Top 8 Bollywood Movies on Existential Crisis

There comes a phase in life when we search for the ‘meaning’. When you are tied to an emotionally clinging situation, you question your life’s meaning. Hola friend! Welcome to the club. But what better than a weekend, a good movie on your laptop, that provides your life with meaning and helps fight the feeling of being into an existential crisis. 

If you’re dealing with some existential crisis shit right now, just hold on, everything’s gonna work out sooner or later. This is what these movies will help you realize. Every roller coaster ride ends with great laughter and memories after numerous ups and downs. So Grab a large bucket of popcorn, some tissues, and perhaps, chocolate (you know, just in case) right after you are through this article.

Chak De India

Kabir Khan, a former hockey player, lost his reputation in the society when he was wrongly framed after a lost match against Pakistan. The journey though is not his story but of the female hockey team that was under-dogged into the society with the statement that “Yeh chakla-belan chalane wali kya hockey stick chalayengi?” The movie revolves around 16 national level women hockey players who are fighting their inner as well as the societal demons.

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Rang de Basanti

Sue is the daughter of the jailer where Bhagat Singh was imprisoned before being given a death sentence. She comes to India to make a documentary showcasing the struggles of Indian freedom fighters, specifically about Bhagat Singh and company. She is introduced into a group of six young Indians by a mutual friend, Sonia. She casts them in her movie as Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar Azad, Rajguru, Ashfaqullah Khan and Ramprasad Bismil. As they all portray their respective characters, they realize that not much has changed after all these years and this inadvertently sparks their patriotism coupled with the death of their close friend, Flight Lt. Ajay Rathod. Eventually, a series of events turn them into rebels for a cause and they relive the freedom struggle once again.

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Rohan stays in abandonment for 8 years and after being expelled from the school, he returns to the family that has changed so much overtime that he finds his heart to be not belonging. In the hoard of achievements, Rohan’s father makes him work at his steel factory and take up engineering even when he wishes to be a writer. Most of us see how dreams are choked up and that is why this movie is a reminder that our dreams are ours to be fulfilled. This movie reaches out to the people in dysfunctional families or pressured by the society to not become someone they don’t want to be – telling them they’re not alone and there is still hope out there in the world.

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Life of Pi

The film narrates the life of Pi Patel, as he recounts all the events that lead to his fame in the present day. He starts off from his childhood days, when his family owned a zoo in India, to the time when they were moving to Canada with the animals after selling the zoo. Their freighter meets with an accident on the voyage, and Pi finds himself stranded on a lifeboat, with only wild animals for company. What follows is a beautiful story of courage, love, and struggle, as Pi fights his way against the odds, befriending the animals on the way. Pi fights the animal, the sea, hunger and hallucinations to live to tell a tale so beautiful it makes you.

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My Name is Khan

Rizwan Khan is a special child which makes him very different from the other children who seem to not accept him into society. His brother, Zakir leaves the country when this condition of Rizwan bores certain gifts and extra attention from his mother. Despite this when Rizwan moves to the US, he is helped by Zakir and his wife. He meets Mandira and her son Sameer during his work as a herbal salesman and later marries Mandira. The attacks of 9/11 though disrupt their happy life. Mandira in grief asks Khan to go to the president of the US and tell him that his name is Khan and he is not a terrorist. The movie is 2 hours and 45 minutes not long yet, yet one never finds a moment that is not breathtaking. It brings us so close to life lessons that we are Khan, despite not living a life remotely like him.

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Karan is a spoilt brat. As spoilt as the “rich kids” can be and just out of spite he joins the army after watching an action movie with a friend who also wanted to join the army. As his friend backs off, Karan leaves the army and loses his respect between friends, family and his girlfriend. To reclaim his respect and prove that is a good & focused man, he re-joins the army.

Soon after, the Kargil war breaks and Karan is given a Herculean task to scale up a 1000-ft mountain to capture a strategic Vantage point which couldn’t be capture after multiple attempts from other sides. Only after going to the army, does Karan realizes his passion and finds something worth dying for.

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The story of Manjhi is known to many, but to see his pain and his struggles reach fruition after decades is beautiful to watch. Dashrath Manjhi lived in a village in Bihar where the nearest hospital was over 55 kilometres away, around a rocky mountain. To make the treacherous climb on the mountain was near fatal, and it resulted in the death of his pregnant wife, Phaguni. Rage and guilt fueled him as he cut down the mountain with just a chisel and a hammer, ignoring the villagers’ taunts. 21 years later, through sheer will, he had carved a path through a mountain by himself and built a 360 ft long pathway, so that no one should suffer what he had to.

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Slumdog Millionaire

Brothers, Jamal and Salim, run away from their slum in Dharavi at the age of 10 after their mother’s death in Bombay riots. On their way to nowhere, they meet Latika, a girl from their slums. The three are captured by Maman, a local gangster who turns kids into beggars. They flee from there on a train but Latika fails to climb onboard and is captured back by Maman. After a few years of struggle, Salim and Jamal return to Mumbai to find Latika who is now a prostitute working under the captivity of Maman. Salim rescues her and joins hands with Maman’s arch-rival Javed who keeps Latika with him.

Jamal moves on and becomes a teaboy at a Call Center. To contact Latika, Jamal participates in a show named as ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ as Latika watches the show regularly. This Slumdog reaches the final question worth 20 million rupees and becomes a wonder boy in India. But he gets stuck on the last question. Will he be able to answer that? How come a slumdog street boy chance to answer all the questions.

Before the last question worth 20 million rupees, he is taken into custody to be questioned for cheating. He narrates his life stories that lead him to answers. If you think life is unfair, you need to see this movie. No wonder it won 8 Oscars. The movie makes you question life and retrospect your actions. “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.”

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