21 Best Movies of 2018 & Where to Watch them Online

With the end of 2018 nearby and everyone publishing their list of best movies of the year, we were jealous. Damn Jealous! So we at FlickZee decided to make the best list.

Our List is bigger and more useful than others, and our list works!

So here is the list of all the good movies from 2018 and where to watch them online.


Akash, a blind pianist finds himself in a mess when a crime is to be reported but he never witnessed it happen. During the day, he works very hard to get a musical piece right. Along the way, he meets Sophie who crashes into him while he is crossing the road. She gets him to perform at her father’s restaurant where his work is noticed by famous star Pramod Sinha. He hires Akash to perform at his residence for him and his wife Simi, celebrating their anniversary. Akash finds himself tangled in a web of another’s crime, lies and deception.

‘Andhadhun’ is available online on:FlickZee


Based on the popular Kannada legend ‘Nale Ba’, ‘Stree’ is the haunting story of a woman who abducts men at night only to leave their clothes behind. Set in a small town Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh, this movie showcases the superstitious side of the Indian society and how no one finds a permanent solution to this problem till a girl from an urban town comes and decides to rescue the men of their misery. Wait till the end to see who actually is behind all this ruckus as this movie cocktails a perfect blend of horror, comedy and social satire.

‘Stree’ is available online on:FlickZee


Shravan is a talented struggling boxer, who belongs to a lower cast. He gets his training at a gym controlled by a local Don, Bhagwan Das Mishra. All hell breaks loose when Shravan falls in love with Don’s niece, Sunaina. The Don doesn’t approve of this relationship because of a prior scuffle between him and Shravan. Shravan aspires to become a successful boxer & win the love of his life.

‘Mukkabaaz’ is available online on:FlickZee


On the surface, a quiet film, Raazi is the journey of a young girl through family, patriotism and honour. Sehmat. A Kashmiri college girl is sent off behind enemy lines as a spy in disguise, married into a Pakistani military family. She trades intelligence secrets to Indian spy agency RAW while keeping her true motives hidden. The film is nuanced and nationalistic without being in-the-face. Based off the book Calling Sehmat by Harinder Sikka, this spy thriller is less of explosives but keeps the storyline on the edge with its constant lingering tension.

‘Raazi’ is available online on:FlickZee


Padmaavat is a magnum opus period drama about pride, honour and love. The film showcases the Rajput ruler Maharawal Ratan Singh and his queen, Rani Padmavati. The legendary beauty of Rani Padmavati entices Alauddin Khilji (Ranveer Singh), the barbaric Sultan of India. Padmaavat is full of larger-than-life canvas and alluring cinematography.

‘Padmaavat’ is available online on:FlickZee

Sonu ke Titu ki Sweety

A fight between romance and bromance, Sonu is the childhood friend of Titu and Titu is a naive lover who falls blindly falls in love with girls. Enter Sweety, with an arranged marriage proposal and a too good to be true girl for Titu. Sonu finds this awkward and keeps trying to prove that the girl is not innocent and she is not behind Titu but his money and the friendship of Sonu & Titu. 

‘Sonu ke Titu ki Sweety’ is available online on:FlickZee

Pad Man

Lakshmikant Chauhan is a happy newly-wed played by Akshay Kumar. When he first comes to know of the lack of hygiene during the monthly menstrual cycle experienced by his wife Gayatri. He tries to make her as comfortable as possible, forgoing all taboos and stereotypes concerning the ‘periods’. Even at the protest of his wife, he sets out to create a hygienic and cost-effective sanitary napkin so that she wouldn’t catch any illness. Radhika Apte plays Gayatri, a woman who deeply loves her husband and yet the ingrained superstition that the period makes a woman “impure” forces her to reject his ideas and dreams. She portrays the ideology widespread in the society that a woman cannot demand and that she would only make others impure.

‘Pad Man’ is available online on:FlickZee

Badhaai Ho

Nakul, a 25-year-old is shocked to know that his mother is pregnant. The family is exposed to criticism by the society and their backward thinking. The grandmother is always picking on his mother and finds even more reason to do so after the pregnancy news. Nakul begins to distance himself from his girlfriend Renee, his friends and neighbours, afraid of what they might think or say. The movie is a story of braving society and sticking up with the family.

‘Badhaai Ho’ is available online on:FlickZee

Love Per Square Foot

“Love Per Square Foot” is a new age drama based in Mumbai. The two protagonists, Sanjay and Karina who work in the same office where they meet for the first time and learn about their similar wish to own a house in Mumbai. They make their way through the constraints of the housing scheme, office & their life.

They enrol themselves in housing scheme through cunning techniques, making their way around the system. The couple loves spending time with each other so much and eventually fall in love. This movie has a subtle touch of realism, love and comedy which makes it watch-worthy & being on the go. A fresh piece for the Millenials out there.

‘Love Per Square Foot’ is available online on:FlickZee


The title when translated means ‘What the heart wishes’. Rumi Bagga is a free-spirited girl madly in love with Vicky Sandhu. But they face problems when Rumi’s family witness them together. Rumi warns Vicky to approach her family and ask for her hand in marriage otherwise she will marry the man her family chooses for her. Robbie Bhatia proposes to Rumi and she is caught in a love triangle between her fun-loving boyfriend and a proposal from husband material guy.

‘Manmarziyaan’ is available online on:FlickZee


Gold is the story of Tapan Das, who helped India win her first Olympic Gold Medal as a free nation, in the 1948 Summer Olympics. Tapan Das played by Akshay Kumar is the man who fights his personal demons, the struggles of partition and the sports association, with the aim of winning the gold for India and beating the British on their own turf who colonized India for 200 years. The movie is inspired by the story of two leading sports reformers of that time Moin-Ul-Haq or AC Chatterjee.

‘Gold’ is available online on:FlickZee


Interns in a hotel in Gurgaon are going through their usual routine life and partying when one of the girls, Banita, unfortunately, meets with an accident. This accident and what happened just before it leaves Danish (Varun Dhawan) obsessed with the whole incident and unreasonably starts being around Banita in her hard times. What is the reason behind all this? Is it love or just plain madness to known the unknown?

October also exposes the melancholy and struggle in the lives of the families whose loved ones have to be in a hospital.

‘October’ is available online on:FlickZee

Kuch Bheege Alfaaz

Kuch Bheege Alfaaz is a millennial story of Alfaz and Archana who accidentally meet over WhatsApp and start knowing one another. They start loving each other but behind the digital screens. What happens when Alfaz, an anonymously popular RJ and Archana, suffering from vitiligo (a disease which results in white patches over the skin) actually meet in person. Will they be able to realize their differences and listen to their hearts?

‘Kuch Bheege Alfaaz’ is available online on:FlickZee


Mulk is an intense film about the struggle of a Muslim family fighting to regain its honour. Murad Ali Mohammed’s (Rishi Kapoor) son joins a terrorist group which carries out bomb blasts, killing many people. Murad Ali’s family is attacked by other people of the society, both physically and psychologically, claiming the whole family as a terrorist and filing a judicial case against them. The family is left to defend themselves in the court and the sister-in-law Aarti (Tapsee Pannu) fights the case against the discrimination against the Muslim family, setting a case study for what generally happens to such families and their struggle in the society.

‘Mulk’ is available online on:FlickZee


Manto is based on Saadat Hasan Manto, a famous Urdu author. The movie follows Manto’s work and his fight to write honest stories post-independence. In 1946, his scripts were well received in Bombay because he had many friends and knew people well. In 1948, on realizing the perception of his religious identity, he moved to Pakistan but faced legal action for his works. His wife Safia is a constant pillar of support but experiences tremendous stress after moving to Pakistan.

‘Manto’ is available online on:FlickZee

Bhavesh Joshi Superhero

In the streets of Mumbai, a young man, Sikander Khanna takes matters in his own hands to avenge the death of his friend who was set out to expose corrupt politicians in the country.

‘Bhavesh Joshi Superhero’ is available online on:FlickZee


Based on Charan Singh Pathik’s short story Do Behnein, Pataakha depicts the story of two sisters, Badki and Chhutki who live in a small town in Rajasthan. The squabbling siblings often find themselves sparring, for things as insignificant as a bidi and clothes. Dipper, their nosy neighbour, always tries to find an opportunity to make the sisters butt heads and their father, a single parent, has a constant hustle to act as a peacemaker and de-escalate the warring sisters. However, both the sisters’ lives take a turn, when they realise that they cannot be content without constantly being at odds.

‘Pataakha’ is available online on:FlickZee


Set in the early 20th century, ‘Tumbbad’ is a historical and fictional tale of Tumbbad, in Maharashtra. The story revolves around the fictional legend of the Goddess of Prosperity and her greedy son Hastar who often stole grains and gold from his mother and consumed it all by himself. A former resident of the cursed village of Tumbbad, Vinayak Rao narrates to his son Pandurang, the story of Tumbbad village and why he visits it often. Vinayak tells his son that Hastar was a greedy glutton and whoever behaves the same and goes looking for a treasure hidden in the womb of the Goddess where Hastar resides, will face terrible consequences. Pandurang wonders why his father comes back with few coins instead of the entire treasure.

‘Tumbbad’ is available online on:FlickZee

Meri Nimmo

The story features Nimmo, who is soon to be wed, and her constant companion, a little boy named Dave. They are very good friends and Nimmo perceives Dave as a sweet little boy. Dave happens to have a huge crush on Nimmo and his naivety prevents him from understanding the complications of marriage. He tries his best and comes up with some madcap ideas to keep Nimmo from marrying someone else.

‘Meri Nimmo’ is available online on:FlickZee

Chalo Jeete Hain

Inspired by the early life of Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, and his philosophy inspired by Vivekananda’s quote “Wahi jeete hain, jo doosre ke liye jeete hain”. On this pursuit for figuring out the meaning of life and finding a purpose to it, he leads to pursue what he can do for others to make them happy.

‘Chalo Jeete Hain’ is available online on:FlickZee


The movie follows three misfits who embark on a journey that none of them truly want to be a part of. Avinash is a young IT guy who hates his corporate job, and his father for coming in the way of his photography dreams. Upon learning of his demise, Avinash receives the wrong dead body, which forces him on a road trip to Kochi with his flamboyant friend, Shaukat. They are joined by Tanya, the granddaughter of the (exchanged) deceased lady. The film is a light-hearted road trip through South Indians roads and concludes with a hitting self-realisation.

‘Karwaan’ is available online on:FlickZee

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