Zee5 Originals – Movies & Shows – Complete List

With the world moving towards video streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, why should the original Indian ‘TV channels’ be left behind? Offering a wide range of quality content in about 12 languages worldwide, Zee5 is the second largest OTT platform in India, it was launched on 14th February 2018 with a lot of love.

Here is a list of some of the best TV shows to binge-watch on what is yet-to-become one of the ‘best entertaining platform’ soon. What are you still waiting for? Scroll down!!



Genre Comedy

Life Sahi Hai- 2

life sahi hai 2 zee5 original

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Language: Hindi

This amazing show is a sequel of the YouTube Series – Life Sahi Hai and continues to maintain its legacy with the hilarious puns and relatable drama that goes on in the life of Amit & Jasjit.

It is about two friends and their lives revolving around girls, beer, and chill and how their nosy neighbours create trouble for them. Amit and Jasjit, like any other bachelor, believe in living their lives without any restrictions and are definitely what you call ‘high on life’. Eventually, due to the late night parties, loud music, and girls going in and out of the house ALL THE TIME, their landlord asks them to move out. So to impress the old folks in their neighbourhood they get on a quest for a new roommate. They come across a simple Brahmin boy (enters Vaibhav) who tells them that he does not touch booze and does not get touched by women either. However, things take a U-turn when instead of sorting their lives out, Vaibhav adds onto the chaos. What happens next? Find out on Zee5!

Who might ‘Life Sahi Hai’-

  • Bachelors, especially males
  • People who would love to find out ways to throw the noisy boys out of their building 
  • People looking for fresh humour & don’t get offended by sex jokes
  • Those who liked Pyaar ka Punchnama Series, Sonu ke Titu ki Sweety & similar movies
  • People who like energy-packed performances and crack at hilarious jokes


Akoori Zee5 Original

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Language: Hindi

This Zee5 original web series is based on a dysfunctional family and how a Parsi father is adamant on not selling his house on his brother’s advice (who wants to build a resort at its place). Things get worse when the misunderstood and the sexually frustrated daughter along with her Punjabi not-so-cultured husband come together in the same house due to their mother being in Coma. Adding to this commotion is another misunderstood, the son who is presumably gay. In the midst of all this enters a hot aunty of the neighbourhood and the Parsi father falls in love with her, while his wife is in a coma since 2 weeks. Even the trailer of the series is hilarious. Watch the show to watch the drama unfold and get all your answers.

Who might like ‘Akoori’-

  • Those who love comedy of errors
  • People who want to see a not-so-cheap sex comedy
  • Ones who find the crisis of a dysfunctional family funny
  • People who want to watch a hilarious sitcom

Sone Bhi Do Yaaron

Sone bhi do yaaron Zee5 Original

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Languages: Hindi, Bengali (Ghumote De Bhai), Tamil (Thoonga Vidungappa), Telugu (Padukoniyyandira Baboe), Malayalam (Onnu Urangann Vidu), Marathi (Zopu De Na Yaar)

Starring Naveen Kasturia in the lead, this original Zee5 series is a hilarious relatable story each of us would have experienced at least once in our lives. A sleep-deprived Naveen Kasturia has an important meeting the next day, reached back home to get a good sleep only to find that his friend’s uncle is there at home, unapologetically snoring at the loudest volume. What does he do? Tune in to Zee5 to find out!

Who might like ‘Sone bhi do Yaaron’-

  1. People who hate people who snore
  2. People who had experienced a snoring guy ruining the sleep
  3. Those who want to discover interesting ways to avoid snoring people


Liftman Zee5 Original

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Language: Malayalam, Tamil, Marathi, Telugu, Hindi, Bengali

Liftman is a Zee5 original comedy web series starring the famous Marathi comedian Bhau Kadam in the lead role. Bhau Kadam, takes a job as a liftman in a society. Throughout the day, he experiences numerous adventures & misadventures with the different people using the lift. It is almost as if he is the artist and the lift is his stage. Watch this fun-filled show to lighten the mood and enjoy the drama unfold!

Who might like ‘Liftman’

  1.  Those looking for a light-hearted humour 
  2. Fans of Bhau Kadam’s comedy

Dhatt Teri Ki

Dhatt Tere Ki Zee5 Original


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Language: Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Malayalam(Ambadaa), Tamil (Adachche), Telugu (Chaa…Jeevitham!)

“Dhatt Tere Ki” – the reaction we Indians have to everything stupid. This series talks about the hypocrisy and burdens the society has laid on our minds. Each one of the 4 episodes is a standalone story about a socio-political issue ranging from ‘politics’ to ‘religion’ and explores the good, the bad & the ugly parts of it. Throwing light on the double-standards and the hypocrisy of love we face in our real lives, this brilliant performance by all the characters is going to blow your minds and force you to think whilst bringing a smile on your face. The star cast comprises of Abhishek Banerjee from TVF, Sunil Sinha from TVF Pitchers, Kumar Varun, and Kriti Vij from Baked to name a few. With such a talented team and a strong script, you are definitely going to have a ball of a time watching this show.

Who might like ‘Dhatt Tere ki’-

  1. The Rebels who believe in breaking stereotypes
  2. People who like satire & cynical comedy
  3. Those who have made a distance with Religion, Politics
  4. Those who love finding loopholes in their ‘system’
  5. People who love ‘logic’

Amriki Dulha

America Return Amriki Dulha

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Language:  Hindi, Tamil (America Mappillai), Malayalam, Marathi, Telugu

Ganesh returns to his hometown Chennai to spend his holidays with his family but things go haywire when his father, Mr. Rangarajan puts pressure on him and forces him to get married and settle in life. However, this is not what Ganesh wants which is why he seeks help from his friend Michael and asks him to come up with a plan in order to skip this situation. In the meantime, Mr. Rangarajan is not pleased with the decision of Ganesh not getting married and confides in his sister about the same. Will Michael be able to come up with a plan to save Ganesh? Will Mr. Rangarajan make Ganesh listen to him instead? Tune in to Zee5 to find out!

Who might like ‘Amriki Dulha’

  • People who are being pressurized to get married
  • Those who want to watch a family drama

Genre Biography

Karenjit Kaur

Karenjit Kaur Zee5 Original

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Language: Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali, English

Karenjit Kaur is the original name of Sunny Leone, the gorgeous Bollywood star & Penthouse Pet of the Year-2003. Born and brought up in a Punjabi Sikh family in Canada, the transformation of this girl-next-door to a popular porn star and then to a celebrated Bollywood actress is worth applauding. The series explores her side of the story and generates empathy towards a pornstar in general & explores the hardships that Karenjit went through to become ‘Sunny’, how she was disowned by her own family due to her profession, how she found out about being a bisexual, and finally how she met the love of her life- Daniel Weber.

Who might like ‘Karenjit Kaur’

  • People who love Sunny Leone & want to know her stories
  • People who like watching biographies
  • If you are looking for a snackable content because the episodes are only 20 minutes long
  • People who love getting inspired by other people’s hardships

Genre History


Khaar Zee5 Original

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Languages: Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali, Hindi

This Zee5 Original is based on the famous ‘Dandi March’ led by Mahatma Gandhi. Starring Sanjay Gurbaxani, Tarakesh Chauhan, Amit Singh Thakur, and Surendra Rajan, this documentary showcases all the politics played by the British in order to stop the march. Even after being opposed by the Indian National Congress, how this revolutionary idea came forward and changed the course of the Indian freedom struggle is going to leave you inspired and increase respect for the ‘Father of our Nation’.

Who might like ‘Khaar’-

  1. Those who are keen to learn about India’s freedom struggle
  2. People who want to know about the events that led to Dandi March become a historical event
  3. People who are interested in India’s History

Lal Bahadur Shastri’s Death: An Unfinished Story

Lal Bahadur Shastri's Death Zee5

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Languages: Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi

Lal Bahadur Shastri, India’s second Prime Minister, was loyal to his nation and served his nation selflessly. However, the way he died suddenly remains an unsolved mystery. This Zee5 original throws light on the events and tries to explore the grey areas around the mystery. Was he poisoned? Did he meet Subhash Chandra Bose in Russia before he was killed? Why was the autopsy report not released? If you want answers to all these questions, watch it to find out!

Who might like ‘Lal Bahadur Shastri’s Death-

  1. People who love knowing about our country’s history
  2. People who admire Lal Bahadur Shastri
  3. People who love exploring conspiracy theories
  4. People who like mystery documentary

Genre Thriller

Zero KMs

Zero KMs

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Language: Hindi, Malayalam, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi

Zero Kms is a Zee5 original series with Naseeruddin Shah in the lead role and is inspired by true events. Arjun, who was wrongly accused of a crime he did not commit, spent a decade behind bars. After completing this tenure, he finally has a shot at being a free man. However, things take a wrong turn and he is caught in the middle of a trafficking racket that is a threat to his entire family. Will he be able to prove himself innocent? Will this criminal activities come to an end? Watch the show to find an answer.  

Who might like ‘ Zero KMs’

  • People who like Crime Thrillers
  • People who like shows inspired by true events


Mehmaan Zee5 Original

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Languages: Bengali, Hindi, Telugu(Atithi), Tamil( Virundhaali), Marathi(Pahuna), Virrunnukaran(Malayalam)

A thriller with Raima Sen, Kaushik Sen, and Saheb Bhattacharjee in the lead, Mehmaan is going to keep you on toes. Aalo and Somshubhro make a much-in-love, happily married couple. Aftaab is a taxi driver tells Somshubhro about his passion for acting and feels comfortable talking to him. One night when Aftaab goes off to drop Somshubhro to his house, he invites him inside for dinner and insists him to stay back. What happens next? Is there something that the couple is hiding from him? Tune into Zee5 to find out!

Who might like ‘Mehmaan’-

  1. People who love suspense thrillers

Table No. 5

Table No 5 Zee5 Original

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Languages: Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Malayalam, Marathi, Telugu

As the name suggests, this six-part show revolves around a table with the number 5. Co-incidentally, all the interesting, as well as bizarre conversations, take place on this exact spot. Starring some very talented actors including Mohan Kapoor, Ashish Verma, Namit Das, Swanand Kirkire, and Pitobash Tripathi and ranging from the story of two magicians to a game of snakes and ladders, to the discovery of a walkie-talkie, this series promises to keep you in suspense till the very end. Is it really a coincidence that all the strange things happen at the exact same table or is it something else? Tune in to Zee5 to find out!

Who might like ‘Table No 5’-

  1. People who love suspense

Badalte Chehre

Badalte Chehre Zee5 Original

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Language: Telugu(Abadham Venuka), Tamil (Kallachirippu), Marathi (Sandeh), Bengali (Antarale), Malayalam (Goodasmitham)

This Zee5 thriller has been produced by Karthik Subbaraj and revolves around a young couple. The wife does marriage because of a deal with his father but is still in love with her boyfriend. Things take an ugly turn when the wife accidentally kills her husband and seeks help from her boyfriend in hiding his body and this news. As the mystery unfolds, so does the true character of each and every person associated with the marriage. Do people find out the truth about the killer in the end? Watch to find out!

Who might like ‘Badalte Chehre’

  1. Those who like Crime Thrillers
  2. Those who like murder mysteries

Genre Drama

Babbar ka Tabbar

Babbar ka Tabbar Zee 5 Original

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Language: Hindi, Marathi (Babbar Chi Paltan), Tamil (Babbar Kudumbum), Malayalam (Babbarinde Kudumbum), Bengali (Babbar Aer Poribar), Telugu (Babbar Kutumbam)

Starring Ayesha Raza, Manu Rishi, Avneet Kaur, Bhavin Bhanushali, and Anshuman Jha, this Zee5 Original series revolves around the Babbar family and how the parents try to cope up with the lifestyles and mindsets of their millennial kids to understand them in a better way. From stalking their kids on social media to understanding the meaning of a ‘hickey’ the parents try to understand their kids (who are trying to do the same) which lands them into funny situations. Meanwhile, the tenant of Mr. Babbar helps him to figure out about how to deal with the millennial kids. Will Mr. Babbar and his wife succeed? Watch the show to find out!

Who might like ‘Babbar ka Tabbar’-

  • Parents who are trying to understand their kids
  • People who love watching a hilarious comedy
  • Those looking for a progressive family drama
  • Kids who avoid are having a hard time syncing with their parents

Horn OK Please

Horn OK Please Zee5 Original

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Language: Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali

Two young people, Advik and Gayatri though poles apart, are both equally focused and ambitious. They come together as a part of their ‘live-in’ scheme and decide to stay away from each other’s way. Amid their never-ending fights and struggling career, they find love for each other. Their parents are not aware of this arrangement. Will their parents come to know? Will Advik and Gayatri be able to stay away from each other for a long time? Will they both be able to achieve their dreams? Tune in to find out!

Who might like ‘Horn OK Please’

  • Those who love stories about ‘live-in’ relationships
  • Those who can relate to conservative families
  • Viewers looking for a mature millennial live-in story


Mehram Zee5 Original

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Languages: Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, Hindi

Starring the very famous Farida Jalal in the lead role, this short award-winning Hindi movie has an emotional quotient. It revolves around the story of a Muslim woman who wishes to perform Hajj without a male blood relative known as a ‘Mehram’. The way Farida Jalal challenges the patriarchal society and decides to go against all odds to fulfil something she believes in single-handedly is definitely going to leave you in awe. But is she able to fight everyone and perform the hajj? Tune in to Zee5 to find out!

Who might like ‘Mehram’-

  1. People who do not believe in the inequality between men and women
  2. People who are religious and believe in ‘Allah’
  3. People who like to watch something inspiring
  4. People who believe in dreaming and making things happen


Jashn e Zindagi Zee5 Original

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Language: Hindi, Telugu, Bengali, Tamil, Bengali, Marathi

This Zee5 Tamil Original revolves around the lives of two childhood friends- Nitin and Kristo. Nitin is a software engineer whereas Kristo is a filmmaker. The series opens with Kristo’s film being a hit at the box office and Nitin discussing his engagement with Bijala. This show basically throws light on all the wrong decisions the two take in life and how life reciprocates and throws some more problems at them. Will they be able to overcome these problems? Tune in to Zee5 to find out!

Who might like ‘Jashn-e-Zindagi’

  1. People who enjoy a light-hearted sitcom


AranyaDeb Bengali Zee5 originals

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Languages: Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Malayalam, Bengali

AranyaDeb is the story of two friends who meet each other after a very long time and discover interesting things about each other. Aranya, a simple man believes that he has got special powers using which he can help people in need and protect them. However, people do not believe him. He then comes across Deb, his long-lost school friend who has grown up to be a very rich and successful man. What do they find out about each other? Is there any secret in store? Watch to find out!

Who might like ‘Aranyadeb’-

  • Those who find real life superheroes interesting
  • People who like watching a sweet, simple and heart-touching story

Appa Chellam

Appa Chellam Tamil Zee5 Original

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Language: Tamil, Telugu (Nanna Koochi)

Appa Chellam is a Zee5 original series which throws light on the strong bond that a father-daughter duo share (Anandraj and Tara) played by Nagababu and Niharika in the lead. Anandraj and Tara do not keep any secrets between them and share each and everything that goes on in their lives. Things go left and right when Parvathi, a woman from Anandraj’s past comes into the picture. In the meantime, Tara meets Luv who confesses his feelings for him on their very first meeting. Will things change between Anandraj and Tara? Watch the show to find out!

Who might like ‘Appa Chellam’-

  1. People who share a very special bond with their parents
  2. People who are experiencing their first love situation
  3. People who are looking for a light-hearted sitcom


Tamashree Zee5 Original

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Languages: Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali, Hindi

Just when you thought that this world couldn’t get any more quirky, how about a story of a young, confident, professional lady who falls in love with a tomato. Yes, you heard that right! Starring Maanvi Gagroo in the lead, this spectacular Zee5 original is going to keep all your attention focused at one place. When a documentary crew decides to go ahead and dive deep into the matter, they find out that things are much absurd than they appear to be. What! You ask? Watch the show!

Who might like ‘Tamashree’-

  1. People who like watching something different than the usual TV series
  2. Those who don’t want to Leave their mind Alone
  3. People who can tolerate a bit of stupidity in entertainment
  4. People who love suspense
  5. People who are looking for entertainment

Chitra Vichitram

Chhitram Vichhitram Zee5 Original

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Language: Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi, Bengali, Telugu

This Zee5 original is a comedy series that revolves around two best friends – Abhi and Sidhu. Sidhu comes up with a plan to make a film and Abhi, as always, gets ready to partner with him and support him. They approach a producer for the same who suggests an upcoming actress Ramya as the lead actress for the film. Both the men, on seeing Ramya, fall for her instantly and what follows next are the incidents of both of them trying to impress Ramya and fighting over small issues, leaving you rolling on the floor in laughter. Does the film get completed on time? Tune in to Zee5 to watch now!

Who might like ‘Chitra Vichitram’-

  • People who have experienced a love triangle with their friends
  • Those who want to watch a light comedy series

Genre – Talk Show

The Story

The Story Zee5 Original

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Language: Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, Tamil, Marathi

The show features stories of Swara Bhaskar, Mallika Sherawat, Sumeet Vyas, Shakti Kapoor, and Varun Sharma, where they come forward and narrate some interesting instances from their lives which are terrifying, humorous and peculiar. This show gives them a platform to keep forth their all-time fantasies and worst nightmares turned realities.

Who might like ‘The Story’

  1. People who love knowing stories about stars
  2. People who love others being open about what they really want
  3. People who love suspense

Genre – Reality Show


Lockdown Zee5 Original

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Language: Hindi

This Zee5 Original Reality Show does justice to its name. The contest pairs up two famous artists and they need to come up with 2 music videos in a span of 24 hours. Tough, isn’t it? Watch how our stars manage to give a different vibe to their old songs and recreate the magic. Starring famous rappers, composers, singers & musicians from Bollywood & YouTube – Raftar, Shirley Setia, Kailash Kher, Sachin-Jigar, Benny Dayal, Monali Thakur, Jonita Gandhi, T-Bridge, Harrdy Sandhu, Raja Kumari, Micky Singh and produced by Badshah, this show is definitely a must-watch.

Who might like ‘Lockdown’

  • People who love listening to fusion music
  • Those who love seeing reality shows
  • Those who want to see how songs are made


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