Hoichoi Subscription Plans Price, Free Offers & Promocode

Ki khabara Bengal !! When the whole world is taking a dive into the ocean of OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, Hoichoi has gained immense popularity among the Indian Bengali viewership and outside of India as well. Hoichoi literally means ‘non-stop entertainment’ and they provide the same, with the largest collection of Bengali Entertainment. In this blog, we’ll tell you everything about Hoichoi, from Hoichoi subscription plans to how to get Hoichoi subscription free. Happy reading!

  1. What is Hoichoi?
  2. Hoichoi Subscription
  3. Hoichoi Free Subscription
  4. Hoichoi Free Trial
  5. Hoichoi Subscription Plans
  6. Hoichoi Pros and Cons
  7. Hoichoi Content
    7.1 Hoichoi Bengali Movies
    7.2 Hoichoi Web Series and Originals
    7.3 Hoichoi Songs
  8. Hoichoi Payment
  9. Hoichoi Alternatives
  10. Hoichoi Supported Devices
  11. Hoichoi Subscription – Worth it?
  12. Hoichoi cancellation

What Is Hoichoi?

Hoichoi is a Video On Demand streaming platform which exclusively focuses on Bengali content. It was launched on 20th September 2017 with over 500 Bengali movies and over 1000 Bengali songs. With time, Hoichoi developed a huge library of Bengali movies, short films, web series, and music which can be accessed with a Hoichoi subscription from their App, Website, or streaming devices.

hoichoi subscription

 Hoichoi Subscription

    1. Access to the largest catalogue of Bengali movies: A Hoichoi subscription gives you access to Bengali movies that range from classics like Panther Panchali to the latest Bengali blockbusters like Dwitiyo Purush, Love Aaj Kal Porshu, Nagarkirtan, etc
    2. Access to Hoichoi Originals: Hoichoi premium plan lets you enjoy all Hoichoi originals spanning through genres from Comedy like Dupur Thakurpo, Thriller like Byomkesh, to Mystery like Eken Babu.  
    3. Music Streaming with 100 + Songs
    4. Ad-Free Streaming
    5. Access To Offline Content: With a Hoichoi subscription, you can download your favorite content to watch it offline. This feature is only available on the app.
    6. Watch On Multiple Devices: HoiChoi has 2 different plans and both allow login to 2 devices, the costlier yearly plan allows 2 simultaneous streams.
    7. 1080p Video Support
    8. English subtitles: Hoichoi offers English subtitles for all of its Web Series, Short Films, Original Movies. In addition to this, more than 200 movies currently have English subtitles. 

Hoichoi Free Subscription

hoichoi free subscription

While there are no Hoichoi subscription promo codes running right now, with the following Hoichoi subscription hack, you can enjoy most of the Hoichoi content including Hoichoi originals at absolutely no cost. You don’t need any subscription code or whatsoever to stream the content of Hoichoi on these streaming services.

Hoichoi on Airtel Xstream App (earlier Airtel TV App)

  • Hoichoi content is available on Airtel Xstream App & website
  • The offer is valid for all prepaid users above INR 99.
  • All Postpaid Infinity plan users, retail & COIP above monthly billing of INR 399 or above (Excluding corporate plans) are also included in this offer.
  • You cannot use your friend’s Airtel Sim to Sign-In because Airtel TV App needs the sim to be there on the mobile while registering.

Hoichoi on Vi TV & Movies (earlier Vodafone Play) App

  • Hoichoi content is available on Vi Movies & Tv App & website
  • The app is available on Google PlayStore as well as on the Apple App Store.
  • All Postpaid users with Red plans above INR 399 get free access to the Vodafone Play App.
  • All Prepaid users with Unlimited Recharges worth INR 179 or above get free access to Vodafone Play App.
  • Tip – You can use your friend’s Vodafone Sim to Sign-In. Enter his/her number and then the OTP that comes on that number.

Hoichoi for Jio Fiber customers

JioFiber customers on Silver and above plans get access to Hoichoi content through the Hoichoi platform on their Jio Set-Top Box. Moreover, the Bengali and Hindi Original Series of Hoichoi can also be viewed on the Jio TV + app.

Hoichoi on MX Player

Hoichoi content can be streamed for FREE on the MX Player website. Check out this link and get access to Hoi Choi content. You can stream popular Hoichoi shows like Love and Affairs, Pabitra Puppies, etc on MX Player.

Hoichoi Free Web Series And Movies 

Without a Hoichoi subscription, you won’t be able to download the content. But you can stream it for free on Airtel XStream or Vi TV & Movies app or MX player website.

Apart from that, Hoichoi itself offers a section of free movies and episodes like Humans vs Corona, Suchipatra, Game Over, Boy Interrupted, Taranath Tantrik, etc that you can enjoy without paying anything.

Just log on to https://www.hoichoi.tv/free and check out their free collection.

Hoichoi Free Trial

As of now, there is no free trial offered from Hoichoi, but as soon as it comes, we will inform you right away.

Hoichoi Subscription Plans

hoichoi subscription offer

Hoichoi currently offers two membership plans at discounted prices. You get access to all the features mentioned above once you subscribe to a HoiChoi Subscription plan.

Here is the Hoichoi subscription cost –

Yearly plan What do you get?
INR 499

 (previously INR 799)

  • Login allowed on 2 devices
  • 1 simultaneous stream allowed on either of those 2 devices
INR 699

(previously INR 1299)

  • Login allowed on 3 devices 
  • 2 simultaneous streams allowed on 2 of those 3 devices.

FlickZee tip – Currently, there is no option to change an ongoing Hoichoi subscription plan so once you choose the INR 499 plan, you will not be able to upgrade to the INR 699 plan before the year finishes. The only solution is that you buy a complete new plan. (block quote)


hoichoi subscription fee

Please note that the International rates vary from region-to-region.

Hoichoi Pros and Cons


  • Ad-free streaming for a seamless viewing experience.
  • One of its kind OTT with a large library of Bengali music as well.
  • Downloading of content is available.
  • English subtitles to all the web series and most of the movies are available.
  • The maximum available video quality is 1080p.
  • Affordable subscription plans 


  • No option to download content on laptop or PC
  • No option to skip intro while watching a series
  • No wish list or suggestion tabs on the app/website
  • To change the password or log out from all devices, one must contact the customer care
  • Full-screen mode on the app does not cover the entire screen and has very limited toggle options
  • Non-Bengali viewers may find it hard to completely understand the content and will have to rely on subtitles.

Hoichoi Content

hoichoi content

Hoichoi offers over 500 Bengali Movies, 80+ hour Originals, and 1000+ Bengali songs, which makes it the world’s largest Bengali Video On Demand service. Hoichoi’s entertainment content includes Movies, TV shows, Originals, and Music which you can stream on the Hoichoi app as well as the Hoichoi website.

Hoichoi Bengali Movies

Hoichoi has a catalog of over 500 Bengali movies that span across genres like Drama, Romance, Comedy, and Horror. Classic Movies by acclaimed Bengali filmmakers such as Satyajit Ray and Rituoporna Ghosh are also available. Some of these hits include Dwitiyo Purush, Love Aaj Kal Porshu, Nagarkirtan, Konttho, Vinci Da, Shah Jahan Regency, and Kedara.

Popular Hoichoi Movies

  1. Byomkesh Gowtro – Byomkesh is assigned a case of a murder that might happen.
  2. Ek Je Chhilo Raja – Based on the rumored incident of the prince of Bhawal returning from the dead.
  3. Bibaho Diaries – A comedy with a modern couple’s perspective on marital life.
  4. Kolkata 71 – Collection of 4 stories based on ’70s Kolkata.
  5. Crisscross – Story about 5 women, their lives, and the twist when they meet each other.

Hoichoi family movies 

  1. Sweater
  2. Ahare Mon
  3. Bibaho Obhijaan
  4. Goyenda Junior
  5. Katmundu

Hoichoi comedy movies 

  1. Bhooter Bhabishyat
  2. Charmurti
  3. Mauchaak
  4. Bye Bye Bangkok
  5. Thammar Boyfriend

Hoichoi Web Series and Originals

Hoichoi subscription presents 80+ hours of TV series for you to stream and enjoy. HoiChoi TV also offers over 30 original shows and 12 original films produced by SVF Entertainment. Some of the Originals like Hello, Byomkesh, Cartoon, Mismatch, Dupur Thakurpo, and Charitraheen are also dubbed in Hindi and Tamil for the non-Bengali audience.

Popular Hoichoi Originals 

  1. Hello! – An MMS received on Durga Puja turns Nandita’s life upside down.
  2. Byomkesh – Bengal’s most popular detective solves criminal cases in the 1930s.
  3. Paanch Phoron – 5 episodes made by 5 directors around the concept of love and relationships.
  4. Taranath Tantrik – A mystery show with a Tantrik named Taranath and his world of black magic.
  5. Charitraheen – A story of love, lust and betrayal among the relationship between a couple.

Hoichoi comedy originals

  1. Dupur Thakurpo
  2. Mismatch
  3. Holy Faak
  4. Kamini

Popular Hoichoi Original Films

  1. Bobbyr Bondhura – Story about the suffering of a child amidst his parents’ divorce.
  2. Chupkotha – A thriller story of a journalist trying to solve the case of a missing girl.
  3. Ami Vs Tumi – A rom-com about 2 people with polar personalities and their relationship with each other.
  4. Borodin – A crime thriller set during the Christmas times in Kolkata about karma and people connected by it.
  5. Teen Cup Cha – 3 lives, 3 stories, and Bengal’s favorite beverage, Tea (Chaa). This Bengali drama connects the 3 different stories that are connected by the tea.

Hoichoi Songs

For the music buffs, the Hoichoi subscription also has over 1000+ Bengali Songs from the most popular albums which you can download and stream offline as well. You will find songs from classic as well as modern renowned Bengali artists like Arijit Singh and Shreya Ghoshal. Note that Hoichoi songs are exclusively available only on the Hoichoi app, for Android and iOS.

Hoichoi Free Movies & Episodes

You can stream some movies, episodes of originals, and mini-episodes on Hoichoi at absolutely no cost. You will find the free comedy, thriller, must-watch episodes on Hoichoi in the sections with the respective names and the mini-episodes of less than 10 minutes in the section “Hoichoi minis”. Just visit https://www.hoichoi.tv/free to find out more!

Popular Hoichoi Free Minis & Shorts

  1. City of Poets (Mini)
  2. City of Bazaar (Mini)
  3. Kolkotha (Mini)
  4. Pocketmar (Short)
  5. Offline (Short)

Hoichoi Payment 

Once you’ve chosen the desired Hoichoi subscription plan, you’ll be redirected to the Payment page. Here, you have different options to complete the transaction.

Online Payment: Different payment options for users include Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, UPI, Wallets, PayTM, iTunes, and Google Play. Subscriptions made through iTunes, Google Play, and Credit Cards are auto-renewed.

Offline Payment (Top-up Cards): For offline transactions, you can use ‘Hoichoi Top-Up Cards’ :

  • What is a Hoichoi Top-Up Card?

It is similar to the scratch-and-use mobile Top-Up cards that we used to buy to recharge the balance in our mobile phones. Currently, Hoichoi is offering Top-Up cards for 12 months subscription plan.

  • How and where can I get Hoichoi Top-Up cards?

The Top-Up cards are currently available in few selected cities. If you live in one such city, you can ask for the Top-Up card from the set-ups opened by SVF entertainment or alternatively, you can purchase a Top-Up card from this link. Online delivery is on hold currently due to Covid.

hoichoi payment top-up card

  • How to redeem the Hoichoi Top-Up cards?

Once you get a Hoichoi Top-Up card, all you need to do is to scratch it to get the Hoichoi subscription code and recharge your Hoichoi account using the Hoichoi code.

  • Is there any offer on Hoichoi Top-Up Cards?

Currently, there are no offers on the Top-Up cards. Soon as any comes, we’ll inform you right away.

Hoichoi Alternatives

Hoichoi is not the only fish in the sea of VOD services. With increasing numbers of online video streaming services, Hoichoi is definitely facing some competition in the market.


Probably the top competitor of Hoichoi, Addatimes resembles a lot to Hoichoi in terms of services and content that it provides. Addatimes is also an Ad-free Video On Demand service with exclusive Bengali content including Movies, TV shows, and originals, and music. Some of their popular content includes Khyaapa, One Night Stand, Arundhati, Byomkesh, Mon Maane Na, etc.


The streaming service offers the latest Bengali movies on a pay-per-view basis or as a subscription. These can be watched across PC, tablets, TV, and phones. They also have a 7-day free trial.


The YuppTV streaming service offers access to movies across 9 languages, one of which is Bengali. A 14-day free trial is available. Some Bengali content included is Robibar Bikelbela and Mahakaal.


The streaming giant provides access to a number of Bengali movies and TV shows. The video quality and UI provides for a better viewing experience. A subscription to Hotstar allows users unlimited access to a number of Bollywood, Hollywood movies as well as American TV Shows, Live News, and Sports.


The Colors TV online video platform has some Bengali content as well. Some of these are Kawach Mahashivratri, Bidhilipi, Bhalobasa Bhalobasa, and Sujan Sakhi. News18 Bangla can also be streamed on Voot.

A comprehensive Comparision of Hoichoi with its competitors

Subscription Service HoiChoi Addatimes AltBalaji ErosNow Zee5 ErosNow Hotstar Netflix PrimeVideo SonyLIV Voot Hungama Play Viu Hooq
Subscription Plan Details HoiChoi Subscription Addatimes Subscription AltBalaji Subscription ErosNow Subscription Zee5 Subscription ErosNow Subscription Hotstar Subscription Netflix Subscription PrimeVideo Subscription SonyLIV Subscription Voot Subscription Hungama Play Subscription Viu Subscription Hooq Subscription
Free Trial or
Free Availability?
No Free Trial No Free Trial First 3 episodes of every TV Series 14 days free premium trial, Some Content is Free forever No free trial period, Some Content is Free 14 days free premium trial, Some Content is Free forever 7 days 1 month No Selected Content is Free Free You can view a 10-minute preview of every movie and TV series 30 days free 30-day free trial on adding a recurring payment method
Monthly Plan N/A INR 49 (Plus)
INR 99 (Premium)
INR 99 (All Access Pack)
INR 49 (Regional Pack)
INR 49 (Plus)
INR 99 (Premium)
INR 199 INR 500 (1 User)
INR 600 (2 Users)
INR 800 (4 Users)
INR 129 INR 99 Free INR 99 INR 99 for 2 months INR 89
3-Month Plan N/A INR 99 INR 100 INR 149 Free INR 249
6-Month Plan N/A N/A INR 599 (All Access Pack) Free INR 299
Yearly Plan INR 999 for 3 years
INR 399 for 1 year
INR 299 INR 300 INR 470 (Plus)
INR 950 (Premium)
INR 999 (All Access Pack)
INR 499 (Regional Pack)
INR 470 (Plus)
INR 950 (Premium)
INR 999
INR 299 (All Sports Plan)
INR 999 INR 499 Free INR 799 INR 599 INR 450
Simultaneous Streaming 1 User 1 User 5 Devices 1 Device 5 Devices 1 Device 1 User 1 to 4 Users Unlimited 1 User Unlimited 1 Device 5 Devices 5 Devices
Premium Features Ad free streaming, Unlimited access, offline download Unlimited Access, HD Streaming, Ad-Free Unlimited Access, Offline download Plus – Unlimited access to Movies
Premium – Unlimited Access to Movies, TV Shows & Originals, Offline Download
Unlimited Access, Live TV, Ad Free Streaming,
Movies ‘Before-TV’
Plus – Unlimited access to Movies
Premium – Unlimited Access to Movies, TV Shows & Originals, Offline Download
Unlimited Access, Live TV & Sports Unlimited Access, HD & UHD Streaming Unlimited Access to PrimeVideo, PrimeMusic & Kindle e-Books,
Free Delivery
Live TV, Ad-free viewing
Offline Download
NA Unlimited Access, Ad-Free Viewing, Offline Download, Originals Ad-free streaming, Unlimited access, Offline Download Unlimited Access, Download & Offline Viewing, Few Rental Movies Only
Offers Airtel and Vodafone Idea users can stream come content for free N/A Free for Selected users of Airtel, Jio & Vodafone Free for selected users of Airtel, Vodafone & Jio Users Selected free content for Airtel TV & JioCinema; 50% Cashback with Paytm Free for selected users of Airtel, Vodafone & Jio Users Some content on Airtel TV & JioCinema; 1 year free on Flipkart First for 50 coins Free subscription for selected Airtel & Vodafone Users Free for selected users of BSNL, Airtel & Vodafone 30% cashback through PayTM, 3-month free subscription fro Sony Bravia TV & Mi TV buyers NA 3-month free subscription for Mi TV users & Cloud TV X2 users. 60% off for ACT Fibrenet users. 3 months free subscription for ‘Flipkart Plus members First 90 days for INR 89 for recurring payment method, 1 free movie rental ticket per month
Service & Content Type On Demand Streaming, Bengali Movies, TV Shows, Kids, Originals, Music On Demand Streaming, Bengali Movies, TV Shows, Originals, Music Original TV Series, Movies & TV Shows On Demand Streaming, Movies, TV Shows, Originals On Demand Streaming, Movies, TV Shows, Originals, Live TV On Demand Streaming, Movies, TV Shows, Originals On Demand Streaming, Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Sports & News , Regional Content On Demand Streaming, Movies, TV Shows, Kids, Originals On Demand Streaming, Movies, TV Shows, Kids, Originals On Demand Streaming, Movies, TV Shows, Originals, Live TV & Sports On Demand Streaming, Movies, TV Shows, Originals, Live TV On-Demand Streaming, Movies, TV Shows, Originals On Demand Streaming, Movies, TV Shows, Originals On Demand Streaming, Movies, TV Shows
Data Usage per Hour 1.55 GB (HD) 750 MB (SD) 400 MB (SD) 4.3 GB(HD) 400 MB (SD) 1.3 GB(HD) 750 MB (HD) 925 MB (SD), 2.2 GB (HD), 6 GB (4K/UHD) 1.9 GB (HD) 350 MB (SD) 1.5 GB (HD) 1.9 GB (HD) 1.65 GB (HD)

Hoichoi Supported Devices

hoichoi supported devices

You can stream Hoichoi TV content on multiple devices. The complete list of supported devices is given below.

  1. Website: Visit the Hoichoi website and login to stream the contents.
  2. Android & iOS: Download app for Android (version 5 and above) or app for iOS
  3. Streaming Devices: You can download the Hoichoi TV app on Amazon Firestick. Google Chromecast also supports Hoichoi TV streaming.
  4. Media Players: Android TV, Apple TV, and Roku.

Hoichoi Popularity

Play Store: Installs- 1M+  |  Rating- 4.2/5 by 88k Users

Amazon Store: Rating- 3.8/5 by 5 users

Active HoichoiUsers: 13M (as of Oct 2020)

Content Count: 2000+ hours of overall content : 500+ Bengali Movies | 30+ Hoichoi Originals | 1000+ Bengali Songs

Hoichoi Subscription- Worth it? 

Hoichoi is successfully ruling the Bengali viewership. With its rising popularity, HoiChoi TV is planning to target even a larger audience. They have released the Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Arabic dubbed versions of their most popular TV shows for the non-Bengali viewers. You would love a HoiChoi subscription if: 

  • You are a Bengali (duh!).
  • You enjoy Bengali movies and TV shows.
  • You are looking for innovative original content and web-series with a different cultural background.
  • You have an ear for Bengali music.

Hoichoi Subscription Cancellation 

Auto-renewals can be canceled via Google Play, iTunes settings, or via the Credit Card settings on the website. Otherwise, the Hoichoi subscription can be canceled at any point, however, the platform does not provide refunds. The streaming will still be accessible till the last date of the paid plan.


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