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YouTube is a video sharing platform available on browsers, Android devices, iOS devices, smart TVs and nearly every other platform available. Featuring videos of all genres and age groups, YouTube allows users to create their own channels using their Google account, and upload videos to the channels. Users may also subscribe to channels they are interested in, and like, dislike, share and save videos to playlists. Certain videos may also be saved to view offline on mobile devices, depending on whether the video is copyrighted or not. Users can also comment on videos and these comments may be liked, disliked or replied to.


YouTue Premoum: The New YouTube Red

But on May 16, 2018, YouTube announced something new, The Youtube Premium. And that confused a lot of people as YouTube Red was already there. ALong with YouTube Premium, We also got YouTube Music, but Google Play Music was already available. So, what’s the deal? What actually YouTube Premium is? And what features does it Offer? We’re answering everything in this blog. Happy Reading!!

What Is Youtube Premium?

YouTube premium is just a rebranding of YouTube Red, which was itself a rebranding of Music Key by YouTube. Music Key was launched in November 2014 offering only ad-free music and music videos. Music Key was revised and relaunched as YouTube Red on October 31, 2015, which expanded its Ad-free experience from just music to all YouTube videos. And On May 17, 2018, YouTube premium was announced along with a separate Music Subscription service, YouTube Music.

With all these revisions and relaunches, YouTube is trying to streamline the audio and video services that it offers to its users. With Youtube Premium, you also get a Youtube Music subscription that lets you enjoy ad-free music and music videos.

To give you a sneak peek of all the features that a YouTube Premium subscription offers you, let us tell you that with a YouTube Premium subscription, you get the features that you always wanted on YouTube viz. No Ads and background play. We’re gonna talk about all the interesting features that you’ll get with a YouTube Premium Subscription in detail later in the blog. So all in all, YouTube Premium is the new YouTube Red but it’s now with more features and of course, YouTube music.

What Is YouTube Music?

YouTube Music

YouTube music is YouTube’s own music streaming service like Spotify, Jio Saavn, and Google Play Music. But what makes YouTube Music different from all these is that you can also watch music videos of the song that you’re listening to which is a feature that neither Spotify offers you nor any other music streaming service. Along with this, you also get the standard music streaming features like offline downloading and background play.

But everything has a price, right? YouTube Music comes with a price tag of $9.99 per month (US price). You can either purchase this standalone YouTube Music subscription or if you buy the YouTube Premium subscription which is priced at $11.99 per month (US price), then you’ll also get the access to YouTube Music. The complete pricing and features details are discussed in the coming sections of the blog. Keep reading. 

What Features Do YouTube Music and YouTube Premium Offer?

youtube premium features

If you’ve been a YouTube user for a long time, then you’re in for a treat with YouTube Premium and YouTube Music. Without much ado, let’s take a look at the features list of YouTube Music and YouTube Premium.

Features Of YouTube Music

Following are the Key features of YouTube music which makes it stand apart from the rest of the music streaming service crowd.

Ad-Free Music Experience

We all have been there. We know how irritating it is to watch a hotel Ad in between our favourite music piece. Well, you can say goodbye to all the ads with YouTube Music as you will be experiencing music without any commercials in between.

Offline Downloading

This is already a feature of the subscription-less YouTube. But with the simple YouTube, you can only download some of the music to your offline watchlist. With YouTube Music, however, you can download an unlimited number of songs on your device.

Audio AND Video

Now, this is what’s new with a music streaming service. You can switch between music audio and its video with YouTube Music. There is a toggle button on top of the video screen that you can use to toggle between the audio or the video of the song you’re listening.

Watch In Background

YouTube music allows you to listen to a song while switching between apps, or when your device is locked. So this is pretty much the standard feature when it comes to music streaming services, but, it’s something new for the YouTube users.

Search and Recommendation

Don’t confuse this with a normal search and recommendation. This is smart searching and advanced recommendation. You can type in the lyrics or similar vague information for any song and for most of the time, you’ll find the desired song in the search results.

Features of YouTube Premium

YouTube premium is your pass to some of the most wanted features on YouTube. If you have a YouTube Premium subscription, then you have access to the following features.

Access to YouTube Music

With YouTube Premium subscription, you get YouTube Music as a compliment. You get all the features of YouTube Music without paying a separate fee for YouTube Music subscription.

Access To Google Play Music

This might be confusing but YouTube Music and Google Play Music are 2 different music streaming services. With a YouTube Premium membership, you get access to all the features of Google Play Music as well.

Ad-free Video Experience

This is what we all wanted with YouTube. With a YouTube premium subscription, you can watch every single video on YouTube without any commercials in between. This applies to YouTube Kids as well if it is available in your location.

Offline Downloading

You can download your favourite videos to the offline watchlist and can watch them even without an active Internet connection with a YouTube Premium subscription.

Access to YouTube Originals

YouTube Premium subscription gives you access to the complete catalogue of YouTube Originals like the popular Cobra Kai, Step-Up High Water, and Liza On Demand.

Background Play

And for the first time, you can play YouTube Videos in the background. With YouTube Premium subscription, you get this long-awaited feature of YouTube where you can simply minimize the app or press the power button, and the video that you were watching will still be played in the background.

What Content Does YouTube Premium Offers?

YouTube Premium Content

YouTube is the first thing that comes to mind when we want to watch some videos. It is an unmatched video streaming service on the Internet. With YouTube Premium, you get exclusive access to the content of YouTube and YouTube music. This includes the YouTube Originals, a huge library of regularly updated music, Live performances of music artists and more. Let’s take a closer look at YouTube Originals and what kind of entertainment does it offer to you, in the next section.

YouTube Originals

What Is YouTube Originals?

YouTube Originals is a collection of Video Series or movies that are exclusively present on YouTube. YouTube Premium members and YouTube TV paid subscribers. If you’re a YouTube Premium subscriber, then you can watch all YouTube Originals series and movies without any extra cost. Titles like Cobra Kai, Single By 30, Rhett and Link’s Buddy System are among the most viewed YouTube Originals which you can enjoy with either a YouTube premium or YouTube TV subscription. 

How Can I Identify An YouTube Original?

It’s easy. If you see a “YouTube Original” text on the thumbnail of a video with either ‘Free’ or ‘$’ below the title of the video, then it’s a YouTube Original. If it’s available for free then you’ll find the ‘free’ written below the title of the video, else, ‘$’ would be there indicating that you’ll need a premium membership to watch that particular video.

What Are The Popular YouTube Originals?

YouTube Original series and movies are widely popular in and outside the YouTube community because of the popular faces on YouTube starring in those. Scare Pewdiepie is one such popular YouTube Original featuring the most subscribed YouTube content creator, Felix aka PewDiePie. Following are some of the most popular YouTube Originals.

  1. Cobra Kai – It’s a 10 part series inspired from the original Karate Kid movie.
  2. Step-Up: High Water – It’s a Dance-Drama genre inspired by the Step-Up movie series.
  3. Kedi – A documentary that tracks the lives of 7 stray cats in Istanbul.
  4. Rhett and Link’s Buddy System – A comedy show featuring the famous YouTubers Rhett and Link playing themselves.
  5. Mind Field – Featuring Michael Stevens, another popular YouTuber, Mind Field is a show where Michael talks about various human behaviours by carrying out related and sometimes strange experiments. 

What If I’m a non-premium user?

For non-premium YouTube users, few episodes of originals are available but after that, they’ll have to purchase either YouTube Premium or YouTube TV membership to continue watching the YouTube Originals. Every YouTube Original Video that is available for free, can be accessed by a non-premium member.

Can I Watch YouTube Originals For Free?

While some Youtube Original shows offer first few episodes for free but YouTube Original movies demand a YouTube Premium subscription if you wish to watch them. However, this scenario is reportedly going to change in 2020. YouTube is looking forward to making all YouTube Originals free but with Ads for non-premium member and Ad-free for YouTube Premium members.

Is YouTube Originals Available In My Country?

YouTube Originals are currently available only in selected countries where YouTube Premium is available:

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Portugal, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States.

Is YouTube Rental Included In YouTube Premium?

Unfortunately, No. YouTube movie rental service is currently not a part of YouTube Premium membership. If you’re still interested in YouTube Movie Rental, then we have answered some of the queries down below.

YouTube Movie Rentals

What is the YouTube Movie Rental?

It’s YouTube’s way to rent a movie for a short period of time. If you don’t want to spend the full amount to purchase a movie, you can opt to rent it at a much lesser price. 

For How Long Can I Access a Rented Movie?

Once you rent a movie from YouTube rental, you’ll have the access to it for the next 48 hours from the moment you hit ‘play’ on the video screen.

What Kind Of Movies Are There On YouTube Rental?

You will find the popular, latest and a diverse collection of movies here. Movies ranging through the genres like Comedy, Thriller, Musical, Drama and Biography are available on YouTube Rental.

What Is The Picture Quality Of The Available Movies?

You can stream movies with Standard Quality as well as High Definition. You can even watch some select movies in 4K depending on your Internet speed.  

How Can I Rent A Movie Through YouTube Rental?

  1. Open the YouTube app or go to the YouTube website.
  2. Select the YouTube movies option from the navigation panel.
  3. Search for the movie you wish to rent.
  4. If found, then click on the title. This will lead you to the movie description page.
  5. Click on the ‘rent/buy’ button. 
  6. Fill in the credit card and billing information. Enjoy the movie.

Are there any Hacks, Offers, and Free Trial For YouTube Premium?

Well, where there is a will, there is a way. YouTube wouldn’t tell you about these, but of course, there are hacks to get YouTube Premium for free, and in the countries where YouTube premium isn’t officially available. Read below for more details on these hacks, offers and free trials for YouTube Premium.

Will I Get A Free Trial For YouTube Premium?

Yes. YouTube offers a free trial for its newly register premium members. Currently, it offers 1-month free trial after which you will be charged $11.99 per month (or a discounted price which is discussed next). Though, to activate the free trial, you need to enter your credit/debit/Google Pay information.

Are There Any Offers On YouTube Premium Membership? 

YouTube Premium Subscription plans are available for a discounted price. Check the details below.

YouTube Premium Family Plan

With this plan, you can share your YouTube Premium membership up to 5 family members for $17.99 per month. You’ll be the ‘family manager’ and others will be the ‘family members’.


  1. The family manager needs to be in a location where YouTube Premium services are available.
  2. The family manager should be of 18+ years old. Family members need to be 13+ years old.
  3. The family manager, as well as the family members, shouldn’t be a part of another family group.


  1. As a family manager, you’ll create a Google family group.
  2. Now you can invite 5 more people to share your YouTube Premium, YouTube Music,  or YouTube TV membership.
  3. As a family member, you can use your own Google account to access the YouTube premium services. Your viewing history, recommendation, and watchlists will not be shared with other family members.

YouTube Premium Student Plan

All eligible users can access YouTube Premium for $5.99 per month with this plan.

Eligibility: You need to be a genuine student of some university. Google will use the sheerID website to verify your eligibility according to their sheerID’s privacy policy. 

Procedure: As you opt for this plan, you will be redirected to the sheerID website to fill out your information in a form which looks like as below.

youtube premium sheerID

Is There Any Hack To For YouTube Premium?

Alright! Don’t tell anyone but yes, there are hacks to get YouTube Premium for free, even in the countries where it isn’t launched officially. 

Hack To Get YouTube Premium In Non-Supporting Countries

If you live in a country where YouTube Premium is yet not available, then you can access it using the following steps.

  1. Download a VPN app or extension on your smartphone or web browser respectively. 
  2. Open the YouTube Premium page.
  3. Select any YouTube Premium supporting country from the VPN, and refresh the YouTube Premium page.
  4. Voila!! You can now be a member of YouTube Premium. You’re Welcome!

Hack To Get YouTube Premium For Free

If you don’t even want to spend a penny on YouTube Premium subscription, then this Hack is for you. But it will require either a credit/debit card or an active Google Pay account.

  1. Go to the YouTube Premium Subscription Page.
  2. Select a suitable plan (standard/family/student).
  3. Fill out the payment information. This will get you a month of free trial.
  4. Just before the end of the free trial, cancel the subscription.
  5. Use some other account to again repeat the process from step 1.

How much would YouTube Premium Subscription Cost?

YouTube Premium Subscription plan will cost you $11.99 per month.

If you don’t want to go for the complete video catalogue, then you can opt to pay only for YouTube Music Premium that will cost you $9.99 per month.

youtube premium subscription plans

How Can I Subscribe To YouTube Premium?

  1. Log in to YouTube with your Google account.
  2. Click or tap on the profile icon.
  3. Go to the ‘paid subscription’ page.
  4. If YouTube Premium is available in your country, then you’ll see ‘YouTube Premium’ option there.
  5. Click or tap on that and you will be redirected to the payment page.
  6. Pay for the subscription and enjoy an Ad-free YouTube.

Which Devices Support YouTube Premium?

You can reap the benefits of YouTube Premium membership across the following devices:

  1. Desktop: YouTube Premium supports Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, Firefox, and Opera web browsers. 
  2. Smartphones: Update YouTube app to the latest version on your Android or iOS smartphone to get the YouTube Premium option.
  3. Smart TVs: Android TV, Apple TV, and other Smart TVs after the year 2013 or later with a newer version of the YouTube app.
  4. Streaming Devices: Chromecast and Roku.
  5. Gaming Consoles:  Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4.

YouTube Premium Subscription – Is It Worth The Bucks?

An Ad-free and background-playable YouTube is definitely a good experience. Plus, the content that it offers has also good quality. Still, there might be some people who won’t necessarily feel to go for a premium membership because they might be OK with the Ads and don’t want to pay some extra buck to remove those Ads. However, you would love the YouTube Premium if:

  1. You prefer ad-free streaming on YouTube.
  2. You always wanted to play YouTube in the background of your device.
  3. You have watched the free episodes of YouTube originals and would love to continue watching.
  4. You want to try a new music streaming service with arguably better features than Spotify.

How Can I Cancel My YouTube Premium Membership?

To Cancel the YouTube Premium membership:

  1. Open YouTube and click/tap on the profile icon.
  2. Go to the ‘paid membership’ page, select ‘YouTube Premium’ and cancel the subscription.
  3. Your YouTube Premium account will be revert back to the free YouTube account.


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