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Hungama Digital Media has a long reputed history in Bollywood. It started as an online promotion agency which matured into a popular digital media company. After making a reputed name in the music industry, it has also carved a niche for itself in films, web series and daily soaps. The entertainment company plans to make Hungama Subscriptions more valuable by combining all its offerings into one. Hungama has released an exciting set of Hungama Originals, Barcode – a glamorous drama between 2 Night club Owners; Damaged – a psycho-thriller with a female lead; Hankaar – a dig at the dark side of drugs & human trafficking mafia in Mumbai.

We here at FlickZee bring you the list of all Hungama Web Series that are a versatile mix of drama, mystery, thrill, action and power packed, lip biting excitement.

BARCODE – Hungama Web Series

Cast: Karan Wahi, Simran Kaur and Akshay Oberoi

Release date: October 10, 2018

No. of Episodes: 10

Barcode is a ten-episode web series starring some of the famous faces from the television industry. Karan Wahi, Simran Kaur and Akshay Oberoi play the main characters of the web series.

Sahil (Akshay Oberoi) and Vicky (Karan Wahi), are the co-owners of the best nightclub in Mumbai. With time, misunderstandings drift them apart to an extent that they can’t bear the sight of each other. Due to their differences, they part ways. Sahil retains the original club ‘Vibe’ and Vicky opens another club, ‘Rehab’.The duo rivals each other in business and relationships. As a result of their greed, the power to command and engaging with each other’s girlfriends, the tension escalates. Their greed and need to have authority result in rivalry turned to revenge. What happens when ‘rivalry’ turns into a ‘serious revenge’ saga?

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Who might like Bar Code –

  1. Viewers who are ardent fans of any of these television stars – Parina Chopra, Simran Kaur Mundi or Akshay Oberoi.
  2. If you seek to experience a better version of the Daily Soap Dramas.
  3. If you are attracted by the bar and nightclub culture.
  4. Unlike many, you connect to emotional sagas of Love, Friendship, Betrayal & Revenge.

DAMAGED – Hungama Web Series


Cast: Amruta Khanvilkar, Amit Sial, Rohan Shah, Shruti Ulfat & Karim Hajee

Release Date: June 6, 2018

No. of Episodes: 15

Lovina, an obsessive woman who likes to seduce men is a ruthless serial killer on a murder spree. She lures her partners with her seductive looks and then kills them for fun or maybe she has a reason. Investigating the murder spree is a pissed cop, hated by his team due to his arrogance. The series takes us deep into the psyche of the serial killer forcing us to feel various emotions. The series takes us deep into the psyche of a serial killer & its various emotions. Overall, the concept that something ‘damaged’ exists between ‘good’ and the ‘evil’ prevails largely throughout the series.

If you are a die-hard fan of psychological thrillers and love twisted plots and unpredictable endings, the series will definitely intrigue you. The series is unrealistically beautiful and makes you think of all the mental disorders going beyond the walls of a happy face. Damaged is one such thriller that breathes freshness into the motive-driven crime series.

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Who might like Damaged – 

  1. Viewers who are fond of crime dramas.
  2. People who are intrigued by the concept of a female serial killer.
  3. People who like exploring the psychology of Serial Killers
  4. Viewers who are fond of twisted plots and unpredictable endings.
  5. Ones fascinated by the stories of Lust, Murder & the psychology behind it

Padded ki Pushup

Padded Pushup Hungama Original web series marathi

Cast: Aniket Vishwasrao, Tejashree Pradhan, Kishori Ambiye and Saksham Kulkarni

Release Date: December 19, 2018

No. of Episodes: 5

Padded ki Pushup is a Marathi Comedy series about a newlywed Aditya and his comedic life inside and outside his house. Being a lingerie salesman, Aditya lies to his wife about his profession due to the embarrassment and his shyness. The series shows us the comedic events in Aditya’s life as he tries to hide his work life from his wife. The salesman faces several funny situations as he learns about his mother-in-law’s sceptic nature.

The series is light-hearted and funny and if you are tired of binge-watching mindfuck shows, go ahead and add Padded ki Push-up in your list. If you don’t speak Marathi, it is alright. The series has subtitles. Enjoy the fun of not-so-adult comedy!

Watch it here

HANKAAR – Hungama Web Series


Cast: Rajesh Balwani, Ujjwal Chopra, Sharda Nand Singh, Ram Menon, Yogini Chouk Borhade and Prammod Sanghi.

Release Date: July 26, 2018

No. of Episodes: 10

Hankaar is a deep dig at the dark and secret truths of the society as it revolves around drugs and human trafficking. The crime story is set in Mumbai, the seat of the underworld in the country. The five lead characters discover the untangled web that connects their lives to each other. An underworld don captivates these 5 people to ensure that every major criminal business is ruled by him. A chilling story of suspense, thrill and revelations, unfolds as this 10-episode series proceeds.

The theme of the series is dark and every character lies in a grey area. Driven by greed, ambition and crimes, the protagonists are stuck in a web of drugs, prostitution and human trafficking.

Watch it online on Hungama

Who might like Hankaar – 

  1. Viewers who are fond of Crime and thriller sequences.
  2. Those who like watching Underworld stories.
  3. The five leads are portrayed as common men and women, that makes it relatable.
  4. People who like the thrill of the unpredictability of humans. Five different storylines are intertwined together which makes it like a ‘Controlled Reality Show’.

BOYS WITH TOYS – Hungama Web Series

Boys with Toys is set to be a sex comedy series that targets the youth who don’t go ‘Uggghhh….’ by sex jokes. It is a hilarious take on the lives of Aditya and Jignesh as they receive a bizarre present. A box full of adult toys! One of the boys keeps the unusual inheritance after they decide to turn it into a fledgeling business. Boys with Toys is a story spun around the concept of breaking the stereotypes. Also, if you run a similar business, will your customers be one-time or repeat?

Vini Yard Films is probably shooting the series as you read this. The production company of Ashvini Yardi who earlier produced OMG, Fugly and Singh is Bling.

Cast: Umang Khanna and Rishabh Chaddha

Release Date: Not Decided Yet

Who might like Boys with Toys –

  1. People who like a light-hearted comedy.
  2. Viewers who don’t mind a few adult jokes and puns.

By providing as per users need, Hungama has built its users to wait for their Originals. Adding themselves with the counts of AltBalaji Originals and Eros Now Original contents

Hungama has provided a wide range of products catering the users need and making its users wait for their Originals. Adding themselves with the counts of AltBalaji Originals and Eros Now Original contents, Hungama plans to come forth with more such lucrative stories with their plethora of Original series and films.

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