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Another day and another Video-On-Demand Service. Welcome to the world of digital media streaming. In today’s blog, we’re gonna tell you everything about HOOQ, a video-on-demand service, just like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Alt Balaji, and Zee5. But what makes HOOQ different? What are the subscription plans? What kind of content is there on HOOQ? We’re gonna answer each and every query regarding HOOQ. happy reading!

What Is HOOQ?

Singapore-based HOOQ is a Video-On-Demand service across India, Philippines, Indonesia & Thailand. The Indian operations were launched in May 2015. From Hollywood, Bollywood and South East Asian content, HOOQ provides over 35,000 hours of entertainment to registered users. HOOQ focuses more on Hollywood content including the movies and TV shows.

The streaming and downloading service is a collaboration between Sony Pictures, Warner Bros. and Singapore Telecom. For this reason, HOOQ boasts of same-day availability of episodes of US TV Shows, on the same day. HOOQ offers a huge content library of HOOQ with over 10,000 titles including movies and TV shows to its viewers.  HOOQ also has some originals like Bhaq, How To Be A Good Girl, The Oath, Alinasi etc.

What Will I Get With HOOQ Subscription?

hooq subscription features

With just an account, you can do very little on HOOQ. You can still explore their content library and watch the trailer for every movie on HOOQ. Moreover, a free user can stream the 1st episode of every TV show available on HOOQ to decide whether to go for a subscription or now. WIth a HOOQ subscription, you get the following features.

Access to Movies & TV shows: With a HOOQ subscription, you get access to over 10,000 movies and TV shows including the local, Bollywood, and Hollywood titles. 

Access to Offline Viewing: You can download your favourite movies through HOOQ app for offline streaming. Though you the maximum download is 10 movies per user only.

Access to TV shows on same day as US: HOOQ offers TV shows to its subscribers on the same day as they get telecast in US. So you can enjoy the absolute latest content on HOOQ.

Access to HD content: A HOOQ subscription lets you enjoy the movies and TV series that are available in HD picture quality. Note that not all HOOQ content is available in HD quality.

Access to Simultaneous Viewing: You can enjoy HOOQ content on 5 devices through 1 login. But at a time, only 2 devices are allowed to stream or download the HOOQ content.

Access To Live TV: This feature is currently available in Indonesia, Singapore, and the Philippines. Subscribed users of these countries can enjoy TV channels like Discovery Channel, History TV, Animal Planet, TLC, HGTV, and JAK TV

How to get HOOQ Subscription for Free?

hooq free subscription

You can enjoy the whole catalogue of HOOQ for absolutely free with certainly selected schemes if you’re eligible. Users who have an Airtel, Vodafone or a Hotstar subscription can enjoy HOOQ’s content for free. Also, users of ACT Fibernet also enjoy 2 months of free HOOQ subscription. Check the detailed description of each scheme below.

Airtel TV 

Airtel TV users can access HOOQ through their app for free.

Eligibility: All Airtel TV users.


  1. If you’re an Airtel Sim Card Holder, the download and login to the Airtel TV android or iOS app. If you’ve already downloaded the Airtel TV app, then update it to the latest version.
  2. Soon as you log in, you can search and stream HOOQ’s content o your Airtel TV app.

Vodafone Play

Vodafone is offering free HOOQ subscriptions on their Vodafone Play app.

Eligibility: All Vodafone Play app users.


  1. If you’re a Vodafone Sim Card Holder, the download and login to the Vodafone Play android or iOS app. If you’ve already downloaded the Vodafone Play app, then update it to the latest version.
  2. Soon as you log in, you can search and stream HOOQ’s content o your Vodafone Play app.

ACT Fibernet plan: 

ACT Fibernet subscribers get 2 months free HOOQ subscription.

Eligibility: You should have an ACT Fibernet connection.


  1. If you’re an ACT Fibernet subscriber, then you can enjoy a free trial of HOOQ for 2 months.
  2. Post the free trial, the subscription will be charged at INR 79 per month and will be added to the ACT Fibernet bill.


Hotstar offers HOOQ’s content on its app to its Users.

Eligibility: All Hotstar subscribers are eligible for this offer. 


  1. Download or update to the latest Hotstar app.
  2. Login and get an active subscription of Hotstar, if you don’t have any.
  3. Soon as you complete step 1 and 2, you can stream HOOQ content available on Hotstar App.

Is There Any HOOQ Free Trial?

HOOQ has a 30-day free trial available for all devices Desktop, Android and iOS. This free trial requires you to add a recurring payment method. For such plans users get the following benefits:

  1. First 90 days for INR 89 only (Instead of INR 89 per month)
  2. 1 blockbuster movie rental ticket every month
  3. INR 89 per month after the 3-month special offer
  4. The user will be charged after the free trial period is over. 
  5. The above offer is valid for a limited time

The above offer is valid only if a recurring payment is used, 

  1. PayTM
  2. Ola Money
  3. Credit Cards by Master Card and VISA
  4. iOS in-app purchase

For Philippines customers, there is a 7-day free HOOQ trial.

Hooq Subscription Plans & Offers

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Any Hack To Watch HOOQ For Free?

HOOQ gives 3 months’ subscription for INR 89 if it is the first payment via Credit Card (Mastercard or VISA), PayTM, Ola Money or iOS in-app purchase. Now, you can work your way around to save some bucks in the following way.


  1. The User needs to have an account on the above services and use one service for 3 months.
  2. Then, use any other service and pay via that.
  3. This way, a user can effectively use HOOQ subscription for a year and get 12 free movie rentals for as low as INR 356. This is the cheapest subscription you will ever find on any online platform. This hack offers a 20% discount over their yearly subscription which costs INR 450 per year.

How Much Does HOOQ Subscription Plans Cost?

Alright, so you’ve decided to go for the HOOQ subscription. Cool! In this section, you’ll get to know everything about the available HOOQ subscription plans and their pricing. Currently, HOOQ offers two subscription plans – Monthly Subscription and Movie Rentals.

HOOQ Monthly and Yearly Subscription Plans

The basic subscription plans are priced at Rs. 89 per month or Rs. 450/year. The payment for these plans can be done through Debit Card, Net Banking, Cash Card and Phone Carrier Billing (Only for Vodafone Customers). It gives access to 1000s of non-rental Movies and latest episodes of TV Shows. Do note that for the above one-time payment options, there is no free 30-day trial.

What’s ‘Movie Rentals’ on HOOQ TV?

Movie Rentals on HOOQ are priced at Rs. 59 per movie. For rental plans, the payment can be done only via Credit Cards. The subscription service on HOOQ is focused offers all the TV Shows but a select set of Movies. Blockbuster movies or the ones which are fresh out of theatres are available online on HOOQ for rental. These early access rentals cost Rs. 59 per movie or one Movie ticket (if you have a voucher code or free package).

After renting the movie, a user can start watching the movie within 30 days before it expires. Once the user starts playing the movie, it has 48 hours to complete it. One rental movie can be streamed on only one device at a time.

What Content Does HOOQ TV Offer?

HOOQ takes pride in the vast array of content that it provides. With more than 30,000 hours of content, HOOQ’s content catalogue is divided into over 23 categories like ‘Best Of Hollywood’, ‘Exclusive on HOOQ’, ‘Leading Ladies’ etc. To make things easy for you, we have categorized the whole content available on HOOQ into 4 categories: HOOQ Movies, HOOQ TV, and HOOQ Originals. Let’s go through them one by one.

HOOQ Movies

You can stream thousands of movies on HOOQ cutting through the range of genres like Action, Comedy, Thriller, and Drama. Being a collaboration of Sony Entertainment and Warner Bros., you can expect some high-quality movie content on HOOQ. The HOOQ movie display is decorated with titles like Sicario, Open Season, John Wick, Interstellar, and The Pursuit Of Happyness.

Popular HOOQ Movies

  1. Interstellar: A crew of astronauts sets on an interstellar journey to find a new home, other than the Earth.
  2. The Pursuit Of Happyness: A father and son teach each other lessons to live a happy life while facing hardships.
  3. Her: A romantic love story between a human and his artificial intelligence assistant.
  4. Matrix: uncontrolled Artificial Intelligence has taken over the world and now uses humans as a battery.
  5. Harry Potter Series: The tale of the magical world of Hogwarts, the heroes and the scoundrels.


HOOQ has over 10,000 titles that primarily include some of the latest and most famous American TV Shows and Hollywood Movies. These include Arrow, The Flash, The Big Bang Theory, Lord of the Rings, Moreover, you can enjoy any TV show on the same day as it gets telecast in the US. Let’s take a look at some of the popular TV shows available right now on HOOQ.

Popular HOOQ Shows

  1. Friends: Sitcom based on the lives of 6 friends and their hilarious situations in New York.
  2. Supergirl: Story of the cousin of Superman, who escaped the Krypton and was raised on Earth.
  3. The Flash: Barry gets accidentally struck by a dark matter beam and becomes the fastest human ever, fights the crime of the city.
  4. The Office: A sitcom cum mockumentary on the typical life of office workers.
  5. Big Bang Theory: Story of 2 physics geniuses, who know almost everything about the universe, but nothing about people, especially women.

HOOQ  Originals

The HOOQ Filmmaker’s Guide is a popular online competition for budding filmmakers to convert their stories and scripts into HOOQ Originals. With this innovative approach, HOOQ has been able to bag some gems of Originals in the past year. Let’s take a look at some notable HOOQ Originals.

Popular HOOQ Originals

  1. Bhaq (India): Story of 2 Indian filmmakers who are about to enter into the world of Bollywood.
  2. The Oath (America): A criminal gang made up of police officers who protect each other from enemies.
  3. How to be a good girl (Singapore): Story of a girl trying to fit into society after serving prison time.
  4. Alinasi (Indonesia): An advertising company tries to convince people that aliens are real and already arrived on Earth.
  5. Suay (Thailand): Story of a dancer in Bangkok with a dark past which forces her to go in the underbelly of the city.

How To Buy A HOOQ Subscription?

For free and paid trials, steps for registering and payment are below:

HOOQ Registration Through Website

  1. Go to the HOOQ website.
  2. Click ‘Watch Now on HOOQ’ or Login.
  3. Sign up via an e-mail address or mobile number.
  4. A verification e-mail or OTP will be sent to the above-entered e-mail address or mobile.

Subscribe Through Website

  1. After verification, on mobile – click on the ‘Me’ icon on the bottom right of the screen; On Desktop click on ‘Subscription’ > ‘Subscribe Now’.
  2. For the free trial, select a payment method that offers one. Click on ‘Start your Free Trial’ and then enter payment details before submitting through ‘Make Payment’. Follow the instructions. Once the freecycle is over, the user will be charged.
  3. For the paid subscription, after verification, Click on ‘Me’ > ‘Subscription’ > ‘Manage Subscription’. Choose payment methods, enter the details and start enjoying HOOQ.

HOOQ Registration Through Android and iOS

  1. Download and Install the HOOQ app from the Google Play Store/iTunes Store
  2. Sign up by providing details such as country code, mobile number, email address, agree to the T & C and click on ‘Done’. Verify the OTP will be sent on the number & mail.
  3. After verification of the code, the user must enter their e-mail address and verify it as well.

Subscribe Through Android and iOS

  1. Afterwards, Click on the ‘Me’ icon at the upper-left corner. Select ‘Subscription’ > ‘Subscribe Now’.
  2. For the free trial, select a payment option that offers one. Start your trial by entering payment details and tapping on ‘Make Payment’. Follow further instructions. After the trial expires, the user will be charged.
  3. For the paid subscription, after selecting ‘Subscribe Now’,
  4. Android users – follow the prompts and instructions and enter payment details. Enjoy your recurring or one-time subscription.
  5. iOS users – Enter the Apple ID and password. The plan will be charged through the Apple account. This is an auto-renewed subscription. Confirm subscription by clicking on ‘Continue’.

Who Are The Alternatives & Competitors Of HOOQ TV?

Some competitor streaming services provide low-cost alternatives with more titles. These include: 

Amazon Prime Video: Along with Prime Video services that let you access a range of Hollywood, Bollywood and Asian titles, their subscription also provides Amazon Prime delivery on their online store. Besides that, users gain access to free music and hit Amazon PrimeVideo Originals such as Comicstaan and Remix.

Netflix: Although more expensive, Netflix has excellent services and includes internationally renowned Originals, Foreign movies and TV shows, as well as Bollywood blockbusters.

Hotstar: Hotstar is a streaming giant that lets you access English movies, TV shows, as well as diverse Indian content. They also provide live streams of various sports matches, such as for cricket, hockey, badminton, football, kabaddi, etc.

Take a look at the comprehensive list of the complete comparison between HOOQ and its competitors: 

Subscription Service Hooq PrimeVideo Netflix Hotstar AltBalaji SonyLIV Zee5 ErosNow Hungama Play Voot Vodafone Play Airtel TV Viu HoiChoi
Susbcription Plan Details Hooq Subscription PrimeVideo Subscription Netflix Subscription Hotstar Subscription AltBalaji Subscription SonyLIV Subscription Zee5 Subscription ErosNow Subscription Hungama Play Subscription Voot Subscription Vodafone Play Subscription Airtel TV Subscription Viu Subscription HoiChoi Subscription
Free Trial or
Free Availability?
30-day free trial on adding a recurring payment method No 1 month 7 days First 3 episodes of every TV Series Selected Content is Free No free trial period, Some Content is Free 14 days free premium trial, Some Content is Free forever You can view a 10-minute preview of every movie and TV series Free Unlimited Free for Selected Prepaid and Postpaid Customers Unlimited Free for Selected Prepaid and Postpaid Customers 30 days free No Free Trial
Monthly Plan INR 89 INR 129 INR 500 (1 User)
INR 600 (2 Users)
INR 800 (4 Users)
INR 199 INR 99 INR 99 (All Access Pack)
INR 49 (Regional Pack)
INR 49 (Plus)
INR 99 (Premium)
INR 99 Free INR 99 for 2 months N/A
3-Month Plan INR 100 INR 149 INR 249 Free N/A
6-Month Plan INR 599 (All Access Pack) Free INR 299 N/A
Yearly Plan INR 450 INR 999 INR 999
INR 299 (All Sports Plan)
INR 300 INR 499 INR 999 (All Access Pack)
INR 499 (Regional Pack)
INR 470 (Plus)
INR 950 (Premium)
INR 799 Free INR 599 INR 999 for 3 years
INR 399 for 1 year
Simultaneous Streaming 5 Devices Unlimited 1 to 4 Users 1 User 5 Devices 1 User 5 Devices 1 Device 1 Device Unlimited 5 Devices 1 User
Premium Features Unlimited Access, Download & Offline Viewing, Few Rental Movies Only Unlimited Access to PrimeVideo, PrimeMusic & Kindle e-Books,
Free Delivery
Unlimited Access, HD & UHD Streaming Unlimited Access, Live TV & Sports Unlimited Access, Offline download Live TV, Ad-free viewing
Offline Download
Unlimited Access, Live TV, Ad Free Streaming,
Movies ‘Before-TV’
Plus – Unlimited access to Movies
Premium – Unlimited Access to Movies, TV Shows & Originals, Offline Download
Unlimited Access, Ad-Free Viewing, Offline Download, Originals NA Free 1 year Amazon Prime & 2,3,12 months Netflix Subscription Offline Download, Selected content of Zee5
Free 3 months Netflix & 1 year Amazon Prime Subscription
Ad-free streaming, Unlimited access, Offline Download Ad free streaming, Unlimited access, offline download
Offers First 90 days for INR 89 for recurring payment method, 1 free movie rental ticket per month Free for selected users of BSNL, Airtel & Vodafone Free subscription for selected Airtel & Vodafone Users Some content on Airtel TV & JioCinema; 1 year free on Flipkart First for 50 coins Free for Selected users of Airtel, Jio & Vodafone 30% cashback through PayTM, 3-month free subscription fro Sony Bravia TV & Mi TV buyers Selected free content for Airtel TV & JioCinema; 50% Cashback with Paytm Free for selected users of Airtel, Vodafone & Jio Users 3-month free subscription for Mi TV users & Cloud TV X2 users. 60% off for ACT Fibrenet users. NA NA NA 3 months free subscription for ‘Flipkart Plus members Airtel and Vodafone Idea users can stream come content for free
Service & Content Type On Demand Streaming, Movies, TV Shows On Demand Streaming, Movies, TV Shows, Kids, Originals On Demand Streaming, Movies, TV Shows, Kids, Originals On Demand Streaming, Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Sports & News , Regional Content Original TV Series, Movies & TV Shows On Demand Streaming, Movies, TV Shows, Originals, Live TV & Sports On Demand Streaming, Movies, TV Shows, Originals, Live TV On Demand Streaming, Movies, TV Shows, Originals On-Demand Streaming, Movies, TV Shows, Originals On Demand Streaming, Movies, TV Shows, Originals, Live TV On Demand Streaming, Movies, TV Shows, Originals of ErosNow & AltBalaji On Demand Streaming, Movies, TV Shows
Originals of ErosNow, AltBalaji, Live TV
On Demand Streaming, Movies, TV Shows, Originals On Demand Streaming, Bengali Movies, TV Shows, Kids, Originals, Music
Data Usage per Hour 1.65 GB (HD) 925 MB (SD), 2.2 GB (HD), 6 GB (4K/UHD) 750 MB (HD) 1.3 GB(HD) 750 MB (SD) 1.9 GB (HD) 4.3 GB(HD) 400 MB (SD) 1.5 GB (HD) 350 MB (SD) 2 GB (HD) 2.2 GB (HD) 1.9 GB (HD)

Which Devices Support HOOQ TV?

HOOQ provides simultaneous streaming for 5 devices at most, per account. Currently, supported devices include:

  • Android & iOS: Android phones and tablets (OS 4.1 and above) and iPads and iPhones above iOS 7.x
  • PCs and Mac browsers – Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari.
  • Smart TVs: Android TV, Samsung TV, LG TV, Apple TV.
  • Streaming Devices: Chromecast is compatible with HOOQ.
  • Internet TV Reciever: AIS Playbox

Is HOOQ Really Popular?

Play Store: Installs- 10,000,000+  |  Rating- 3.7 by 4,86,010 Users.

App Store: Installs- N/A  |  Rating- 2.4 by 322 Users.

Content Hours: 35,000+ Hours of video content.

Content Count: 10,000+ Movies & TV Shows.

TV Shows: 500+ TV Shows with 80,000+ Hours of content.

Awards Won By HOOQ TV

HOOQ was named the Best Mobile App at GSMA Global Mobile Awards in Media, Film, TV or Video Category in 2016.

What’s good about HOOQ?

HOOQ has an interactive app that features some of the best American & Hollywood, Bollywood and Asian entertainment. Simultaneous streaming support, offline viewing and one-time rentals make it a unique platform.

  1. Same day availability of TV episodes as US timing.
  2. 35,000 hours of Regional, Hollywood and native language titles in India and Southeast Asia.
  3. Popular movies, fresh out of the theatre, available on rentals @ just Rs. 59.

HOOQ Subscription – Is It Worth The Bucks?

HOOQ would appeal to:

  • Youngsters and fans of modern American TV Shows
  • Hollywood lovers
  • Female viewers who like classic K-dramas

How to Cancel HOOQ Subscription?

To cancel a HOOQ membership, if paid via credit card or PayTM, one must first log in to the account from the app or website, select ‘Subscription’ and ‘Cancel Subscription’.

For iTunes payments, cancelling can be done via the iTunes account.

For ACT or Airtel payments, contact their customer service.

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