Standup Specials of 2018 on Amazon PrimeVideo

The Second Set – 23 Comedy Specials of 2018

After the immense popularity of the first 14 Standup Specials in 2017, Amazon Prime is back with a fresh list of 23 Standup comedies for 2018.


Kaksha Gyarvi – Zakir Khan | IMDb – 8.7

Zakir is back again and with a new special that goes back to school days. He takes through the journey from a fourth class boys’ school to ninth class boys’ school and the sudden transition when he enters a co-ed school. This story is before he became a #SakthLaunda and narrates a beautiful story with interesting experiences and reflecting his close relationship with his father. This standup has is in authentic Zakir style with timed punchlines, repeated dialogues and a sprinkle of philosophy which hits in the head.

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Take it Easy – Anirban Dasgupta| IMDb Rating – 7.6

For a topical and political comedy lover, this is the funniest show on PrimeVideo. ‘Take it easy’ talks about Indian online audience who take offence on anything these days. Anirban is witty in his jokes and casually political in his satire. Though it starts with the always funny story of a budding comedy artist in India and it is all uphill from there, with clap-worthy jokes about Mangalsutra, Netaji & an aggressive hit on dumb YouTubers & Good-for-Nothing people ready to file a case on jokes, his solution – Epic! The best part is that he is enjoying the show and very progressive in his style, at a point when an abortion & miscarriage joke gets awkward, he makes the audience comfortable by realizing them it is a comedy show. The show is in black and white as if shooting a comedy in 1945.
The Best dialogue of the act – “Bokachoda is our favourite cuss word. Bokachoda basically means a dumbfuck. So in our cuss words, we don’t insult your female relatives or even their genitals. We insult your intelligence.”

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Take It Easy by Anirban Dasgupta on Amazon PrimeVideo

Make India Great Again – Sorabh Pant | IMDb Rating – 7.7

Always known to be aggressive on Political Subjects & Rahul Gandhi, Sorabh Pant talks about all the things he would do to Make India Great Again, his kind of comedy, as always, is hilarious & delivers a message. It is engaging to listen to him talk on various topics including the NaMo wave, Rahul Gandhi, he then talking about China & US and the small connections that they have with us. To connect better with his jokes, it’s better to be in touch with the hot topics around you (basically his twitter feed :P). Must watch for topical comedy lovers.

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Make India Great Again by Sorabh Pant exclusively on Amazon PrimeVideo


Kal Main Udega – Rahul Subramaniam | IMDb Rating – 7.7

There is a thing about Rahul Subramaniam’s comedy, he just enters the scene and he is already your best friend. With his casual overfriendly tone and terrific acting, he conjures up an atmosphere and changes it at will from talking to a housemaid to a DJ playing songs in a club. He makes the overused north Indian vs south Indian extremely funny by his fresh content. This is another gem in his artwork.

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Kal Main Udega by Rahul Subramaniam Amazon Standup Specials

The Improvisers: Something from Nothing – Kaneez, Abish, Kenny & Kanan | IMDb Rating – 4.3

Most of you didn’t come to see a video on Amazon PrimeVideo to see an unprepared show, which is done on the go. But this improviser act is a bit different and there is a lot of preparation and script writing that already has been done for a lot of possibilities and then enacted in the show as per audience’s suggestions. This act has awkwardness, the out of the blue one-liners and impromptu scene build up which goes uncontrolled many a times, there is humour in the fuck ups of the attempts of the artists. You would love it if you are up for something fresh and an awkwardly funny theatre act.

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The Improvisers Abish, Kaneez, Kanan & Kenny on Amazon Prime

Sahil Shah (EIC) – Childish Behaviour | IMDb Rating -7.7

Sahil with his crazy ability to act a scene out and creating the atmosphere by making stupid faces, silly sounds makes it hilarious. Though some, not so childish audience might not like it but for the ones who can relate, this standup is hysterical. He is adept at smoothly changing scenes in seconds from UK to India, from playing with a child to 90’s cartoons that it looks a single setup. This show has great one-liners, terrific recalls, unique observations & childish.

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Childish Behaviour Sahil Shah on Amazon PrimeGaurav Kapoor – Hahaakar | IMDb Rating – 9

Gaurav’s Hahaakar is an assortment of funny jokes on random topics. He keeps you smiling throughout the one- hour show and in anticipation of what is coming next. In this standup, he has a distinct style of throwing a pre punchline so that audience can anticipate of what a joke might be based on their personal experience and then he makes it better by an unexpected punchline. So you hear two jokes, one in your end and the one actually said by him. His combination of pauses and punchlines is great but the abuses, frequently tend to come in the humour of jokes. There are too many funny references like the recall of Nayan Mongia from 90’s cricket, the emails & Fridays in corporate life & he is definitely going to put your Mumbai to Goa road trip plans to shelf.

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Hahaakar by Gaurav Kapoor on Amazon Standup Special

Nishant Tanwar: Dilli Se Hoon B*@!&#%D | IMDb Rating – 6.8

Nishant ‘Bhai’, as he is famously called, with his hilarious mix of Bakchod content, amazing punchlines, right pauses is engaging throughout. With his hilarious entry and a joke every minute about many topics like drinking stories in Delhi, swimming, his girlfriend & his girlfriend’s boyfriend makes it one of his best performances. This show might not seem that relevant to non-North Indians.

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Dilli se hoon BC by Nishant Tanwar

Karthik Kumar – Blood Chutney | IMDb Rating – NA

Karthik Kumar – a chemical engineer then a film actor & now a Standup Comedian has released his third standup(other two being #PokeMe & Second Decoction) – Blood Chutney, it talks about his recent tumultuous personal life in the last few months, he quitting the acting career & his wife involved in nude pics leaking controversy, he seems to be getting passed these and laughing it off by conveying his anger, frustration, against hypocrisy, shaming, guilt about Kollywood & personal life events. There is a thin line between ironical(apparently feminist) and being sexist and Karthik jumps from one side to other, he chooses the side which would get more laughs or claps. Having said that, the pieces of this comedy might be offensive to some and funny to others.

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Karthik Kumar's Blood ChutneyVaibhav Sethia – Don’t | IMDb Rating – 7.5

Vaibhav is funny with his Kolkata stories, being fat and whitening hair, though the jokes seem to be dragged sometimes, just when it seems to be loose, he is there with a punchline and awkward funny moments in the story.

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Vaibhav Sethia - Don’t

Improv All Stars: Game Night | IMDb Rating – 8.0

The Improv All Stars, Kaneez, the improvisation expert comes up with the second version of The Improvisers night making it in the format of a fun game night. The show consists of 2 teams featuring Biswa Kalyan Rath,Rahika  Vaz, Aadar Malik, Rahul Subramaniam, Johnvi Dave, Danish Salt and the host Kaneez Surka. The 2 teams play 10 games with 5 rounds each and come up with brilliant punchlines and comedy scenes with unique game rules. The unique thing about Improv is the concept, at the moment awkwardness and brilliant sense of comedy of the performers.

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Improv All Stars - Games Night amazon standup specials

What Not to Watch 

The Put Chutney Show | IMDb Rating – 6.4

The famous Put Chutney is back to standup comedy, this time exclusively on PrimeVideo. The trio Aswin, Rajiv & Balakumaran are back with their sarcasm & satire on the Tamilian things – software engineering & a Tamilian’s USA fantasy, Tamil schools, marriage & honeymoon and the list goes on.

For a North Indian, their Tamil accent needs more attention to listen to but makes some jokes funnier. Non-Tamilians will have to keep the subtitles on to understand many of the Tamil dialogues. It starts with Ashwin, he is great at playing with words, clap-worthy jokes & his hysterical laugh is amusing to watch. He energy is exhilarating & adds to his act of creating an atmosphere for his jokes. Next is Balakumaran’s standup, it is mainly in Tamil, the audience doesn’t seem to be laughing as much as Ashwin’s, the jokes don’t seem to land much and leave only Bala laughing. It concludes with Rajiv’s Act & will be relatable to north Indians, the language is not much in Tamil but the content is. Rajiv creates an atmosphere & has an astounding ability to build a scene & sew in several punchlines while he is at it. North Indians can avoid this piece but their videos on YouTube are worth a watch.

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The Put Chutney Show

Go Straight, Take Left | IMDb Rating – 6.2

The duo of Sumukhi & Naveen hit it again with their mind numbing and slow comedy, trying to all the characters that they can, 14 to be precise in a mix of 7 sketches, and all of this in just 53 mins. The promises are huge but the offerings are not so much, with a smile landing every 5 minutes, it is kind of a slow comedy with good short stories.

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go straight take left primevideo standup special 2018

Kautuk Srivastava: Anatomy of Awkward | IMDb Rating – 4.9

Kautuk’s Anatomy of Awkward is an awkward collection of overacting, useless repetitive actions, lame jokes, some jokes are even copied straight from memes that you would have seen somewhere. You are better off washing a clean plate in your kitchen than what this piece. We would recommend staying away. He seems to be performing in front of college kids who will laugh at anything. Expect 2 or 3 laughs but not much from this one hour show.

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Other Upcoming Artists in 2018

  1. Sonali Thakker,
  2. Angad Singh,
  3. Kunal Rao,
  4. Zakir Khan,
  5. Azeem Banaatwala,
  6. Neville Shah,
  7. Sumukhi Suresh,
  8. Abish Matthew,
  9. Go Straight Take Left (Naveen Richards & Sumukhi Suresh),
  10. Sketchy Behaviour.

Other Acts of 2018

1. Comicstaan | IMDb Rating – 6.8

7 best comedians in India are on a run to select India’s next big comic! This 9-episode series (one-hour each) brings to you loads of laughter by a fresh bunch of aspiring comedians. Each of the 7 mentors train the contestants in 7 different types of comedy – Anecdotal Comedy by Biswa, Topical Comedy by Tanmay, Observational Comedy by Sapan, Improv Comedy by Kaneez, Sketch Comedy by Naveen, Impromptu Comedy by Kanan and Alternate Comedy by Kenny. By letting us deep dive into the different genres of comedy, Comicstaan brings to light the hard work that goes into creating that 10-minute show of jokes (that we enjoy so much) as the 7 comedians mentor their upcoming competition only to crown one of them as the winner of Comicstaan! Unlike other reality shows, the contestants in this show are themselves writing their scripts, learning a new genre, keeping it all funny and acting it out in just one week! A one-of-its-kind reality show which will haunt you if you don’t watch it soon enough! Hop on this journey and notice for yourself the growth of jokes and comedians themselves from Episode 1 to Episode 7 and how they find comfort in discomfort while they tickle your funny bones.

Comicstaan Amazon Prime

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2. Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humaare | IMDb Rating – 8.2

A lie that gets Ronny(Zakir Khan) into another trouble every day! A lie that is making Ronny’s life difficult! Yet Ronny lives this lie because who doesn’t want to be an MLA’s nephew and enjoy the perks that come up with it? Or at least that’s what the world thinks about him. Ronny, a 26-year old jobless man with troubles and adventures in all spheres of his life, lives a double life. Thanks to his surname, he becomes the messiah of the local people, his friends and the girl he is trying to flatter for they think he is the nephew of the local MLA. Will Ronny get the love of his life or will his lie ruin all relations? Watch Ronny, as he takes you to 8 episodes of his life while juggling through his dual life.

chacha vidhaayak hain hamaare

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