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What is Muvizz?

Muvizz is not a particularly famous website but it stands out in the sea of OTTs for various reasons. Be it the array of cult and classic movies, or for its rather inexpensive subscription rate, Muvizz is a great VOD specifically catering to cinephiles. It provides a curated list of short films, feature films and documentaries in many languages including English, Hindi, Kannada, Sinhalese and Bengali. 

Muvizz was started by Abhayanand Singh and Piyush Singh, two lovers of cinema from different backgrounds but with the same passion for movies. Muvizz is particularly relevant for its social community of movie lovers to discuss films and review them. Here are all the basic things you need to know before subscribing to Muvizz.


What Are the Features Offered by Muvizz?

  • A most defining and unique feature of Muvizz is that it has a platform for fellow cinephiles to interact and discuss movies.
  • It offers a curated list of titles, their users’ ratings and reviews of the movies.
  • Every week, releases a few selected titles so that the users don’t have to go through way too many titles.
  • The video player of Muvizz is simplistic but has all the essential features including volume and quality control, Fullscreen and a button to rewind ten seconds, though there is no button to forward ten seconds.
  • You can also like or dislike videos and share links to them on social media, add to favourites or comment on them. 
  • There is a section called “The Diary” where viewers can discuss social issues related to movies.
  • Users can create profiles and follow each other as well.


What Will I Get with Muvizz Premium Subscription?

Muvizz-Subscription Plans and Prices- monthly and yearly

You can log in to browse the free catalogue and participate in the cinephile community, but with a subscription, you can:

  • Access subscription movie
  • Watch all movies ad-free
  • Receive personalized subscription offers and coupons


What are the Available Plans and Pricing?

Muvizz offers quite a few movies for free, but subscription allows you to access so much more content, and without being hassled by ads. These are the plans for Muvizz Premium subscription:

  • INR 80 for 1 month
  • INR 800 for 1 year


What Content Does Muvizz Offer?

Content on Muvizz

Muvizz focuses on cult classics and independent films rather than popular mainstream movies. A few kick-starters are given below:

Popular Short Films:

  1. The Chameleon
  2. Amrita and I
  3. Zeher
  4. Gentleman
  5. Shikaar
  6. Taandav
  7. Kriti
  8. Bhosle

Popular Documentaries:

  1. Trumbo
  2. Nirvana
  3. Nuts and Bolts
  4. Khoob Asti Afghanistan
  5. Gudugeri Company

Popular Feature Films:

  1. Somewhere
  2. Ira Madiyama (August Sun)
  3. Thanks, Maa
  4. Another Year
  5. Kaafiron Ki Namaaz
  6. Ajji

What Are Some Alternatives and Competitors to Muvizz?


Subscription Service Muvizz Netflix MX Player TubiTV Hooq Mavshack
Subscription Plan Details Muvizz Subscription Netflix Subscription MX Player Subscription TubiTV Subscription Hooq Subscription Mavshack Subscription
Free Trial or
Free Availability?
No 1 month Watch for Free, with Ads Free 30-day free trial on adding a recurring payment method No
Monthly Plan INR 80 INR 500 (1 User)
INR 600 (2 Users)
INR 800 (4 Users)
Free Free INR 89 INR 400
3-Month Plan N/A Free Free N/A
6-Month Plan N/A Free Free N/A
Yearly Plan INR 800 Free Free INR 450 N/A
Simultaneous Streaming 1 Device 1 to 4 Users Unlimited Devices 1 User 5 Devices 2 Users
Premium Features Various Genre, Curated Content, Cult Classics, No Ads, List making, Sharability, Unlimited Access to Subscription Content, Unlimited Access, HD & UHD Streaming Pro app for INR 370, Lifetime free Ads Free – Parental Control, HD Playback, and subtitles are available. Unlimited Access, Download & Offline Viewing, Few Rental Movies Only Unlimited access to Movies, TV Shows & music concerts.
Offers N/A Free subscription for selected Airtel & Vodafone Users Free First 90 days for INR 89 for recurring payment method, 1 free movie rental ticket per month N/A
Service & Content Type On Demand Streaming, Movies, TV Shows On Demand Streaming, Movies, TV Shows, Kids, Originals On Demand Streaming, MX Originals, Movies, TV Shows, Content from All Web Series & few other Streaming Services Free movies, TV shows, and documentaries On Demand Streaming, Movies, TV Shows Pinoy & Indian Content. Movies, TV Shows, music concerts. Few Sports Leagues.
Data Usage per Hour N/A 750 MB (HD) 800 MB (HD) 900 MB (HD) 1.65 GB (HD) N/A


Which Devices Support Muvizz?

Unfortunately, it seems Muvizz is not available on the Play Store and App Store as an App. It is not available for Apple Tv or Smart TVs either.


The Pros and Cons of Muvizz


  • Pretty cheap compared to its competitors.
  • Several movies are available for free.
  • Personalised feed.
  • Watching movies while socialising.


  • Very little content compared to other streaming services 
  • Not available on Smart TVs or Roku, or as an app.

How Can I Subscribe to Muvizz?

To access the movies on Muvizz you need to create an account. Follow the steps given below.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on ‘Sign Up’ on the top right corner
  3. Enter your name, email and password, or your Google or Facebook account and click on ‘Register’ 
  4. Activate account using verification code sent to email.

That’s it, you have successfully created an account and can browse the free videos on Muvizz. To access the subscription-only videos, you need to subscribe to one of the available plans. To subscribe,

  1. Click on ‘Subscribe Now’ on the top-right corner
  2. Choose either of the plans given, monthly or annually 
  3. Pay using PayPal

Muvizz Subscription – Is it Worth it?

You should subscribe to Muvizz if you:

  • Are interested in independent and cult films which may not be available to stream elsewhere.
  • Want to binge watch documentaries and classics of various languages

How to Cancel Muvizz Subscription

To cancel your Muvizz subscription, simply contact the Muvizz team at


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