

The Lovely Mrs Mookherjee

The Lovely Mrs Mookherjee Zee5 original

Languages: Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Malayalam

Mouri is a young and professional make-up artist. She’s a smart and intelligent woman but is being forced to marry an NRI. On their first date, Mouri doesn’t like the self-boasting personality of her prospective husband and decides to call off the wedding. But prior to that, she wants to teach the guy a lesson for which she narrates the story of a writer and how he neglects his wife’s needs in his pursuit to win a Nobel prize for literature. Watch this interesting Zee5 original film with a story inside a story.

You would love ‘The Lovely Mrs Mookherjee’ if:

  • You want to watch a light-hearted movie with a strong message.
  • You enjoy women-centric movies with an underlying tone of women empowerment.
  • You’re fond of storytelling in the movies.

Badnaam Gali

Badnaam gali

The story revolves around Randeep, a young man who decides to leave home and shift to Delhi. He meets Noyonika, a woman who lives nearby. While Noyonika is tagged as a woman of questionable character by the residents of the colony, Randeep isn’t sure about judging her for being unmarried and pregnant. Randeep and Noyonika gradually become good friends. 

You will like ‘Badnaam Gali’ if:

  • You like a little light-hearted comedy.
  • Dramatic films are your dose of entertainment.
  • You like the portrayal of social issues through eye-catching storylines.



The plot revolves around the life of a man called Shiva, who is a single father raising his two daughters, Aishu and Vaishu. In an unfortunate accident, Shiva loses his wife. Igloo is the narrative of Shiva’s struggles as a single parent and how he remembers his life with Ramya before she passed away. Igloo Web series

You will like ‘Igloo’ if:

  • You like unconventional love stories.
  • You cry while watching emotional movies without hesitation. 


Zee5 Happi

The plot revolves around the life of a man named ‘Happi’, who earns a living by performing at an Irani café. Happi loves his little puppy and his work. A cafe owner is a kind man, but when his young son overtakes and plans on transforming the cafe into a club, a female singer and performer are hired. Happi is required no more. Happi, a man too naive to fight back directly, he refuses to give up the job he has loved all his life. 

You will like ‘Happi’ if:

  • You have a taste for heart touching stories.
  • You love Charlie Chaplin films. 
  • You love Pankaj Kapoor, period. 

Daawat- e- Biryani

A nostalgic narrative set in the 70’s Lucknow, it is the story of two friends, Ronojoy and Mansoor. There are two stories that run parallel, in this narrative. Mansoor Ali and his sister Afreen, are blessed with culinary skills. Ronojoy keeps visiting Mansoor’s house and once gives Afreen a recipe book. Ronojoy and Afreen fall in love, and knowing that the two families would not accept them, Ronojoy flees with Afreen, Mansoor’s sister. The story later shifts to Panchali, who is Ronojoy and Afreen’s granddaughter, and her visit to Lucknow, in order to find the misplaced recipe book. 

You will like ‘Daawat- e- Biryani’ if:

  • You are fond of flashback stories.
  • Family dramas and nostalgia is something you wouldn’t miss.
  • You enjoy interesting takes on social issues.

Daab Chingri

Daawat e biryani daab chingri web series

The owner of an old age home runs a small catering business, delivering home-cooked food to people, to manage the expenses of the residents at his old age home. When he is diagnosed with cancer, a young woman helps them develop an online catering service, in order to get financial help for the owner’s treatment. When the old age home gets an opportunity to cater to a writer’s conference in Kolkata, a popular catering company called ‘Great Bengal’ tries every possible means of expelling them from the business.

You will like ‘Daab Chingri’ if:

  • You like dramatic films.
  • Community narratives interest you. 
  • You’re a foodie.



Kavin and Ezhil are the main characters of this narrative. The plot revolves around a murder case, which is under investigation. Kavin is a thief, while Ezhil is a construction engineer who leads a simple life. One of them commits a murder one night by breaking into a house and brutally killing a man. Ezhil is traced and arrested by the police. But a confusion follows as to who is the actual murderer when the police come across Kavin. This complicates the investigation. 

You will like ‘Thadam’ if:

  • You are a fan of thriller films. 
  • Action-packed stories are your favourite.
  • you find the concept of doppelgangers and lookalikes interesting.

Khoj Movie

Khoj Zee5 Original

Languages: Punjabi

Gurpreet is a newlywed woman from a small village in Punjab who is married to an NRI. But everything falls apart for Gurpreet when her husband lefts her just after 2 days of their marriage and doesn’t contact her back even after 3 months. Tensed about her and her family’s reputation in the community, she decides to go to London and track down her husband. Will she succeed in her quest? Watch this Zee5 original short film and find out.

You would love ‘Khoj’ if:

  • You enjoy women-centric movies.
  • You’re wishing to watch a short film with great entertainment value.
  • You understand Punjabi though you don’t need to be fluent in that. 

Khoj Series

Khoj series Zee5 Original

Languages: Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Kannada

You would love ‘Khoj’ if:

A renowned chef, Madhur seeks police help after his wife goes missing. The police officer who is assigned this case is himself dealing with the death of his wife. Another shock shatters Madhur when he finds that his son has also been kidnapped. How the police will solve this case? Or is there something fishy in the scene? Watch this 6-episode Zee5 original series and find out.

You would love ‘Khoj’ if:

  • You enjoy crime drama movies and series.
  • You’re looking for a short web series with a thrilling story.


Fixerr Zee5 web series

Jaiveer Maalik is an arranger or precisely, a fixer. Once an honest police inspector, Jaiveer suffered humiliation as he was suspended following a misconception. Convinced by Dalmia, a clever businessman, he becomes a fixer.  Jaiveer performs illicit deeds in lieu of money, for people who need him to get some work done. His wife Kesar, is tired of his tactics and stays extremely worried about the work that he does. Maalik decides to punish the people who have wronged and insulted him, in his own way. What does fate have in store for him?

You’ll like ‘Fixerr’ if:

  • You like watching crime dramas
  • If you like Anti-Hero Characters
  • If slapstick fun is up your alley.


toothbrush Zee5 Original

Languages: Hindi

This Zee5 Original short film presents a new aspect of moving on in relationships. The story revolves around a couple where one is antisocial and the other is of outgoing nature. They both have different expectations and longings from life one wants to go out and meet with people while for the other one, the home is the perfect place. This creates compatibility issues between them which leads them to part ways and move on. What happens next forms the rest of the movie.

You would love ‘Toothbrush’ if:

  • You’re looking for a short and engaging drama.
  • You want to explore the movies in this “move on” genre.
  • You have gone or are going through a similar phase and need some higher perspective.


Dhhaga Zee5 Original

Languages: Hindi, Kannada, Telugu

Dhaaga is a 20-minute short film about the beautiful relationship of a brother and sister. Shankar and Uma live in a small village in Maharashtra. The plot revolves around the lives of children in such a typical village and the traditions that they follow. Shankar is taught to protect his sister from every harm at any cost. But when circumstances get really tough, will Shankar be able to do what he has been taught? Watch this zee5 original and find out.

You would love ‘Dhaaga’ if:

  • You are a brother or a sister.
  • You’re looking for a short dose of good entertainment. 
  • You’re keen to explore the lifestyle and psyche of typical village people.


Tigers Zee5 Original

Languages: Hindi

Ayan is a Pakistani salesman who is hired to work for a multi-national company that manufactures baby formula. On his first day, he along with other selected candidates is told to be the ‘tigers’ in their field. Ayan gets inspired and works hard to become one of the popular salesmen in the company. But things turn to worse when he comes to know that the baby formula that he is selling is actually killing the babies. This hits him hard and he decides to expose the company. How will a single man fight against an international company? Will the guilt-driven Ayan be successful in his fight? Watch this Zee5 original film and find out.

you would love ‘Tigers’ if:

  • You enjoy such concepts of “fight against a corrupt system”.
  • You wish to watch Emraan Hashmi in other than romantic roles.
  • You’re a fan of good vs evil fights in the movie.


B. Tech Zee5 Originals

Languages: Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi

Vikram, Akhtar, and Hari are engineering students with different aspirations and dreams in their lives. Vikram wants to be a filmmaker, Akhtar aspires to be a bike racer, and Hari’s dream is to be an entrepreneur and buy the home where he spent his childhood. B. Tech is a nine-episode Zee5 original series that revolves around the story of these 3 and the difficulties that they face due to their parents and society’s pressure to play safe. A series of events brings each one of these frustrated engineers together in the pursuit of their dreams. 

You would love ‘B. Tech’ if:

  • You’re dealing with the same situation of your dreams and parental pressure.
  • You’re looking to enjoy a buddy drama.
  • You’re an engineer and can understand these characters’ situation.

What’s up Bai

What's up bai Zee5 Original

Languages: Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Marathi

The plot of this Zee5 original series revolves around Nutty, his wife Laks, and his maid Jessie. Jessie is a tech-savvy modern maid who is in Nutty’s life even before Laks. The chemistry between Jessie and Nutty irks Laks who is just married to Nutty. This 12-episode drama series is set in the modern-urban space and presents a new kind of millenial household drama to you. Will Laks and Jessie be able to gel up with each other? Or will Nutty have to choose one of them? Tune into Zee5 and find out.

You would love ‘What’s Up Bai’ if:

  • You belong to the Millenial generation.
  • You are fed up with the old and repeated household drama shows.
  • You’re wishing to see something refreshing in terms of a relationship drama. 

Hum Tum and Them

Hum tum aur them

Shiva is a divorced mother with a daughter, Jahan. She is strict and disciplined when it comes to parenting. While Yudhishtir, a spontaneous man, is a single father with three children. He has been a bachelor for 5 years, since his wife’s death. However, now that his children have re-entered his life, Yudi must deal with their issues. Shiva and Yudhishtir, though poles apart in their tastes and habits, are thrown into an amusing relationship by fate. While love offers them a second chance, their teenage kids find it excessively bizarre to deal with this relationship. 

You’ll like ‘Hum and Them’ if:

  • You find family dramas interesting
  • You like watching light-hearted series/films
  • Shweta Tiwari is one of your favourite television stars

Code M

Code M Web series

Monica Mehra, is a lawyer with the Indian Army. She is called from Pune, to report at Jodhpur, for an investigation. Upon arriving, she’s handed the case which has become the talk of the town, a military encounter. At first, she finds the case to be an open and shut one, with the death of an army officer and two militant suspects. However, while continuing her investigation, Monica stumbles upon the secrets of a conspiracy. Where will this lead to? 

You’ll like ‘Code M’ if:

  • Jennifer Winget is one of your favourite television actresses. 
  • You like shows with a strong female lead. 
  • If you like yourself a good dose of mystery and action. 


Alarm Zee5 Originals

Languages: Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Marathi, Bengali

Alarm is a thriller drama that revolves around Inspector Thanigai who has 12 hours to find a kidnapped girl. The 12-episode Zee5 Original series deals with social issues and crime like prostitution ring and the underworld connection with it. Thanigai is shown as a cunning but honest inspector who himself is in touch with a flesh trading kingpin. How this Inspector will deal with this situation? Will he be able to win the race against time? Tune in to Zee5 and find out.

You would love ‘Alarm’ if:

  • You enjoy crime drama.
  • You’re interested in movies and shows with a noble cause.
  • You love movies and shows with an underlying sense of urgency.


Sigai Zee5 Originals

Languages: Tamil

Prasad is a pimp who receives a call from one of his clients to arrange a woman for the night. Prasad calls Chetta, a colleague who recommends recruiting Nimmi, a sex worker, for the job. But things take an unanticipated turn when Nimmi goes missing. Rest of the movies is formed by the attempts that Prasad makes to find Nimmi. This Zee5 original film presents a hard-hitting story about prostitution and the way it affects the involved people.

You would love ‘Sigai’ if:

  • You wish to watch a movie with such a concept from the perspective of a sex worker.
  • You’re interested in thrillers intertwined with crime and drama.

Babbar ka Tabbar

Babbar ka Tabbar Zee 5 Original

Watch it on Zee5

Watch the Trailer

Language: Hindi, Marathi (Babbar Chi Paltan), Tamil (Babbar Kudumbum), Malayalam (Babbarinde Kudumbum), Bengali (Babbar Aer Poribar), Telugu (Babbar Kutumbam)

This Zee5 Original series revolves around the Babbar family and the ways in which parents try to cope up with their millennial kids to understand them in a better way. From stalking their kids on social media to learn the meaning of a ‘hickey’, the parents try to understand their kids (who are trying to do the same) which lands them into funny situations. Meanwhile, the tenant of Mr. Babbar helps him to figure out how to deal with the millennial kids. Will Mr. Babbar and his wife succeed in this mission of theirs? Watch the show to find out.

You would love ‘Babbar ka Tabbar’ if:

  • You’re a parent and having a difficult time with your kids.
  • You’re a millennial and having a hard time with your parents
  • You love watching comedy family crisis and progressive family drama.

Horn OK Please

Horn OK Please Zee5 Original

Watch it on Zee5

Watch the Trailer

Language: Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali

Two young people, Advik and Gayatri with polar personalities are ambitious for their careers. Aditya movies from Pune to Mumbai to follow his passion for writing but faces difficulties in finding a place to stay. Finally, he manages to find a place but Gayatri is already living there. They form their own ‘live-in’ scheme and decide to stay away from each other’s way. Amid their silly quarrels and struggling career, they find love for each other but their parents are not aware of this arrangement. Will they ever tell their parents about it? Will this arrangement work for their careers and dreams? Tune in to find out!

You would love ‘Horn OK Please’ if:

  • You are fond of love stories about ‘live-in’ relationships.
  • You can relate to conservative families.
  • You’re looking for a mature millennial rom-com.


Mehram Zee5 Original

Watch it on Zee5

Watch the Trailer

Languages: Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, Hindi

‘Mehram’ revolves around the story of a Muslim woman who wishes to perform Hajj without a male blood relative who is known as ‘Mehram’ in the community. The way she challenges the patriarchal society and decides to go against all odds to fulfil something she believes in single-handedly, is definitely going to leave you in awe. But will she be able to fight everyone and perform the hajj? Watch this highly appreciated Zee5 original and find out.

You would love ‘Mehram’ if:

  • You want to see a progressive drama that can change the mindsets of a lot of people.
  • You’re looking something inspiring and stereotype breaker.
  • You believe in dreaming and fulfilling them.


Jashn e Zindagi Zee5 Original

Watch it on Zee5

Language: Hindi, Telugu, Bengali, Tamil, Bengali, Marathi

This Zee5 Tamil Original revolves around the lives of two childhood friends- Nitin and Kristo. Nitin is a software engineer and  Kristo is a filmmaker. The series opens with Kristo’s film being a hit at the box office and Nitin discussing his engagement with Bijala. “Jashn-e-Zindagi” is about all the wrong decisions made by these two and how life reciprocates and throws more problems at them. Will they be able to overcome these problematic situations? Tune in to Zee5 and find out.

You would love ‘Jashn-e-Zindagi’ if:

  • You enjoy light-hearted sit-com.
  • You do not get bored by buddy comedies.
  • You want to gain a positive perspective on life’s hardships. 


AranyaDeb Bengali Zee5 originals

Watch it on Zee5

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Languages: Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Malayalam, Bengali

AranyaDeb is the story of Aranya and Deb, two friends who got separated at the age of 14 and get reunited at the age of 40. Aranya is a simple man who considers himself a superhero with the powers to protect the people around him. Deb, on the other hand, is a superhero in terms of his education and career as he is a successful man in life. On their reunion, they get to know interesting things about each other. What do they find out about each other? Is there any secret in store? Watch this Zee5 original movie to find out.

You would love ‘Aranyadeb’ if:

  • You like watching buddy movies.
  • You’re looking for a light-hearted yet heart-touching story.

Appa Chellam

Appa Chellam Tamil Zee5 Original

Watch it on Zee5

Watch the Trailer

Language: Tamil, Telugu (Nanna Koochi)

Appa Chellam is a Zee5 original series which throws light on the strong bond that a father-daughter duo share. Anandraj and Tara do not keep any secrets between them and share each and everything that goes on in their lives. But things get strange when Parvathi, a woman from Anandraj’s past comes into the picture. Meanwhile, Tara meets Luv who confesses his feelings for him on their very first meeting. Will this scenario change things between Anandraj and Tara? You have to watch this Zee 5 original to find out.

You would love ‘Appa Chellam’ if:

  • You’re someone who has a very special bond with their parents.
  • You’re going through the first-love phase of life.
  • You’re looking for a light-hearted romantic sit-com.

‘Appa Chellam’ Online Availability:FlickZee



Tamashree Zee5 Original

Watch it on Zee5

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Languages: Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali, Hindi

Just when you thought that this world couldn’t get any more quirky, how about a story of a young, confident, professional lady who falls in love with, lo and behold, a tomato? Yes, you read that correctly! This Zee5 original series is about a woman who confesses her love for a tomato. When a documentary crew decides to go ahead and dive deep into the matter, they find out that things are much absurd than they appear to be. What! You ask? Watch the show, we say!

You would love ‘Tamashree’ if:

  • You’re interested in a novel and bizarre concept. 
  • You can tolerate a bit of stupidity in the entertainment.
  • You’re in a mood for a light-hearted comedy.

Zee 5 Originals: Talk Show & Reality Shows

Now let’s talk about the “Talk Shows” and discuss the reality of the “Reality Shows” on Zee5. Such Zee5 Originals are a quick dose of entertainment that lets you enjoy your leisure time.

The Story

The Story Zee5 Original

Watch it on Zee5

Watch the Trailer

Language: Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, Tamil, Marathi

The show features stories of Swara Bhaskar, Mallika Sherawat, Sumeet Vyas, Shakti Kapoor, and Varun Sharma, where they come forward and narrate some interesting instances from their lives which are terrifying, humorous and peculiar. This show gives them a platform to keep forth their all-time fantasies and worst nightmares turned realities.

You would love ‘The Story’ if:

  • You’re interested in knowing more about celebrities.
  • You admire the concept of a talk show.  


Lockdown Zee5 Original

Watch it on Zee5

Watch the Trailer

Language: Hindi

This Zee5 Original Reality Show does justice to its name. The contest pairs up two famous artists and they need to come up with 2 music videos in a span of 24 hours. Tough, isn’t it? Watch how our stars manage to give a different vibe to their old songs and recreate the magic. Starring famous rappers, composers, singers & musicians from Bollywood & YouTube – Raftar, Shirley Setia, Kailash Kher, Sachin-Jigar, Benny Dayal, Monali Thakur, Jonita Gandhi, T-Bridge, Harrdy Sandhu, Raja Kumari, Micky Singh and produced by Badshah, this show is definitely a must-watch.

You would love ‘Lockdown’ if:

  • You’re interested in listening to fusion music.
  • You enjoy the concept of musical reality shows.
  • You want to understand the process of making a music video.

Zee5 Originals: Short Films


Fatafat Zee5 web series


Kumar Vishwaas is an unhappy and struggling Call centre employee, who is having a tough time at his job. Kumar fails in matters of luck, talent and everything else in life. One day Kumar Vishwas stumbles upon a salesman, who is selling black magic pills. the salesman warns Kumar, to use the pills in case of an extreme emergency. Kumar’s life is a sum of failures and he decides to try these pills. 

You would like ‘Fatafat’ if:

  • You like narratives that have an element of the urban Indian youth in them.
  • You can relate to job frustrations. 
  • You are looking for some light-hearted and less time-consuming comedy.


Moh Web series

Shruti lives in her own world of dreams and aspirations. She has supportive and understanding parents, until the day she comes home escorted by a male friend. Shruti is baffled as to why her parents have suddenly turned cold and doubtful towards her. 

You would like ‘Moh’ if:

  • You like movies that ponder on mental health issues beautifully. 
  • You aspire and dream, and want a million things from life, just like Shruti does.
  • The question that ‘what’ you actually want from life, has ever intrigued you.

Yours Truly

yours Truly Web series zee5

Mithi, a 59-year old, about to be retired government employee, falls in love with the voice of an announcer. Every morning when she travels to work, she hears this voice at the Howrah station. Mithi writes letters to him, thinking that someone somewhere has been tailor-made to love her and care for her. It is this love for a stranger, that adds a certain charm to her everyday routine.

You would like ‘Yours Truly’ if:

  • You like stories with an element of curiosity.
  • You love Soni Razdan’s acting.
  • You love the concept of finding love in your midlife.


Zee5 web series DATE

An elderly woman who goes for her first ever job interview and is a little nervous plus ecstatic about it. The film contemplates whether there is a right age to achieve one’s dreams.

You would like ‘D.A.T.E.’ if:

  • You like stories that offer a fresh release of new ideas and talk about change.
  • Unconventional films are your pick.

Zee 5 Originals: Upcoming

If you’ve completed your favourite Zee5 originals and are waiting for new Zee5 originals series and films, then take a look at the following upcoming originals on Zee5.


Poison Zee5 Original

Genre: Drama

Release Date: 27th April 2019

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