18 Self Help Movies for the times when you can’t decide between Entertainment & Motivation

Self-help is important because you gotta help yourself because who else would if things are like a rollercoaster but you are not able to enjoy the ride (Metaphorically) we are here to help you with “Self-Help” movies and documentaries loaded with helpful information. Watch these to become your own Saviour.


Dear Zindagi

‘Dear Zindagi ‘ Online Availability:FlickZee

Kaira, an aspiring cinematographer watches everything fall apart around her and starts acting angrily towards everything and everyone. She returns home, to Goa, to a family she feels is better off without her. Along the way of figuring out what’s a perfect life, she encounters an out-going and chilled out psychologist, Jehangir Khan, who doesn’t follow the conventional ways of the world. He introduces her to new enlightening perspectives of life, helps her see herself in a whole new light.

Inside out

‘Inside out ‘ Online Availability:FlickZee

Inside Out’ is an animated drama about a fictional character, Riley. 11-year-old Riley moves from San Francisco to Minnesota. Her 5 core emotions (fear, anger, disgust, joy and sadness) accompany her everywhere. It’s a story where emotions are personified and they live in Riley’s mental quarters and these emotions fight it out with Riley through her every decision.

Yes man

‘Yes man ‘ Online Availability:FlickZee

Like seriously, for a second, wait and think what would happen if you said yes to everything? Guess what, you won’t have to imagine. ‘Yes Man’ is a story about Carl Allen, a guy who is dejected with life ever since things went downhill with him. One of his colleagues suggests him to attend a “Yes!” seminar. The seminar actually changes his life as he finds the love of his life and also receives a promotion. But is too much optimism deceiving?

3 Idiots

‘3 Idiots’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Two friends, Farhan and Raju are desperately looking for their long-lost buddy, Rancho. All three of them were best pals in their engineering days and at the time of convocation Rancho abruptly left without any information. Chatur, a classmate, reminds Farhan and Raju about a challenge which he has thrown at Rancho 10 years back. In a long flashback, the story of the older days at college is narrated, as the friends continue their journey to locate Rancho. Eventually, Piya, who was Rancho’s love interest in college, joins them in their journey. The story takes an unexpected turn as Raju and Farhan find out that someone else has stolen the identity of their best friend. What follows is an eager attempt to find the truth behind Rancho and his identity.


‘Black’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Debraj is an aged and stubborn teacher who resolves to help Michelle, a student with a visual and hearing disability. The film encapsulates the various forms of struggle they face as their relationship evolves; intertwined with the obstacles they overcome to attain the desired results. It brings out the resilience, hard work and difficulty that accompanies disability, and highlights the issues faced due to it. The relationship between teacher and student takes a new turn when Debraj begins to show the first instances of Alzheimer’s, and the film beautifully captures the varying emotions felt by the two.

On golden pond

‘On golden pond’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Chelsea visits her parents with her fiance and her son, Billy. She leaves Billy with the elderly couple. He grows a special bond with Chelsea’s father which eventually helps the old man recover from his bad health. On returning, she realises that her son had done something she could never accomplish. The movie talks about the plight of an old couple living alone and their daughter eventually realising to their emotional needs.

Dead Poets Society

‘Dead Poets Society ‘ Online Availability:FlickZee

It’s the fall of 1959, Todd Anderson is a newbie in Welton Academy, an all-male school. Neil Perry, a bright young student of Welton, is Todd’s roommate. Welton Academy is known for its strict rules and discipline but on the first day of their class, everyone is surprised with the teaching method of John Keating, the English teacher who is an alumnus of Welton. He encourages the students to develop their own personalities and have a different perspective on life, and to live by the idea of ‘carpe diem’, meaning ‘seize the day’. He inspires them to have faith in themselves and uses poetry to teach the importance of individuality and nonconformity.The young English teacher helps his students find their life’s meaning and shows the different faces of life to make it extraordinary in its own way.

Students love this philosophy as it gives them freedom of being their true self. But soon things start to go south for them and for Keatings as well. Neil’s father takes him out of Welton when he came to know about Neil’s acting persuasion. Charlie is given a corporal punishment when he publishes an article in the school newspaper about admitting girls in Welton. John is removed and Headmaster Gale replaces him as the new English Teacher. But what is Dead Poet Society? And how are things gonna turn out in the end? Watch this awesome movie and find out.

Coach Carter

‘Coach Carter’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Ken Carter is the head coach of Richmond’s High School, coaching the team for which he himself used to play. Coach carter believes in the overall development of the students – strong endurance & strength practice, regularity in classes and sit in the front row, maintaining a minimum 2.3 average grade point, wear shirt & ties on game days and respect everyone by calling them as “sir”. To ensure this, he hands all of them a contract wherein they would be allowed in the team only when all the above terms are met. Overall ensuring that the players are a team, in and out of the court. A lot of methods of Coach carter are life hacks to raise a team which thinkgs – If one man loses, the whole team loses; If one person wins, everyone wins.

The Pursuit Of Happyness

‘The Pursuit Of Happyness’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Chris Gardener invests his life savings in a bone density scanner which he sells to manage his family. Chris has a wife, Linda, who works as a hotel maid and a five-year-old son, Christopher Jr. Because of his intelligence and aptitude, Chris lands himself an unpaid internship at a stockbroking company. The tough financial situation erodes their marriage and Linda leaves him and his son. His conditions worsen with his last bone density scanner lost, homeless and bankrupt when IRS withdraws the last chunk of money in his bank account. He continues with the internship and focuses on maximizing his clients & profits. The movie is about the hardships and perseverance of Chris Gardener and how he figures out his way in the most difficult times.


‘Gandhi’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Gandhi (1982) is a biopic of Mahatma Gandhi or ‘Bapu’ as he is popularly called in India. It portrays the struggles & actions of Gandhi during the British Raj in India and the methods adopted by him to bring an end to it while providing a personal touch by adding elements from his personal life. From his journey as a lawyer to being known as the Father of the Nation, Gandhi’s story is one that showcases several aspects of how closely knit the struggle against a 200-year-old reign was with his own life, and how this man made it possible.


‘Udaan’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Rohan stays in abandonment for 8 years and after being expelled from the school, he returns to the family that has changed so much overtime that he finds his heart to be not belonging. In the hoard of achievements, Rohan’s father makes him work at his steel factory and take up engineering even when he wishes to be a writer. Most of us see how dreams are choked up and that is why this movie is a reminder that our dreams are ours to be fulfilled. This movie reaches out to the people in dysfunctional families or pressured by the society to not become someone they don’t want to be – telling them they’re not alone and there is still hope out there in the world.

Taare zameen par

‘Taare zameen par’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Ishaan Awasthi, a dyslexic kid, sees the world as a cartoon movie, filled with colours, kites, spaceships, and all thing wonderful that adults don’t appreciate as much. Due to his dyslexia, Ishaan barely keeps up with his academics, daydreaming and barely paying any attention most of the time. Soon, he’s sent off to a boarding school, with the hope of him getting disciplined. While his parents think this is necessary, for him, it’s a nightmare. While things are pretty similar there, Ishaan also has to deal with being separated from his family. As the film progresses, Ishaan’s disability gives him the ability to express himself in a beautiful way, thanks to his art teacher as well.

Wake up Sid

‘Wake up Sid’ Online Availability:FlickZee

A coming of age film, the story is about Sid, who is a rich spoilt brat, with a life devoid of any responsibility. He spends most of his time partying with college friends, but his life takes a turn when he befriends Aisha. She is a considerably older woman who happens to be an aspiring writer from Kolkata and has just moved to Mumbai. Frustrated with his aimless life and parental pressure, Sid moves in with Aisha and helps her settle in Mumbai. He starts grasping the meaning of life and starts realising the significance of responsibilities, from several instances in their friendship.

Rocket Singh

‘Rocket Singh’ Online Availability:FlickZee

The film chronicles the story of Harpreet Singh Bedi, a B.Com graduate with low scores but a passion for being a salesman. Despite his low marks, he has a positive attitude and is flattered by the persuasion skills and personality of the work of the salesman. However, on getting his dream job, he struggles to find the right find between his heart and his job. Frustrated and almost kicked out of his job, he starts his own company Rocket Sales Corporation with a single belief in mind: ‘Satisfy the customer and everything will fall in place.’


‘Tamasha’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Tamasha starts with the glimpses of the childhood of Ved in the pleasing landscape of Shimla. He is immensely fascinated by the art of story-telling and keeps visiting a storyteller in his town to know more about the fictional characters he speaks about. Interestingly, the story shifts focus and we land up in the picturesque Corsica, the land of Asterix and his adventures. There, he meets Tara and after spending a few days together, they head back to their towns but Tara realises that she loves Ved. It is not only difficult but extremely emotionally challenging for Tara to accept Ved’s double personality and bring him to terms with the judgemental society.

102 Not Out

‘102 Not Out’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Dattatraya, 102 year young jaunty man lives with his 75 year old son. He enjoys life in the moment and in the spur of the moment decides to break the record of the oldest person on this earth and plans to avoid all the negative people in life. His son, a 75 year grumpy oldie lives a life with no hope in life. Dattatraya, threatens his son, to improve his lifestyle or he will be sent to Old Age Home. Ironically, a father sending his son to an Old Age Home. He teaches his son how to live his life to the fullest ignoring negativity and unnecessary worries. The movie is a self-help guide which sparks joy, it talks about the necessity and mantras of leading an exuberant life.


‘Queen’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Rani Mehra is a Delhi girl, madly in love with Vijay. Vijay dumps her one day before their marriage and leaves India to pursue his career. Broken by the incident, she still decides to go on her honeymoon, alone. She finds new friends on her trip, ones whom she can rely on. On her trip, she finds herself, gains self-confidence and realizes why she doesn’t need a marriage to live life.

Lust stories

‘Lust stories’ Online Availability:FlickZee

A Netflix film, Lust Stories, is an unconventional romantic drama directed by Anurag Kashyap, Zoya Akhtar, Dibakar Banerjee, and Karan Johar. It is an anthology of four segments of short films united in a common theme of lust. It explores the various dimensions of love, sex & relationship of people having different status and power, in current India. Every director has an independent story talking about the lust of a confused professor having an affair with a student, a housemaid with the owner, a married woman having an affair with the husband’s friend and a sexually unsatisfied wife in a Tier-II City. Each part deals with a different kind of relationship. The stories are portrayed from the viewpoint of Indian women exploring the unexplored corners of their repressed desires. It sheds light on the regressive Indian sexuality and double standards against women.

Life! Camera Action…

‘Life! Camera Action…’ Online Availability:FlickZee

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