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One not-so-fine day, Jeff was upset and desolated. His friend Jess suggested her to visit a nearby church and connect to god for internal harmony. An atheist his whole life, Jeff didn’t mind giving Jess’ idea a try and he started on his path to seek accord. Based on his rapport of God with what he had heard from people. After a lot of tiring walk, with chin facing his clavicle and a lot of devotion and diligence, he finally stops and feels a presence. As he looks up he notices a lanky bearded man with grubby hair touching his shoulders, like he’s been surviving in the wild. Jeff till this day, claims that his eyes were calmly telling him that he will find whatever he is looking for right here.

As Jeff recited his sadness in whatever words he could, the man listened keenly. Aggravated with his silence Jeff yells at the man. The man sniggers and grabs something from his coat. After questioning him he says its ‘the sacrament’. As soon as Jeff consumes ‘the sacrament’ he starts undergoing a state of bliss, notices a sense of elation and unconsciously intrigued and excited about every element he comes across in his utopia.

Experiencing a perfect symmetry and ecstatic, he thinks to himself that he might be drugged.

This Is The End

  • The director had a self-made game throughout the filming that he wanted every cast member to say “No. I can’t do that” to that scene
  • The only people he couldn’t make it say were Seth Rogen and James Franco.
  • Most of the painting on the walls were painted by James Franco himself.
  • The role that Emma Watson plays is written by Mila Kunis.

With globally loved stars like Jonah Hill, James Franco and Seth Rogen, This Is The End is about a fictional apocalypse movie. With some dark humour, celebrity appearances and sudden visuals the movie do not fail to entertain. The actors play as themselves in the film and witness the dreadful beginning of the apocalypse while partying at Jonah’s place. Six celebrities have to survive through the apocalypse and as the creatures out of the house are not the only threat in a delicate situation like this.

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Ted/Ted 2

  • The director contacted the astronomer Neil deGrasse to get the stars in the night scene right.
  • It was shipped in theatres under the title labelled ‘Thunder Buddies’
  • The shots from Flash Gordon were digitally enhanced to fit the modern cinema demands.

A story of two best friends, John Bennet and Ted. Ted is a teddy bear gifted with life just like humans, because of John’s childhood wish. They live together and go through life’s glory and troubles together. This is a comedy movie which shows highs and lows between Ted and John’s friendship. Enters a man who’s obsessed with the idea of ‘owning’ a talking bear and tries to kidnap and torture Ted multiple times. This is a light-hearted film to just sit back, relax and have a good time as the Teddy Bear here, has no shame and Mark Wahlberg, as a human, is obliged to show some.

‘Ted’ is available online on:FlickZee

‘Ted 2’ is available online on:FlickZee

The Night Before

  • Isaac, played by Seth Rogen, once called Ethan by his real name Joseph. Can you spot the scene?
  • Rogen’s character thinks out loud about who invented apple and he played Steve Wozniak in Steve Jobs.
  • Isaac reenacts a scene from Home Alone Series

Three childhood friends Joseph-Gordon Levitt (Ethan), Seth Rogen (Isaac) and Anthony Mackie (Chris) reunite one night before Christmas in the town they grew up. They decide on ending the annual tradition of reuniting because of their demanding and changing lives. Isaac gets hold of entry passes for the Nutcracker Ball, which is the most happening and crazy party in the town as he thinks its the best way to end the tradition. On Christmas eve, as the three of them start to head out, Isaac’s wife Betsy hands him drugs to enjoy the night to the fullest. Things take various turns as the night unfolds with a lot of revelations.

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Pineapple Express

  • Seth Rogen wrote the role of Saul for himself until the jury decided Franco would be funnier fit for the role.
  • Seth Rogen rolled every joint in the film. Including the cross joint.
  • James Franco actually slammed into a tree in the woods scene as he got highly-enthusiastic and 3 stitches.

Seth Rogen works as a very unusual legal server who dresses up as people from different professions and hands out legal mail to people. He loves weed and has a permanent peddler, James Franco, who introduces him to a fresh strain of weed called Pineapple Express. As Dale was smoking up before handing out the service envelope, he witnesses a murder and noisily flees from the scene. The murderer spots him and sets a patrol to catch him. Dale, trying to inquire about the strain as he left his roach as potential evidence, finds himself and Saul (the dealer) in a very deep mess. Saul and Dale seek shelter in the woods for the night unaware what the days ahead hold for them.

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Dazed and Confused

  • The film’s title is inspired by Led Zeppelin Song.
  • It was a box office flop but is now highly appreciated with time
  • It is Quentin Tarantino’s one of the favourite films
  • Almost every Hollywood actor/actress wanted to be in the cast of the film

Few of your favourite stars like Ben Affleck, Matthew McConaughey cast when they were teenagers in this comedy movie. The story revolves around the last day of a college for seniors and juniors. With seniors trying to live the day at its best, juniors trying to avoid themselves from being bullied, the movie turns out to be one for every type of kid in their school days. With the warm-bloodedness at that age, several sensitive aspects are presented and the movie still strong after 25 years since its release.

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  • There are real caddy scholarship tournaments
  • Pink Floyd was the initial choice for the theme music of the movie, the band declined the dates as they were supporting the wall.

‘Caddyshack’ is available online on:FlickZee

Danny Noonan is an ordinary teen, and just like one, he has hopes of attending a nice college and grabbing proper education. His ill fate stops him from doing so, and so does his financial stature. Seeking help, he becomes a caddy at the Bushwood Country Club, a corrupted tavern for the richest. Hoping to earn a caddy scholarship from a Judge, the club owner; he vouches to caddy a prominent club member. As Danny slogs and tries his best to prepare for the Caddy Day golf tournament, he also lends his ear to the advice of the wealthy Ty Webb.


Easy Rider

  • Easy Rider – is also the name of a Sativa/Indica hybrid strain.
  • Real drugs were used throughout the movie.

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The film majorly impacted the stoner culture around its release in the 1970s. It is a counterculture road drama film where two freewheeling motorcyclists travel in America after striking a cocaine deal. On their way, they pick up a hitch-hiking hippie and rest at a hippie community and are gifted weed and LSD. Later, in New Mexico, they are sent to jail for parading without a permit where they meet an alcoholic lawyer. As a gesture for retrieving them out of the jail, they offer the lawyer some weed. Despite being a square (conventional and old fashioned person), George takes a few hits and they wander off in streets, high. Easy Rider counters the tradition of marijuana associated with just hippies and talks about the societal tensions during the 1960s about an increase in hippie cultures and drug abuse.

The Big Lebowski

  • Like a classic noir-film, the lead character (The Dude) is present in every scene of the film.
  • Celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen, Eva Mendes, Nick Offerman have voted The Big Lebowski as their Top 5 favourite movie on Rotten Tomatoes.

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“The Big Lebowski” is a hilariously twisted tale of mistaken identities. Jeff Lebowski, popularly known as ‘The Dude’ is mistaken for a millionaire of the same name. Jeff loves bowling and has made a lot of friends through the game. One day, a couple of thieves mistaken ‘The Dude’ for Lebowski, the plutocrat. His wife gets kidnapped, he hires the Dude to deliver the ransom money to the kidnappers, and what follows is sheer comic and chaos. 

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Dude, Where’s My Car?

  • The title of the movie is taken from a dialogue in The Big Lebowski.
  • A sequel of the movie was discussed under the title “Seriously Dude, Where’s My Car”, but the movie was never set into filming.
  • Seth Rogen, the guy you see almost in all the stoner movies these days, auditioned for a role in the movie.

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Grandma’s Boy

  • Alex drives an old and pale car because the production of the movie was set low.
  • The opening line of the movie “You’re a hooker” was suggested by Adam Sandler.
  • The original title for the movie was “Nana’s Boy” and in a scene when Samantha and Alex are taking tequila shots, Samantha says “What Up Nana’s Boy? Can’t Hang”

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A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas

  • Over 400 special effects including 3D and CG were used in the production of the film.
  • The director has a cameo in the movie
  • Adrian lies to Mary that Kumar works at the White House. Kal Penn, who plays Kumar actually took time off from his work at the White House to shoot for the movie.

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Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay

  • Warner Bros. initially planned to release the movie directly to video. Their plans changed around the release date and they decided to release the movie in theatres.
  • The mask shown in Neil Patrick Harris’ bag is from the band Slipknot. Worn by the band’s percussionist Chris Fehn.

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Saving Grace

  • Marijuana in most of the scenes was real as govt. gave the crew permission to use 150 plants of Marijuana to film.
  • The movie is an inspiration from Martin Clunes TV Movie and Series Doc Martin. 

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Knocked Up

  • All the friends of Ben kept their real first names in the movie.
  • Jonah suffers from phobia of hospitals.

‘Knocked Up’ is available online on:FlickZee

Wet Hot American Summer

‘Wet Hot American Summer’ is available online on:FlickZee

Mac & Devin Go to High School

‘Mac & Devin Go to High School’ is available online on:FlickZee

Ali G Indahouse

‘Ali G Indahouse ‘ is available online on:FlickZee

We’re the Millers

‘ We’re the Millers’ is available online on:FlickZee

Billy Madison

    ‘Billy Madison’ is available online on:FlickZee


    ‘Kush ‘ is available online on:FlickZee

    Rolling Papers

    ‘Rolling Papers’ is available online on:FlickZee

    Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

    ‘Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle’ is available online on:FlickZee

    Friday After Next

    ‘Friday After Next’ is available online on:FlickZee

    Next Friday

    ‘Next Friday’ is available online on:FlickZee

    Half Baked

    ‘Half Baked’ is available online on:FlickZee

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