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An actor with an amazing range in emotions and characters, Radhika Apte is quickly gaining popularity by starring in movies like “Kabali”, “Pad-Man” and “Dhoni” and Netflix series like “Sacred Games”. She works in movies of various languages, including Hindi, Tamil, Marathi and Malayalam and excels in each and every one. Here is a list of her movies and T.V. Series on Netflix. Enjoy the different and spectacular performances of this great actor.


Ghoul Netflix Indian Original

In this horror series, Apte stars as Nida Rahim, an NPS(National Protection Squadron) cadet. After India has descended into a dystopian society where knowledge and freedom is limited and even the inkling of individualistic thoughts send people to “reconditioning”, Nida is torn between her father’s desire to return to a diverse and free India, and between what she learns at the Academy, that freedom of thought and religion can lead to being misled to the path of terrorism. The ominous tone and lack of reliance on jumpscare make “Ghoul” a truly enjoyable series, with the first season consisting of three episodes.

Fans of subtly scary series like “Hannibal” and “Bates Motel” will definitely like this show.

Sacred Games

Sacred Games Netflix Original

Sartaj is a disillusioned Mumbai police officer frustrated by the corruption and the lack of morals in the police force. Estranged from his wife Megha, he has given up on becoming the good and lawful officer that his father was, when a phone call from Ganesh Eknath Gaitonde, an infamous gangster in hiding for 20 years, sends him on a journey to save Mumbai in 25 days before everyone dies. Sartaj must use his wits and his will to save his city before the prophesied doom arrives. A crime-drama, “Sacred Games” is one of a kind, with tension building slowly but surely and the story unfolding beautifully in every scene. Saif Ali Khan stars as Sartaj and Radhika Apte as Anjali Mathur, a R.A.W agent.

Those who liked crime thrillers like “The Departed” and “The Sopranos”  will definitely enjoy this show.



Lakshmikant Chauhan is a happy newly-wed played by Akshay Kumar. When he first comes to know of the monthly menstrual cycle experienced by all women, including his wife(Radhika Apte), he resolves to make her as comfortable as possible. Forgoing all taboos and stereotypes concerning the period, even at the protest of his wife, he sets out to create a hygienic and cost-effective sanitary napkin so his beloved could be happy. Radhika Apte plays Gayatri, a woman who deeply loves her husband and yet the ingrained superstition that the period makes a woman “impure” forces her to reject his ideas and dreams. She artfully portrays the layers of a housewife who has been taught from childhood that a woman had no place to demand, that she would only make others impure, and of a woman who desires for a simple biological function to not be considered like the plague.

Similar to movies like “Pink” and “Toilet: Ek Prem Katha”, where the protagonists undergo ridicule and alienation, before finding that one person who could bring out the best in them. So enjoy this pretty heart-warming movie.

Padman is also available online on:FlickZee

Lust Stories

Netflix Indian Original Lust stories

“Lust Stories” is an anthology movie about love, loss, and, as expected, lust. Four women, four lives, it offers a more modern outlook of the Indian woman’s quandaries and dissatisfaction in their sex lives, mainly because the topic is considered taboo and sexual education is vague, at best. Kalindi(Radhika Apte) is a college professor who has sexual encounters with different people, including one of her students. Even though she is married, she finds herself falling for him. Sudha is a maid in love with her bachelor employer, Ajit. He returns her feelings and they enter a passionate relationship. However, everything goes south when Ajit’s parents come to stay with a marriage proposal for him. Reena is a mother of three who is in an extra-marital affair with her husband’s best friend Sudhir. When Salman, her husband, confesses to his friend that he thinks Reena may be cheating on him, she is forced to make a hard decision between the man she loves and the father of her children. Megha is a newly-wed who fails to find satisfaction in sex with her husband, who only seeks his own pleasure. When she notices a colleague using a vibrator, she tries one out at home, with disastrous results when her orthodox in-laws burst into the house.

People who like movies that talk openly about sex and women’s satisfaction will definitely love this movie.



“Hunterr” features Mandar Ponkshe, who, as an adolescent, developed a craze for sex and prefers it to meaningful relationships with women. Now, an adult in his thirties, he still lusts after several women only for physical satisfaction and desire. That is until he meets Tripti, played by Apte. Afraid she wouldn’t approve of his lewd past, he pretends to have been a decent person and goes to various lengths to keep up the charade. Tripti is an open-minded woman, coming clean about her many previous relationships to Mandar. A hilarious progression of a man from lusting after women only for sex to falling in love with a woman who accepts him for who he is.

“Hunterr” is sure to be enjoyed by those who like “The American Pie” movies and the humour in “The Hangover” movies.

Kabali (Hindi Version)


A Tamil action-thriller starring Rajinikanth, “Kabali” tells the story of  Kabaleeswaran, a gangster in Malaysia. Released after 25 years in prison for the death of his wife(Apte) and countless others in a Hindu temple, he seeks revenge for what happened to her and for the years he spent in jail after being falsely accused.

Centred on action scenes with epic music like every Tamil movie, “Kabali” will satisfy the thriller cravings of anyone who loves Rajinikanth or Tamil movies.

Manjhi – The Mountain Man

Manjhi The Mountain Man

The story of Manjhi is known to many, but to see his pain and his struggles reach fruition after decades is beautiful to watch. Dashrath Manjhi lived in a village in Bihar where the nearest hospital was over 55 kilometres away, around a rocky mountain. To make the treacherous climb on the mountain was near fatal, and it resulted in the death of his pregnant wife, Phaguni(Apte). Rage and guilt fueled him as he cut down the mountain with just a chisel and a hammer, ignoring the villagers’ taunts. 21 years later, through sheer will, he had carved a path through a mountain by himself, so that no one should suffer what he had to.

A gritty, yet a heart-warming film like “Pad-Man”, “Manjhi” is an amazing true story brought to life by the raw talent and emotions of the actors.

Stories by Rabindranath Tagore

Stories by Rabindranath Tagore

Stories by Rabindranath Tagore is the picturization of the famous short stories by Rabindranath Tagore, the most eloquent feminist of his times. Directed by Anurag Basu (known for Barfi, Gangster & Life in a Metro), this 26 episode series contains 14 connected stories featuring rebellious women protagonists defying the societal norms and focusing on the odd habits & flaws of humans, thus bringing it closer to reality and yet being progressive. Along with Radhika Apte (who stars in the first story – Chokher Bali) other renowned casts include Amrita Puri & Abigail Jain.

Anyone who loves the Rabindranath’s way of narration, Anurag’s cinematography or who love viewing rebellious women as main characters will like this series.

Tukaram (Marathi)


“Tukaram” relates the story of the Hindu poet and Vitthala devotee of the same name. The biopic revolves around his early life and what led him to his destiny. Belonging to the Kunbi caste, he was moderately well-off and married Rakhama, only to be forced to marry again by his family as she was unable to bear children. His second wife Aavali(Apte) bears him a son and the whole family seem to live happily. However, a famine arrives that sends the whole village into chaos and disarray and results in the death of his first wife and child. This incident turns his attention to the divine worship and spiritual satisfaction that he needed.

People who enjoy historical movies like “Schindler’s List” and “Jagadguru Adi Shankara” will like this Marathi movie.

Haram (Malayalam)


Starting out as a typical Malayalam romance, “Haram” stars Fahadh Fasil as Balu and Radhika Apte as Isha, coworkers who fall in love and get married. However, quite quickly, disagreements begin to erupt and as Isha decides to get a divorce, Balu directs all his anger at her and frequently disrupts her workplace and refuses to accept her decision. The story takes a quick turn as Balu unexpectedly gets mixed up in some shady affairs.

Fans of Malayalam movies like “Diamond Necklace” will like this film, although you probably shouldn’t expect a happy ending.

X:Past is Present

X Past is Present

An ambitious project with eleven directors working one movie, “X: Past is Present” is the story of one man and all his romantic encounters with women over the years. The story progresses from innocent college romances to racy extra-marital affairs, they are memories, both good and bad. The protagonist, known only as ‘K’, thinks back on his eleven exes, and the relationships he had with them. His wife(Apte), his several lovers, college girlfriends, all feature in this story of a man coming to terms with his past.


Now that you have an epic list, grab your bucket of popcorn and get ready to binge-watch all these amazing movies.

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