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Alt Balaji is one of the prominent producers in the industry who is leading the Over-the-top online media services industry with their Original exclusive content. Their content ranges from hilarious sex comedies like Gandi Baat & Baby Come Naa to Dramas like The Test Case & The Great Dysfunctional Family. Much of their content can be viewed for free on the apps of Jio, Airtel & Vodafone if you have relevant plans, or else their subscription plans start from as low as INR 100 for 3 months with cashback offers from Paytm and other wallets.

Sex Comedy/Drama

Gandi Baat

Gandi Baat AltBalaji Original

As people have become more open towards one’s sexual preference, therefore, longing towards pleasures is not only limited to cities but there is some dark side in villages too. Gandii Baat is all about the complications or dissatisfaction in one’s sex life and a wrong turn taken in order to gratify their bodily needs. This series gives the message that how one’s desire can turn their life upside down.

Dev DD

Dev DD AltBalaji Originals

Dev DD is about a Girl who does not adhere to the rules made by society and attempts to break the typical image of the women created by people. She lives her life fully by indulging in sexual pleasures, drinking and smoking openly. A true believer of Feminism comes to the city of dreams Mumbai and realise the difference between love and lust.

Baby Come Naa

Baby Come Naa AltBalaji Originals

Baby Come Naa is about a playboy who is double dating two women and both of them declare themselves as his wife. He does this stunt effortlessly with the support of his two good friends but things take a hilarious turn when relatives of each girl emerge in their house. This series is out and out Romcom with elements of insane events and confusion.


XXX AltBalaji Original

XXX explores the story of various facets in a sexual relationship. It is one of the boldest web series that is divided into 5 parts and it contains erotic and raunchy sequences.


Class of 2017

Class of 2017 AltBalaji Original

Class of 2017 explores the life of teenagers and problems like drug abuse, bad influence, immature decisions taken by them. The ill effects of fluctuating hormones take a toll on their lives but they work on overcoming the issues and understand the value of life.

Home, It’s a feeling

Home AltBalaji Original

Home, as the name suggests, speaks volume on an amazing equation shared by a family. A family of 4 members share the joys and sorrows, have little fights, give each other support. But when things go out of control and they are told to vacate their house, at that time all the members join hands to fights against the law and the system.

The Test Case

The Test Case AltBalaji Original

The Test Case celebrates Women empowerment through the story of the only female in the Indian Army Captain Shikha Sharma who gives her best to establish herself among the males. Sikha is getting trained to be the first female Combat officer and makes her way through all the obstacles by breaking the gender crises.

Bewafaa Sii Wafaa

Bewafa si Wafa AltBalaji Originals

Bewafaa Sii Wafaa tells the story of two individuals tied in marital knots with people dissimilar to them. These two unrelated people yearning for love are brought face to face by destiny and cupid strikes them. The two lovers are head over heels in love with one another but can never unite.


Fourplay AltBalaji Originals

Fourplay tells the story of two couples where one is young and other is in the late 40’s. A misunderstanding takes place when a letter meant for Brinda comes to Pooja making Raj believe about his wife having an extra-marital affair. A wrong and random letter destroys the mental peace of the couple but they remain strong to emerge out of it.

Zaban Sambhal Ke

Zaban Sambhaal Ke AltBalaji Original

Zaban Sambhal Ke is the remake of popular 90’s comedy show Zaban Sambhalke. This series covers a story of an eccentric and lunatic group of people who come to National Institute of Languages to learn Hindi. As all the characters have gathered to learn a language the situation becomes comical and gives scope for double meaning interpretations.

Dhimaner Dinkaal

Dhimaner Dinkaal AltBalaji Original

Dhimaner Dinkaal is a comical series in Bengali which tells the story of a common middle-class man who hates social media but has to get acquainted with it because his job demands it. His action takes a drastic turn as he falls prey to the technology. This series beautifully portrays the drawbacks of social media in which people are hopelessly hooked nowadays.

Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain

Kehne ko Humsafar Hain AltBalaji Originals

The story circulates around a man happily married with two young daughters falls in love with another woman. Despite having a dutiful wife and blissful family Rohit falls for Ananya and when the truth is out it breaks both the families. Ultimately Rohit has to choose between his family and the love of his life. It is an extra-marital affair put across in light and diplomatic manner.

The Great Indian Dysfunctional Family

The Great Indian Dysfunctional Family AltBalaji Originals

The series revolves around a huge family of 7 members each having a crisis of their own. A retired army general is well set with his family when his younger brother decides to pay a visit to his hometown and then starts a series of issues, blame game and problems. The family pretends to be perfect but is very complicated in reality.

Galti Se Mis-Tech

Galti Se Mis-Tech AltBalaji Originals

Galti Se Mis-Tech deals with today’s generation of fast-paced social media. Dhara and Shivam are like any other modern-day couple controlled by technology. They have cute fights when the technical error occurs but manage to keep their relationship smooth, this series is an example of a bitter sour relation of two people and their cute romance.

Haq Se

Haq Se AltBalaji Originals

Haq Se explores the story of four Kashmiri sisters who are a victim of an orthodox rule and whose dreams are suppressed constantly. Each one desires to attain their goals but a rebellion against injustice turns their life upside down.

Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat

Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat AltBalaji Originals

Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat is a Romance drama revolving around a renowned celebrity and his therapist. A famous star dealing with Alcohol abuse happens to meet a Counsellor who suggests him to accompany her on a trip to Mahabaleshwar for detox treatment. A visit to his daughter’s wedding changes the perception towards life and he learns what true love means. This series tells an amazing love story between two completely unlike individuals.


Cybersquad AltBalaji Originals

CyberSquad is about four teenagers who are immensely talented and way intelligent to their age. They form a team called “CyberSquad” and help the police in nabbing criminals with the help of their confidential hideout place. This series is filled with suspense, Science, New technology and most importantly spreading the message of washing crime from the world.

Hum- I’m Because of Us

Hum I am Because of Us AltBalaji Originals

Hum deals with the story of three sisters wanting different things in life and all of them shift to the city of dreams Mumbai to acquire their goals. Devina is the eldest among all who believes in true love and Isha is the younger sister who wants monetary and materialistic things. One wrong decision of Isha separates the whole family that once had an inseparable bond.

Period Drama

Bose: Dead/Alive

Bose: Dead/Alive AltBalaji Original

Bose: Dead/Alive speaks about the influential nationalist Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose and the curiosity surrounding his death during the pre-independence era. This show sings the praise of a patriotic leader and genius hero’s contribution in the freedom struggle.


Ragini MMS: Returns

Ragini MMS Returns AltBalaji Originals

Ragini MMS is an Adult horror series set against the backdrop of carefree college life. A college named MMS is haunted by ghosts and a CD containing MMS scandal kills the person who sees it. The series contains the elements of spine-chilling thrill, suspense, paranormal activities and sensual scenes.


Romil & Jugal

Romil and Jugal AltBalaji Originals

Romil & Jugal explores the love story between two men. A North Indian guy falls in love with a South Indian boy and then a struggle to convince their respective families to accept their love. They go through various turbulences and backlashes but eventually get a nod for their relationship.

Dil Hi Toh Hai

Dil hi Toh Hai AltBalaji Originals

This series revolves around an upper-class family who is very particular when it comes to their family honour. The son of the family Ritvik is heartless who feels love is a waste of time and happens to meet Dr Palak who is compassionate towards people. These two different people’s fates are interconnected and numerous amount of hatred and separation eventually leads to lifelong commitment.

PM Selfiewallie

PM SelfieWala AltBalaji Originals

PM Selfiewallie tells an interesting story of a lively NRI Fashion blogger who gets a chance to become Prime Minister of India and that too youngest member in the history of ministers. The first-ever trip to India changes a lot of things for her overnight with a sudden decision of people to make her their leader.



Boygiri AltBalaji Originals

Boygiri, as the name suggests, tells the story of Six male friends who do not wish to venture into adulthood and want to enjoy their life like teenagers. Then begins a journey of Adventures, fun and carefree approach towards life.

Pammi Aunty

Pammi Aunty AltBalaji Originals

Pammi Aunty is a character created by actor Ssumier Pasricha that had become viral which got elaborated further as a web series. It explores the life of 4 characters that is Pammi aunty, Timmy- her son, Shanti Shole – her maid and Kishori Lal – her neighbour all of them played by Ssumier himself. This show has entertainment, comedy and sarcasm in a light manner.


Maya Thirrai

Maya Thirrai AltBalaji Originals

Maya Thirrai is a Tamil web show that tells the tale of a woman who has all the things she desires but still feels a small part missing in her life and the stubbornness to find the missing part keeps her halted for years together. But when she meets a handsome widow who fits her expectations perfectly it turns out to be a hallucination. This series is a bizarre thriller with elements of horror and supernatural events.

Upcoming shows

Coldd Lassi Aur Chicken Masala

Cold Lassi Aur Chicken Masala AltBalaji Original

This show revolves around two chefs deeply in love along with some delicious flavour in their food and relationship. It will be aired in December.

Judaai: posters and info yet to be out

Mangalyaan: posters and info yet to be out.

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