Hotstar Original Shows – A Complete List

In an age of the Internet where the audience is bombarded with content on a daily basis, it becomes quite tough to choose what’s gold and what’s bronze. While there are some brilliant yet underrated shows that go under our radar, we often find ourselves stuck with bad shows like it’s some kind of an abusive relationship. But don’t you worry, we’ve got you covered.

Here is the complete list of shows, originally distributed by Hotstar and everything you need to know about them to help you judge better, what suits your taste and liking:


On Air With AIB


On air with AIB Hotstar Originals

Hosted by probably one of the edgiest Indian sketch comedy groups out there, On Air With AIB is a talk & news show, informing news wrapped in satirical comedy & not on a serious note. It is on the lines of ‘Last Week Tonight with John Oliver’. The show’s set resembles a primetime news show’s set and AIB uses this platform to talk about national events while inculcating some levity in them. In a way, On Air With AIB also takes a dig at all of the ‘serious’ national prime time news shows. It hands out informative news about national events wrapped in AIB style humour. The show is in two formats, Hindi and English, and while its episodes are not laugh-riots but they do give some quirky and witty insights to events happening across the country.

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Who might like ‘On Air with AiB’ –

  • People who want to watch the news with a funny angle
  • People who like the ‘satire’ comedy of All Indian Bakchod
  • Someone who likes to stay informed and feels the normal news shows are boring
  • Those who are a fan of satirical comedy (Watch out for that stand-up act at the end of each episode)
  • Someone who liked Shekhar Suman’s eccentric banter on ‘Movers and Shakers’

Son of Abish


Son of Abish follows a regular talk show format albeit it caters to the core Internet audience that has a knack for quirky comedy. While the show is reminiscent of talk shows featuring the Fallon’s and the Kimmel’s, Son of Abish tries to explore the underrated diaspora of the entertainment industry. The show has 2 acts – the first ‘in other news’ where he mocks random current affairs in the ‘Abish’ way. The second part is a fun hang out for artists who talk on varied topics from their personal lives to random stuff happening across the internet & of course promote their art. While the show started with Abish Matthew calling his friends on the show, it’s horizons have widened as the show now invites Bollywood stars like Vidya Balan, Yami Gautam as well. Having said that, the show never tries to be serious, and hence the guests don’t take themselves too seriously as well that makes Son of Abish a thoroughly refreshing viewing.

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Who might like ‘Son of Abish’ –

  • People looking to watch a light comedy
  • Someone who has an affinity for talk shows and variety television
  • Those who love to know about more stars & see how friendly they are
  • Someone who has been following the stand-up comedy scene in India
  • Someone who likes Abish Matthew & his type of comedy

Sarabhai v Sarabhai : Take 2

Sara bhai vs Sara bhai Season 2 Hotstar Originals

Returning after 11 years, Sarabhai v Sarabhai Take 2, a situational comedy, captures the life of an urban Gujarati family living in South Mumbai. The show is about the adventures and misadventures of this Gujarati family and the casual wordplay that happen in the confines of their home. The show drives heavily on nostalgia and any 90s kid would be able to get the kick out of it. It’s full of Maya’s snobbish banters, Indravadan’s snarky remarks, Monisha’s ‘middle class’ mannerisms, Saahil’s failed attempts at balancing his sanity and of course, Guddu’s poetry. The show is equal parts senseless fun and hard-hitting nostalgia.

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Who might like ‘Sarabhai vs Sarabhai’

  • The fans of the original show and its characters that aired on Star Plus in early 2000’s.
  • The fans of sit-coms. Sarabhai v Sarabhai is one of the very few Indian sit-coms that have stayed relevant for so long.
  • Someone who’s pretty much aware of the setting and realizes that it’s not something to be compared to American sit-coms like Friends and the likes.

Better Life Foundation


Better Life Foundation Hotstar Originals

Created by Bengaluru-based comedy group Them Boxer Shorts (TBS), Better Life Foundation is a mockumentary web series with small 20-minute episodes. The story follows the life at an NGO named, Better Life Foundation through its five passionate workers and a reluctant volunteer ensuing some serious satirical comedy of errors. The show does bear some similarities to American political satire sitcoms like ‘Parks and Recreation’ and ‘The Office’ but it exhibits some chaotic workplace comedy that works on lines of content that keeps it ahead of its other Internet contemporaries. While the format would feel new to the Indian audience, the show not only introduces you to it but also expands upon it, making each episode an insightful yet amusing joyride.

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Who might like ‘Better Life Foundation’ –

  • The fans of Parks and Recreation and The Office
  • People who love watching a meaningful comedy that explores the loopholes in stereotypes
  • Someone who’s grown tired of conventional comedy sketches

As I’m suffering from Kadhal


As I am suffering with Kadal Hotstar originals

‘Kadhal’ is a Tamil word meaning ‘love’. ‘As I’m suffering from Kadhal’ is a romantic-comedy web series that tries to explore modern-day relationships in their entirety. While most romance stories end with THE KISS, this show starts with what happens just after the big kiss. The story is about four couples trying to find the meaning of the modern-day love and learning its changed definitions at different phases of their relationships. It’s about problems that come before and after marriage or even after a marriage has ended, trying to capture the essence of love in its totality. Originally the show is in Tamil but is available in dubbed format of Hindi and Telegu as well. It is a small snackable 10 episode show, 20 minutes each.

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Who might like ‘As I’m sufferingfromm Kadhal’ –

  • Someone who’s in the early 20’s phase of life, actually or mentally
  • Rom-com fans
  • Someone looking for light entertainment because episodes are small & content isn’t too heavy to grasp.

The Fanatics

The Fanatics Hotstar Originals

The Fanatics is an animated sports show with small 3-4 minute episodes. It’s a classic post cricket match analysis, except it’s animated and there’s no panel of ‘experts’ but just an animated character, ‘Boopsie Ballzie’, ranting about the match for straight 3-4 minutes with a few regular discussions (no holds barred when it comes to the rawness of its comedy). Talking over match clips, each episode gives a fun analysis of every cricket match with a truckload of sarcastic and witty humour. Up till now, The Fanatics has only covered the IPL tournaments.

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Who might like ‘Fanatics’ –

  • IPL viewers who want to watch a fun and light-hearted post match analysis


Well, this is just the tip of the iceberg of content Hotstar has. Though the list of originals is not huge, there is a huge list of content hotstar has on its platform, apart from cricket & other sports matches.

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