Watch Hotstar Specials – A Complete List of Hotstar Originals

Hotstar is a leading video-on-demand platform in India with reportedly 150 million monthly active users. You will a vast array of content on sports, TV, and movies on Hotstar. But among those content, there are some that are special which are known as Hotstar Specials. These are the shows and movies that are originally produced by Hotstar and is exclusively accessible either on the Hotstar app or the website.

hotstar originals

Here is the complete list of shows, originally distributed by Hotstar and everything you need to know about them to help you judge better, what suits your taste and liking:

Roar of the lion

Roar of the Lion

Languages: Hindi, Tamil

The five-episode docuseries is about the Dhoni’s one of the darkest phase in the life, the 2 years ban on the Dhoni-led IPL team, CSK and the strong comeback to win the IPL title in 2018. In this Hotstar original, Dhoni reveals his thoughts and circumstances around him during that time period and how he dealt with all of that. “Roa of the lion” is an ode to Dhoni and CSK fans which gives some glimpses of Dhoni’s real life. Watch this Hotstar original and know the “CSK Thala” up close and better.

You would love “Roar of the lion” if:

  • You’re a hardcore Dhoni or CSK fan.
  • You are interested in knowing the hardships of being a cricketer in our country.
  • You want to get inspired by a role-model.


CinePlay Hotstar Specials

Language: Hindi

Cineplay is the ‘new genre of storytelling’ which presents thought-provoking timeless stories through the digital medium. On this Hotstar original series, you will watch stories like Pagla Ghoda, Khamosh Adalat, Between the lines, Adhe Adhure, Guy in the Sky, Some times, and Bombay Talkies. Each story is about an hour or two long and the whole collection cuts through the range of genres including Drama, Comedy, and Thriller. Watch this blend of theatre arts and the cinema power with Hotstar original CinePlay.

You would love “CinePlay” if:

  • You enjoy thought-provoking movies and shows.
  • You appreciate the art of theatre. 
  • You want to experience a new way of storytelling.

On Air With AIB


On air with AIB Hotstar Originals

Language: English 

On Air With AIB is a talk & news show that presents news wrapped in satirical comedy. It is on the lines of ‘Last Week Tonight with John Oliver’. In a way, On Air With AIB also takes a dig at all of the ‘serious’ national prime time news shows. It hands out informative news about national events wrapped in AIB style humour. This Hotstar original is available in two formats, Hindi & English, and while its episodes are not laugh-riots but they do give some quirky and witty insights to events happening across the country.

Watch it on Hotstar

You would love ‘On Air with AiB’ if:

  • You like the ‘satire’ comedy of All Indian Bakchod.
  • You want to stay informed and feels the normal news shows are boring.
  • You have liked Shekhar Suman’s eccentric banter on ‘Movers and Shakers’.

Son of Abish


Language: English

Son of Abish follows a regular talk show format albeit it caters to the core Internet audience that has a knack for quirky comedy. This hotstar exclusive is much similar to the other popular talk shows like that of Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel. The show has 2 acts – the first is ‘in other news’ where he talks about some of the current affairs in a comic way. The second part is a chat with artists on topics ranging from their personal lives to promoting their upcoming work.

While the show started with Abish Matthew inviting his friends as guests, it’s horizons have widened as the show now invites Bollywood stars like Vidya Balan, Yami Gautam as well. Having said that, the show never tries to be serious, and hence the guests don’t take themselves too seriously as well that makes Son of Abish a thoroughly refreshing viewing.

Watch it on Hotstar

You would love ‘Son of Abish’ if:

  • You’re looking to watch a light-hearted chat show.
  • You wish to know celebs up close and personal.
  • You appreciate Abish Matthew & his way of comedy.

Sarabhai v Sarabhai: Take 2

Sara bhai vs Sara bhai Season 2 Hotstar Originals

Language: Hindi

Returning after 11 years, Sarabhai v Sarabhai Take 2, an Indian sit-com, captures the life of an urban Gujarati family living in South Mumbai. The show is about the adventures & misadventures of this Gujarati family and the casual wordplay that happen in their home. This Hotstar original drives heavily on nostalgia and any 90s kid would remember it instantly. The series is full of Maya’s snobbish banters, Indravadan’s snarky remarks, Monisha’s ‘middle class’ mannerisms, Saahil’s failed attempts at balancing his sanity and the unforgettable, Guddu’s poetry. The show is equal parts senseless fun and hard-hitting nostalgia.

Watch it on Hotstar

You would love ‘Sarabhai vs Sarabhai’ if:

  • You’re a fan of the original show and its characters that aired on Star Plus in the early 2000s.
  • You enjoy sit-coms as Sarabhai v Sarabhai is one of the very few Indian sit-coms that have stayed relevant for so long.
  • You wish to watch a hilarious family drama.

As I’m suffering from Kadhal


As I am suffering with Kadal Hotstar originals

Language: Tamil, Hindi, Tamil

‘Kadhal’ is a Tamil word meaning ‘love’. ‘As I’m suffering from Kadhal’ is a romantic-comedy Hotstar original series that tries to explore modern-day relationships in their entirety. While most romance stories end with THE KISS, this show starts with what happens just after the big kiss. The story is about four couples trying to find the meaning of the modern-day love and learning its changed definitions at different phases of their relationships. It’s about problems that come before and after marriage or even after a marriage has ended. This 10-episode Hotstar special attempts to capture the essence of love in its totality. Originally the show is in Tamil but is available in dubbed format of Hindi and Telegu as well.

Watch it on Hotstar

You would love ‘As I’m suffering from Kadhal’ if:

  • You’re in the early ’20s of your life, physically or mentally.
  • You enjoy rom-coms.
  • You enjoy buddy comedy as well as a light-hearted family drama.

The Fanatics

The Fanatics Hotstar Originals

Language: English

The Fanatics is an animated sports show with a collection of 3-4 minute episodes. This Hotstar original is an animated post-cricket match analysis without any panel of ‘experts’. The show features an animated character, ‘Boopsie Ballzie’, ranting about the match for straight 3-4 minutes with a few regular discussions (no holds barred when it comes to the rawness of its comedy).

Talking over match clips, each episode gives a fun analysis of every cricket match with a truckload of sarcastic and witty humour. Up till now, ‘The Fanatics’ has only covered the IPL tournaments.

Watch it on Hotstar

You would love ‘Fanatics’ if:

  • You enjoy watching the IPL matches.
  • You wish to watch a funny post-match analysis of IPL matches.
  • You like to discuss cricket matches.


Well, this is just the tip of the iceberg of content Hotstar has. Though the list of originals is not huge, there is a huge list of content hotstar has on its platform, apart from cricket & other sports matches.

Moreover, Hotstar has announced its partnership with 15 filmmakers in India including Kabir Khan, Shekhar Kapur, Nikhil Advani, Neeraj Pandey, Sudhir Mishra, Tigmanshu Dhulia, Nagesh Kukunoor, Mahesh Manjrekar, Vishal Furia, Rohan Sippy, Debbie Rao, and Salman Khan. This promises more and high-quality Hotstar Originals in the following times.

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