Indian Netflix Original Movies & TV Shows – A Complete List

Indian entertainment has suffered a lot in the hands of censorship where an essential portion of emotions & plots are blurred & muted out so that it doesn’t affect the “society”. The streaming giant, Netflix has finally come to its rescue since online videos don’t come under the jurisdiction of the censor board.

Netflix started their ‘Originals’ Saga in 2013 with multiple awards winning TV Series – House of Cards starring Kevin Spacey. It was in 2016 that Netflix entered the Indian market. Netflix currently has 130 million subscribers with 500k subscribers in India.

Here is the list, Binge On!

Sacred Games (Series)


Netflix Indian Original Sacred Games


Based on Vikram Chandra’s 2006 novel on Mumbai’s crime scene and the underworld, “Sacred Games” is the first Netflix Original series of India. It has intricately mixed crime with power, power with romance, romance with betrayals and encapsulated it in a dramatic plot & memorable dialogues. You simply can’t take your eyes off this thrilling, nail-biting and addictive series.

Sacred games have two parallel timelines of a Mumbai gang boss & an honest cop, intertwined in their past. A phone call with a cryptic warning starts a nail-biting quest to uncover & save Mumbai from the biggest cataclysmic attack.

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Who might like this –

  • Those Who want to see what all the fuss is about
  • One who loves suspense thrillers
  • Fans of Anurag Kashyap’s or Direction
  • Gangs of Wasseypur Lovers
  • Those feeling FOMO hearing all these dialogues & spoofs on social media
  • Fans of Nawazuddin Siddiqui
  • Who watched it once and want to watch it again with friends
  • Movie Buffs who watch movies for good dialogues

Ghoul (Series)


Ghoul Netflix Indian Original


“Ghoul”, by its term means a phantom or evil spirit, is a horror series. In a fictional & dictatorial future in India where the military has all the powers, a staunch believer in the ideologies of the state is sent to a remote interrogation prison where a new prisoner arrives – the head of the rebellion. The prisoner horrifies its captors by exposing their most shameful guilts & secrets and turning them against each other. The beauty of this TV series is that it scares by establishing the belief of a ghost, who or where exactly is the ghost is always unknown. Ghoul is a belief in the air, affecting everyone around it.

Watch it on Netflix

Who might like this –

  • Horror and mystery lovers.
  • Those who want to see a fresh horror story
  • One who would like to watch Apte’s brilliance in acting.

Lust Stories (Movie)


Netflix Indian Original Lust stories


A Netflix film, Lust Stories, is an unconventional romantic drama directed by Anurag Kashyap, Zoya Akhtar, Dibakar Banerjee and Karan Johar. It is an anthology of four segments of short films united in a common theme of lust. It explores the various dimensions of love, sex and relationship of people having different status and power, in current India. Every director has an independent story talking about lust of a confused professor having an affair with a student, a housemaid with the owner, a married woman having an affair with the husband’s friend and a sexually unsatisfied wife in a Tier-II City. Each part deals with a different kind of relationship. The stories are portrayed from the viewpoint of Indian women exploring the unexplored corners of their repressed desires. It sheds light on the regressive Indian sexuality and double standards against women.

Watch it on Netflix

Who might like this –

  • One who is mature enough to interpret Love for what it is
  • Those who liked the viral video of Kiara Advani moaning in front of in-laws
  • Romantic drama lovers
  • Boys & Men who are willing to understand the girl’s part of Lust & Sex in Relationships
  • If you’re looking for something different to watch.
  • Those who love the diversity of an Anthology
  • Can watch this movie with your partner and understand each other’s Lust

Little Things (Series)

Little things Netflix Original

Netflix has taken the rights of ‘Little things’ a series by Dice Media & Filter Coffee. The first season was initially launched on YouTube and was an instant hit. The story is about a 20s millennial couple, Dhruv and Kavya, living in Mumbai and hustling through their life at research & work. The story focuses on the things a couple does in their everyday life like night outs, hustle at the office, a nice romantic dinner, road trips, meeting parents, dangerous fights and finding each other in the pursuit of living together. Like most millennials, they are sometimes unsure about the relationship in long-term, obsessed with social media and hustling in life to get what they want. The essence of the show is the cute Little Things that couples do with each other that keeps the relationship exciting.

Watch it on Netflix

Who might like Little Things – 

  • Couples looking to watch something together
  • Millennials
  • If you find Mithila Parker cute
  • Those who want to watch a fresh love story

Love Per Square Foot (Movie)


Love per square foot Netflix original Movie


“Love Per Square Foot” is a new age drama based in Mumbai. The film begins with the two protagonists, Sanjay and Karina who work in the same office where they meet for the first time and learn about their similar wish to own a house in Mumbai and how they make their way through the constraints of the housing scheme, office & their life.

As the movie progresses, we get to see them enrolling themselves in a housing scheme using cunning techniques even constraints and eventually falling in love. This movie has a subtle touch of realism, love and comedy which makes it watch-worthy & being on the go. A fresh piece for the Millenials out there.

Watch it on Netflix

Who might like this –

  • People looking to watch a fresh RomComs
  • People who can connect with the lifestyle of Mumbai
  • The on-the-go Millenials who can’t ever decide on their love life
  • If you are looking to watch a film with your partner.

Brij Mohan Amar Rahe (Movie)


Brij Mohan Amar Rahe Netflix Original Hindi Movie


“Brij Mohan Amar Rahe” is a dark comedy directed by Nikhil Bhatt. The story starts off with a Delhi hosiery shop owner who fakes his murder to escape from his present debt-ridden life and tormenting wife. He adopts a new identity as Amar Sethi and runs away with his girlfriend, Simi in quest of a new beginning. When humans are involved, things never go as planned and a new set of problems arise which lead upto an unexpected end.

Watch it on Netflix

Who might like this –

  • One who appreciate dark comedy
  • Anyone who had an idea of running away from their problems by losing the identity
  • Viewers looking for Put-Your-Brains-Aside Entertainment
  • People who can empathize with the stupidity & luck in the plot

Brahman Naman (Movie)


Brahman_Naman Netflix Original Hindi Movie


Brahman Naman is a tribute to 1980s teen sex comedy. The movie was nominated in Edinburg, Sundance & Indian Film Festivals. It is a story of three sex- deprived college teens of the quiz team from Bangalore, go to a competition in Calcutta with a single hope – Lose their Virginity.

The movie contains filthy, full of racism, sexist moments which will seem funny to a specific kind of audience.

Watch it on Netflix

Who might like this :

  • Sex Comedy lovers
  • Viewers who like Geeky Comedy
  • The 1980s South Indian guys who can relate to the story
  • Audience with an open mind about racism, filthy content & sexist remarks
  • Teenage kids
  • If you loved American Pie


The following movies are not from Netflix Production.
We have put them in the list because they did not get a theatrical release in India and were released on Netflix only.

Once Again (Movie)


Once Again Netflix Exclusive Release

Love is in the air, Once Again. The love story of Amar and Tara starts with an accidental phone call between a widowed restaurant owner and a lonely film actor. They build a connection that grows deeper as they know each other – Tara not having seen any of Amar’s films refuses to be a yes-man and Tara finding someone who understands her opens up to Amar. Under the pressure of society, media & their children, even the grown-ups have a hard time loving someone after a long time.

Watch it on Netflix

Who might like this :

  • People who are fond of watching Love stories
  • Those who would appreciate out of the league direction & story plot
  • Those looking for a refreshing feel-good movie.
  • Young viewers who have a single parent
  • Viewers above of higher age who can connect with being single

Sometimes (Movie)


Sila Samayangalil Sometimes Tamil Netflix Original

Sometimes is a Tamil Drama Film, Originally titled as “Sila Samayangalil” & was able to reach the final round of 2017 Oscars but it didn’t make it through. The film failed to have a theatrical release in India and got a release on Netflix in May 2018. The movie is about seven people going for HIV AIDS test and to reduce the anxiety of the result, they decide to bribe the technician which eventually increases the tension and an unexpected turn of events leads to a surprising end. The movie opens up about HIV AIDS, the causes, the taboo it carries and delivers a strong social message.

Watch it on Netflix

Who might like this –

  • The movie has Tamil Audio with English Subtitles, so anyone can watch this
  • If you watched & liked the trailer
  • Those who love to watch thought-provoking films
  • Something new for both Prakash Raj & Priyadarshan fans
  • People who want to watch a heart touching drama on HIV AIDS


Bonus Series

Yeh Meri Family (Series)



Yeh Meri Family


This is not a Netflix original, it is a TVF original, from the pioneers of Indian entertainment on YouTube. Yeh Meri family is a nostalgia series about a middle-class family in Jaipur in summer of 1998. Narrated from the eyes of Harshu, a twelve-year-old and like any 12 years old, he just wants to play have fun and dreaded with studies. The show is extremely relatable to every 90’s kid, funny, hilarious all for the innocent and naughty Harshu. All the things you remember of 90’s, the cassettes, Maruti Esteem, VCR, DDLJ, relishing mangoes in summers, the power cuts and the innocent ideologies. 

Watch it on Netflix

Who might like this –

  • Every 90’s kid from North India
  • Viewers who want to watch a sitcom with a fresh story
  •  People who looking for something to watch with siblings are parents


That is not all. Indian Netflix has also promised to come up with more series and films like Selection Day, Leila, Bards of Blood & a series inspired by Salman Rushdie’s Midnight Children.


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