List of Indian Stand Up Comedies on Netflix

Netflix in India, is known for Sacred Games & Radhika Apte. They have a huge list of Indian Original movies & tv shows available in their gamut, it is not famous for its comedy standups India. However, when Netflix forayed into the standup comedy segment but Amazon PrimeVideo owned them in the comedy space with more than 30 hilarious standup specials with almost all the famous standup comedians in India. The list of Netflix stand up comedies featuring Indian artists is small (3 to be precise :P) all of them are funny, read on to see if they sound hilarious to ‘you’.

A-broad Understanding by Vir Das


netflix standup special abroad understanding by vir das

Watch it here on Netflix

Vir Das is one of the pioneers of modern standup comedies in India, even before AiB was formed. A-Broad Understanding is a mature comedy mixing everyday observations with stereotypical topics delivered with the ‘Vir-Das’ delivery. In this 1-hour witty comedy special, he perfectly delivers 6 accents – Indian, American perceived Indian, American, German, French & Mexican.

If you ever wondered will your views, likes & dislikes be perceived similar or different from people living in other parts of the world? Well, so did Vir Das which is why he thought of bridging this ‘gap’ between regions and bringing people together under one roof to get answers to some topics that confuse him ranging from food, religion, homophobia, racism, french kiss, LGBT & globalization. 

This is one of his best works and becomes even more interesting when you realize that the show has been shot in two time zones which are 7000 km apart at the same time. Confused? Watch the show to discover how. What are you still doing here? NETFLIX IT!

Things they wouldn’t let me say by Aditi Mittal


netflix standup special things they wouldn't let me say by aditi mittal

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Aditi Mittal is one of the first few female standup comedians in India. She generally talks about things that male comedians don’t, rather can’t talk about comfortably. This topical comedy talks about things like gender stereotyping and progressive unexplored topics including sex, thongs, eve-teasing, periods, sex education, bra sizes & body hair. This 30-year young half-Sindhi & half-Punjabi pulls it off hilariously in this 1-hour special with no inhibitions and talks about every single thing that she is not allowed to.

If you have seen her perform earlier, you would have heard many of her jokes in the act but it takes a refreshing turn when her alter-ego Dr Lutchuke arrive on the scene. She takes it to another level through Dr Lutchuke by even shedding off the persona of Aditi Mittal – She absolutely says whatever she wants to and nobody stops her!

However, the show has some Bollywood references which might make it difficult for some people to understand. All in all, if you want to have a hearty laugh, go ahead and watch the show.

The Queens of Comedy


netflix original queens of comedy by tlc

Watch it here on Netflix

The Queens of Comedy is a popular show in USA released back in 2001. The Indian version of this comedy talent hunt features eight women performing in front of the judges Richa Chadha, Kaneez Surka, and Rohan Joshi to win the title.

The show sponsored by TLC shortlists comedians from all parts of India. One finally gets to see women finally speaking what they have in mind without being judged for it (in the other way because here judges play an important role). Putting forth their observations about general life and injecting it with some wry humour, these crazy ladies will keep you glued to your screens.


Though the list of Indian Netflix originals on Netflix is limited, their international standup catalogue is huge. Have a look at it here.

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