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Voot is an ad-based video-on-demand platform owned by Viacom 18. Viacom 18 is known for its channels like MTV, Colours and VH1. Voot now boats 16 originals on its platform as of March 2019 which consists of web series and movies ranging from various genres including comedy, drama, and thriller.

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After getting a good response in the home ground, Voot is also planning to entertain the overseas audience with its upcoming content including new Voot originals. The Voot content is not behind a paywall and you can watch it on Desktop or download the Voot original app. Down below is the complete Voot originals list, released as well as upcoming. Sit back, relax, and Enjoy some Voot!

Voot Originals: Comedy

Yo Ke Hua Bro

Yo ke hua bro Voot Originals

Languages: Hindi

Piyush and Mahendra are the desi avatar of Dumb & Dumber who get themselves in trouble due to their stupidity and actions without thinking. And whenever something goes south, their only reaction is “Yo Ke Hua Bro”. The series envelopes romance with bromance, with the foolery of the desi lads Mahendra and Piyush. But their carefree life gets twisted when two gorgeous women enter the scene and they end up in jail. How? You may ask. To find the answers, you need to watch this hilarious Voot original web series.

Season 2 is now available on Voot website and Voot original app. 

You would love ‘Yo Ke Hua bro’ if:

  1. You have loved the work of ‘Dangal’ fame Apaarshakti Khurana and “Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania” fame Gaurav Pandey.
  2. You enjoy light-hearted bromance comedies.


untag voot originals

Languages: Hindi

The story revolves around a bunch of creative intellectuals in an advertising agency and their boss. The agency consists of a variety of individuals including a talented writer who is often fat shamed, a painter-poet-MBA who is questioned on his sexuality, a confident woman who runs the agency but doesn’t fit into the patriarchal pedestal, and a competitive &  ambitious guy who is perceived as a cold and materialistic individual by others. How these individuals are and how they appear in person, is what the story is all about. This 7-episode voot original series entails the notion of the societal tagging of individuals.

You would love ‘Untag’ if:

  1. You like series which lend a social message.
  2. You hold views against the set stereotypes.

Shaadi Boys

Shaadi Boys Voot Original

Languages: Hindi

Neil, Nitin, and Mukesh are three Bollywood obsessed fellows who failed their struggle to make it big in Bollywood. By the stroke of luck, they find a big fat Indian wedding a perfect opportunity to showcase their talents. But they are more excited about the booze, babes and the bucks that they can get from this. This 8-episode voot original web series takes shots at the middle-class obsession with a “marriage of convenience” just for the sake of the society. Will they be able to realize their fantasies? Watch this Voot original and find out.

You would love ‘Shaadi Boys’ if:

  1. You dig the bromance comedies.
  2. You have issues with the “typical” wedding scenario in India.

Chinese Bhasad

Chinese bhasad voot originals

Languages: Hindi

Raghu has just returned from Singapore with his prospective wife, Ming, who belongs to China. Raghu faces strong opposition from his family as they have a strict “No Chinese Product” policy in their home. The whole family knows about Ming except for his grandfather who fought the Indo-China war of 1962 because they fear his wrath. The story revolves around Raghu and Ming’s quest to get married. Will they be able to get married? Will Raghu’s grandfather ever know about a Chinese woman in his home? You gotta watch this hilarious Voot original to find out.

You would love ‘Chinese Bhasad’ if:

  1. You enjoy the hilarious drama in families.
  2. You like the comedy of generation gaps.


Badman Voot Originals

Languages: Hindi

Having a total of 4 episodes, Badman features Gulshan Grover. This series is full of humour as Gulshan Grover at 60 years of age, wants to start life afresh and play a hero, instead of a villain this time. He decides to cast himself as the lead in his home production film. This Voot original web series comprises of  Behind-The-Scenes that occur while making this movie and is filled with funny celebrity cameos. The series, full of peppy prints and glittery jackets take a humourous plunge into the dark yet funny side of the film industry.

You would love ‘Badman’ if:

  1. You want to see the “Badman” of Bollywood once again on the screens.
  2. You enjoy movies and TV shows with such novel concepts.


Soadies Voot Originals

Languages: Hindi

Santo is a widow is on the quest to fulfil his husband Banto Sodhi’s last wish. Banto was an ardent fan of the reality show Roadies and wanter Santo to find and nurture a Roadie in the family. The Sodhis hence became Soadies. But to find a roadie is not going to be an easy task for Santo as her family is full of crazy individuals. Her granddaughter loathes Roadies and is on her own mission to break this “Roadies obsession” in the family and Santo’s grandson raps when he is angry. Will Santo be able to fulfil her dying husband’s last wish? Watch this voot original web series and find out. 

Who might like ‘Soadies’

  1. You wish to enjoy a bizarre family comedy.
  2. You’re a fan of Baba Sehgal and Roadies.
  3. You wish to watch a family-friendly show.


Comediga Voot Original

Languages: Kannada

Comediga is a 9-episode stand-up show that presents some of the popular comedians of Karnataka who present their witty acts in front of the audience. You can enjoy acts from comedians like Karthik Pattar, Seema Rao, Vinayak Kulkarni, Sudarshan Rangaprasad, and Pavan Venugopal. These comedians’ acts are consist of their sharp and humorous observations about life and about Karnataka in general. Get ready to laugh your guts out with this hilarious voot original web series.

You would love ‘Comediga’ if:

  1. You understand Kannada and wish to enjoy a stand-up comedy.
  2. You enjoy humorous takes on everyday things that go unnoticed. 

Voot Originals: Drama

It’s Not That Simple

It's not that simple voot originals

Languages: Hindi

Mira is a single mom who is frustrated by her life circumstances. Her path crosses with her 3 ex-friends when she tries to get approval for her real estate project. Those 3 ex-friends once used to be her companions but later backstabbed her and now giving her a hard time in getting the approval. This Voot original web series features Swara Bhaskar as Mira who takes a jab at the male-dominant society and the stereotype around women.

You would love ‘It’s Not That Simple’ if:

  1. You like the work of Swara Bhaskar.
  2. You enjoy shows and movies on social stereotypes and women empowerment.
  3. You’d like a dramatic take on the issues of marriage, love and old friendships.

Voot Originals: Romance

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan-Season 3 (Web Series)

Kaisi hai ye Yaariyan Voot Originals

Languages: Hindi

The first season of this rom-com revolves around a top-notch college and the students leading a flamboyant lifestyle come vis-a-vis each other along with a tale of romance and friendship. Season 2 explores their graduation and their journey to form a music band. Season 3 is a Voot Original which takes a deeper dig into the lives and relationship of Nandini and Manik. This voot original web series is a thoughtful take on the present day relationship issues. The show drags you through heartaches, heartbreaks, and union of true love. There are a total of 13 episodes in season 3 of the series.

You would love ‘Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan’ if:

  1. You were a regular watcher of this show on MTV and wish to continue watching it.
  2. You are an ardent fan of Parth and Niti.
  3. You enjoy rom-coms, especially college love and lifestyle.

Time Out

Timeout Voot Originals

Languages: Hindi

‘Time Out’ is a romantic series involving two characters- Rahul and Radha. When Radha announces that she is pregnant, Rahul suffers from a breakdown, as he doesn’t want a kid in this stage of life. The six-episode voot original series is a story of evaluating decisions and relations in life. Rahul is going through a mid-life crisis and therefore takes some not-so-good decisions that might affect their relationships. What are those decisions? Watch this Voot original and find out.

You would love ‘Time Out’ if:

  1. You prefer romantic stories with twists and complications.
  2. You’re going through a quarter-life or mid-life crisis and wish to get a higher perspective.
  3. You’re a millennial and are fond of shows that portray relationships in a realistic way. 

Voot Originals: Reality & Talk Show

Feet Up with The Stars

Feet up with the stars Voot Originals

Languages: English

Hosted by award-winning fashion stylist & Fashion Director at Vogue India, Anaita Shroff Adajania, this Voot original is a modern take on reforming the redundant celebrity talk show culture. Anaita makes it novel and quirky for the guest celebrities to make them feel at home sitting in a more comfortable setup. ‘Feet up with the Stars’ shows the unfiltered side of B-town celebrities of B-town as they share interesting episodes and incidents, of their lives. When it comes to a friendly conversation, Anaita brews it up instantly in the most perfect manner.

Season one of “Feet Up with the Stars” featured some of the prominent names in the Bollywood film industry; Raj Kumar Rao, Kriti Sanon,  Radhika Apte, Malaika Arora Khan,  Jacqueline Fernandez,  Sonam Kapoor Ahuja,  Kartik Aryan,  Karan Johar,  Ayushman Khurana and Bhumi Pednekar.

Season 2 of this voot original show is now available on the website as well as the Voot app.

You would love ‘Feet up with the stars’ if:

  1. You enjoy watching the talk shows.
  2. You’re interested in knowing more about your favourite celebrities.
  3. You wish to see the unfiltered side of B-town celebs.

Stupid Man Smartphone

Stupid Man Smart Phone Voot Originals

Languages: Hindi

In this Voot original, Sumeet Vyas along with a celebrity guest uses the power of the smartphone and social media to survive in three difficult terrains of India while completing a given mission. On this unscripted expedition, Sumeet takes help from the social media fans of him and the show, to guide them and get them out of the troubles. This 9-episode voot original reality TV series is a novel concept in India and has gained quite a popularity. The guest celebrities are –  Sahil Khattar-‘Being Indian’ host, Evelyn Sharma-the gorgeous Model and Karan Kundra – a popular TV Actor.

You would love ‘Stupid Man Smart Phone’ if:

  1. You enjoy such reality TV shows that include travel.
  2. You’re up for a new concept in reality shows.
  3. You have appreciated the work of Sumeet Vyas.

Voot Originals: Upcoming

The Voot Originals that are yet to be released are –

  • Barefoot 11 – a sports drama, which has been penned down by Javed Akhtar and is a story in the 1940s,
  • X-ray – X-ray has drawn its inspiration from Satyajit Ray’s stories and strolls across several genres.,
  • Jamtara – is the story of a small town and how it gradually becomes the hub of criminal activities,
  • Law and Honor – features Akshay Oberoi and Kubra Sait and is an interesting drama centred on law and lawyers,
  • Asura – featuring television face Barun Sobti is a mix of mythology and science,
  • Q Ward,
  • Who Kaala Ladka -is a comic drama that shows the transition from one age to the other and takes you through the struggles faced by a ‘not stereotypically’ good-looking boy,
  • R.A.W. Diaries – about the secretive lives of the R.A.W. commandos and the adversities faced by them,
  • Candy Pop – a crime thriller set in a hill station,
  • Rani Saheb – it takes a look at the life in Bollywood during the ’80s.
  • The Sawaikar Case – is a thrilling drama, about a family that lives in Goa,
  • Naaz – has drawn inspiration from the life of a woman who hails from Kashmir, what all she faces, and how it transforms her,
  • Dagalti – is a Tamil romantic comedy
  • I See You,
  • Don’t Think
  • Sirrai – a thriller about a fictional celebrity


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