A Free Gift for all Movie Reviewers & Bloggers: The Where-to-Watch Plugin

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I am Divyanshu Shukla, Founder of Flickzee. FlickZee helps users find What movie or tv show to Watch online & Where to Watch It.
If a user has a movie or tv show they want to watch, they can open FlickZee.com and search its availability on over 51 Legal Streaming Services in India.

If you are a movie critic who reviews the movies & tv shows, we have something that will be beneficial to both of us & our users.

The ‘Where to Watch’ Plugin.

It is a simple plugin that you can put on your Movie Review Pages and will inform your website users where to watch the movie online after they read your review.

The design of the plugin is simple and adapts to the design of your website. It has a poster and a list of options to stream the movie or tv show online.

The plugin looks like this on the website- 

Manto is available online on:FlickZee

How does the ‘Where to Watch plugin help your website?

FlickZee Whereto watch pluginVisitors on your website are frequent movie watchers and despite reviews available on IMDb, News18, Times of India, Indian Express etc. they frequently come to your site because they like your content. After they decide to watch a movie or tv show, it gets difficult to know where to watch it online in the plethora of streaming services. These interested users will bounce off from your site.

This plugin will help your users to find Where to Watch the movie you helped them decide & you will earn when they click/buy on any of the streaming services from our affiliate network.

Here is how the plugin works:

This plugin benefits everyone

  1. Improved experience for your website users.
  2. You earn from your website when a user buys or clicks on the partner streaming services from our Affiliate Network. This is on top of the Ads you run on your website.
  3. We spread the word about FlickZee

How to Put the Plugin on the Website

Using the plugin is just a 2-minute copy paste work. You simply have to paste the HTML code in the source section of the review page or blog post you want to put this plugin on. We have compiled a simple guide here. Please request access to view this doc.

Some Important points about the Plugin:

  1. The plugin doesn’t slow down your website. It is loaded after your whole website has loaded
  2. The plug maintains the design of your website, it blends natively.
  3. The information in the plugin is updated as soon as a movie is available on any of the streaming services.
  4. The plugin will enhance your website’s user experience because they will be redirected to the streaming service rather than our website.
  5. We don’t show any Movie or TV Show on our platform.

Let’s get started!

Interested Much! Drop us a mail at divyanshu@flickzee.com & start serving the Cord-cutters now !

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