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YouTube premium gets you ad-free music (yes, you read that right), uninterrupted music in the background and access to YouTube premium music and YouTube Originals and here, we bring the complete list of YouTube Originals for you. 

Grab a box of popcorn and start watching, for YouTube Originals surely bring something new to the table.

The Thinning

The Thinning YouTube Premium Original Movie

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Watch ‘The Thinning’ here

The Thinning revolves around a world where population control is done by taking an aptitude test in high school with the students failing in it getting executed. Things change when two students named Peyton List and Logan Paul identify that beyond this superficial and unfair population control method lies a huge conspiracy which is when they decide to go against the system and bring it down. Watch what happens next on YouTube Red.



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Watch ‘Snap’ here

Snap! Is a comedy based on Stacks-4-Daze, the hottest Atlanta Snap Rap Group of 2006. All the rappers are now broke and working on ad-hoc jobs to make ends meet in LA. Surprisingly, their luck shines bright and they become famous on Worldstar giving them a second chance at attaining the fame back. To know if they succeed in getting the stack back, tune into YouTube Red now!

Lazer Team

Lazer Team YouTube Red Original

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Watch ‘Lazer Team’ here

Four losers who have absolutely no idea what they are doing in life suddenly land themselves into an alien crash site and start holding themselves responsible for the future of the planet. The lazer team as they call themselves does not comprise of very strong or talented people but they stand up against the enemy, know how to use a strange alien device, not kill each other, and save humanity together. To see how they train themselves against the enemy and defeat them, tune into YouTube Red today!

Dance Camp

Dance Camp YouTube Premium Movie

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Watch ‘Dance Camp’ here

Hunter is sent to an awkward dance camp during the summer which he initially dislikes and thinks that he is about to have the worst summer ever. However, when he enters, he finds the place quite charming and he likes being there. He meets a passionate dancer, Cheyenne and also joins her dance troop as they stand against an arrogant champion Lance in the Legends of Dance competition organised by the camp. To find out what happens in the competition next, watch the ‘Hunter’ now.

We Love You

We Love You YouTube Red Original

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Watch ‘We Love You’ here

Noah and Ford are two best friends who are inseparable. When they meet the girl of their dreams, they realise that both of them, in fact, have fallen in love with the same girl. However, to their surprise, she agrees to date both of them and it seems like they have come across the perfect relationship. To see how their love life turns out to be, watch the movie on YouTube Red.


Ghostmates YouTube Original Movie

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Watch ‘Ghostmates’ here

Charlie is an unemployed and socially-awkward person. He moves into a new furnished house and life seems to be going back on track. However, soon he discovers he has a company in the house, a self-involved ghost who ended up dead in an accident. The only way that Eddie can set himself free is if Charlie helps him fulfil his last request. As time goes on, they bond and an unexpected friendship blossoms as both of them finally understand the meaning of moving on in life.

The Keys of Christmas

The Keys of Christmas YouTube Premium Originals

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Watch ‘The Keys of Christmas’ here

This movie revolves around a young man who does not believe in Christmas and absolutely hates the day. His girl leaves him for his inability to be happy on such a joyous occasion. However, he comes across his guardian angels who help him rediscover the meaning of Christmas. One night, he enters into a refrigerator which leads to a maze where he learns the hard truths of life and comes out embracing the day, realizing the true meaning behind Christmas, the joy of giving. If you believe in miracles, then, tune into YouTube Red and watch the movie now!

Alexander IRL

Alexander IRL YouTube Premium Movie

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Watch ‘Alexander IRL’ here

Alexander is a young boy who loves playing video games and partying around while his brother is into developing apps and building a career. With both the brothers having nothing in common when their parents leave town, they need to work together to throw the coolest party in history along and also develop an app that can change the future of the world. To watch what happens, tune into YouTube Red.

Reggae Shark Adventures

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Watch ‘Reggae Shark Adventures’ here

Created by The Key of Awesome, Reggae Shark has always fought against evil and emerged victorious be it against a tornado containing sharks or fighting against an evil jellyfish. Evil has no end and when one comes to an end, the other surface up. This time, Reggae Shark has to rise to the occasion and fight evil again. To see whether or not good wins over evil yet again, tune into YouTube Red.

Lazer Team 2

Lazer Team 2 YouTube Premium Original

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Watch ‘Lazer Team 2’ here

The heroes of the Lazer Team manage to successfully stop the alien invasion but end up drifting apart. However, when the danger of an intergalactic peril dawns over the entire race of humanity, they keep their differences aside and join hands against the evil force. To see if they will be able to save the planet and restore the faith in humanity yet again, tune into YouTube Red now!

A Trip to Unicorn Island

A Trip to Unicorn Island YouTube Premium Original

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Watch ‘A Trip to Unicorn Island’ here

This movie showcases the world tour that famous Youtuber Lilly Singh aka Superwoman takes to 30 cities where she connects with her 7 million fans around the globe in person. On this impeccable voyage, she shares her journey and the importance of happiness. Witness all the love and excitement along the tour by tuning in to YouTube Red right away.

The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire

The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire YouTube Premium Show

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Watch ‘The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire’ here

The hit international show ‘The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire’ presented by Dan and Phil is just like their videos, audience-friendly along with a tinge of surprises which are going to take off the feet. Dan and Phil get twisted into the universe where the internet has been destroyed and everything on the internet has actually become very much alive. Watch how they entertain the audience while someone decides to make them learn a lesson on YouTube Red.

Dan and Phil’s Story of TATINOF

Dan and Phil's Story of TATINOF YouTube Original Movie

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Watch ‘Dan and Phil’s Story of TATINOF’ here

Dan and Phil set out on an adventure to capture their stage show. This epic documentary covers the moments that they came across while performing at the Dolby theatre in England in Hollywood. Watch the behind-the-scenes story of these two as they set out on an adventure only on YouTube Red.


Vlogumentary YouTube Premium Movie

Watch the trailer here

Watch ‘Vlogumentary’ here

This documentary explores the media revolution which has introduced ‘vlogging’ to the world. This is an attempt to introduce you to the ‘behind the camera’ scenes of some of your favourite YouTube vloggers. Tune into YouTube Red to see how the vloggers and their passion has changed their as well as their fans’ lives by introducing a completely new type of entertainment to the world.

This is Everything: Gigi Gorgeous

This is Everything: Gigi Gorgeous YouTube Premium Movie

Watch the trailer here

Watch ‘Gigi Gorgeous: This is Everything’ here

This documentary is about a fearless young woman named Gigi Lazzarato who began her life’s journey as Gregory Lazzarato, a young boy who posted beauty as well as fashion-related videos on YouTube. Watch how he emerges as a transgender female in front of millions of fans.

Brave Enough

Brave Enough YouTube Red Movie

Watch the trailer here

Watch ‘Lindsey Stirling: Brave Enough’ here

Marked by her thirtieth birthday eve, this documentary is based on the traumatic and challenging past events of the famous violinist Lindsey Stirling’s life. She gives out a message of hope and being courageous as she does not fail to ask herself if she is brave enough yet. Re-live a part of her life by viewing some of the most intimate experiences of her life, the challenges she faced, and how she made it through. Watch the journey of this spectacular artist only on YouTube Red.


Watch the trailer here

Watch ‘Inventerprise’ here

Through this show, creator Harley Morenstein wants its viewers to live their dreams and never stop believing in themselves. He invents unique and useful things in order to help his friends and make their lives easier. If you want to learn about some out-of-the-box innovations, then, this is definitely the show for you.

Katy Perry: Will You Be My Witness

Katy Perry: Will You Be My Witness YouTube Red Original Movie

Watch the trailer here

Watch ‘Katy Perry: Will You Be My Witness’ here

In this YouTube Red movie, watch Katy Perry from up close as she puts her life out in the open with cameras recording her 24/7 for four whole days. This youth icon portrays a transparent life with all the behind-the-scenes actions getting streamed live and shared it with all her friends, artists, and other celebrity guests.

Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated – Director’s Cut

Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated – Director's Cut YouTube Premium Movie

Watch the trailer here

Watch ‘Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated – Director’s Cut’ here

The documentary gives a closer look at the life of Demi Lovato as a 25-year-old pop star. It covers some of the untold stories about her bipolar disease, eating disorder and drug addiction. She shares all her struggles and her personal journey in reaching where she is today. Get to know her more and find her trying to discover herself as she starts working on the most important piece of work in her life on YouTube Red.

One Shot

Watch the trailer here

Watch ‘One Shot’ here

This show is a talent hunt for the best dancers starring Willdabeast Adams who is a world-famous choreographer and is capable of turning unknown dancers into stars. As part of this show, he goes to the street of Miami in order to explore the hidden underground talent and give them a chance to showcase their talent to the world by casting them in a music video premiere. To watch people unfold their talents, tune into YouTube Red.

DIY GIANT Birthday Cake

DIY GIANT Birthday Cake YouTube Premium

Watch the trailer here

Watch ‘DIY GIANT Birthday Cake’ here

This show marks the birthday of Corinne’s grandmother’s birthday. Since she is turning 80 years old, in order to celebrate, Corinne and Rob bake the biggest cake ever. Watch whether this turns out into a success or an utter failure only on YouTube Red.

Kwon Ji Yong

Watch the trailer here

Watch ‘Act III: Motte’ here

This full-fledged documentary is based on the journey of Kwon Ji Yong (G- Dragon) who leads BIGBANG which is the most successful K-pop band. It basically captures his last solo tour before he goes off to the military and the challenges as well as bittersweet memories of being under the radar all the time.


Kedi YouTube Premium Movie

Watch the trailer here

Watch ‘Kedi’ here

This documentary is based on Turkish cats and how they have become a huge part of the city of Istanbul. These cats do not have any owners and are neither wild nor tamed. It depicts how the city feels like home due to the presence of these cats who also add a certain charm and make these communities rich. Cats are considered to be mirrors in Istanbul who actually help people reflect on themselves. Find yourself falling in love with cats and the idea of having a cat by tuning into YouTube Red.

King of the Dancehall

King of the Dancehall YouTube Red Original

Watch the trailer here

Watch ‘King of the Dancehall’ here

This YouTube Original is based on a true story and gives one the chance to explore the sexiest dance tradition of the world. Nick Cannon is a young man who travels to Jamaica in order to do something such that he can cover his sick mother’s medical bills. At first, he enters the drug trade but later, gets sucked into the dancehall musical craze while finding himself amidst two lovers. Watch the drama unfold only on YouTube Red.


G-Funk YouTube Premium Movie

Watch the trailer here

Watch ‘G-Funk’ here

This YouTube Originals Documentary throws light on the story of 213, the most legendary hip hop sound. The iconic quotient increases as Snoop Dogg, West Coast legends, and Warren G give details about the rise of G Funk and how it impacted the hip-hop culture as well as pop culture. Watch the footage and interviews of these legends that nobody has ever seen or heard of only on YouTube Red.

The Price of Free

The Price of Free YouTube Red Original

Watch the trailer here

Watch ‘The Price of Free’ here

This story is based on the journey of Kailash Satyarthi, a Nobel Peace Laureate who sets out to fulfil his objective of freeing every child from the practice of slavery. Satyarthi, along with his team, sets out on a rescue mission to find the missing kids and then help them get back to their families. Watch this amazing movement unfold only on YouTube Red.



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