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You’ve heard about Netflix, right? Amazon Prime Video? What about Hotstar? These are some of the popular online video streaming services with a wide variety of content like movies, TV shows, Originals, Short films and more. But have you heard about GuideDoc?

GuideDoc: Watch Documentaries Everyday

Hi and welcome to FlickZee blogs, where we keep you updated with all the latest happenings in the Digital Media World. In today’s blog, you’ll get to know about GuideDoc, its content, subscription charges and availability. If you appreciate good Documentaries, then GuideDoc might be the near perfect platform for you to explore them.

What is GuideDoc?

GuideDoc is Video-On-Demand streaming service that was launched in September 2016. Essentially, it’s the same as any other streaming platform like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hotstar where you buy a subscription plan and stream the content over the Internet. But what makes GuideDoc different is its content.

GuideDoc New & Trending Documentaries

The only kind of videos that you’ll find on GuideDoc are the Documentaries. GuideDoc boasts over 450 documentaries and the catalogue is updated every day with new additions. That’s why we said GuideDoc is a near-perfect platform for Documentary watchers to explore the various varieties of this particular content.

What Kind of Documentaries Can I Watch on GuideDoc?

Well, what kind of Documentary you’re looking for? Because on GuideDoc, you’ll find Documentaries cutting through the genres of Action, Adventure and Comedy to Suspense, Technology, and Politics. You can even browse the documentaries related to countries like Gypsy Spirit, 365 Without 367, and Sukumar Ray are some the Documentary films with Indian context.

Popular Documentaries on GuideDoc

  1. Soldier: A young man without any stereotypical masculinity joins Argentine Army and is assigned an important post in the Martial band of the Army.
  2. Cinema Futures: This film presents the geniuses and past of cinema history along with the future of it in the voices of famous filmmakers like Christopher Nolan, Martin Scorsese and Apichatpong Weerasethakul.
  3. Chanaika: Documentary about a girl named Chanaika, who is a domestic abuse survivor, follows her dream to dance in front of 100s of people in the Caribbean carnival.
  4. Framing The Other: A tourist visits Ethiopia, where women place large plates under their lips as a beauty standard. The documentary reveals the destructive impact of tourism on Ethiopian culture.
  5. Every Soul Of My Body: Lorena finds a diary written by her mother during the II WW which reveals secrets that nobody in the family was aware of.

What are the Features of GuideDoc?

GuideDoc Features

To make your user experience smooth and better, GuideDoc has some nice features on their app and website.

Search and Browse

If you’re not sure about what documentary film you want to watch on the platform, then GuideDoc has got your back. You can browse documentaries according to various genres like Adventure, Action, Politics, Youth, Social, War, Science, Technology, and Erotic.

You can even browse according to awards won, decades, countries, language, subtitles availability, and ratings. If you just want to randomly pick one, then click or tap on the Discover option on the top menu. It will lead you to a new page with a mixed variety of Documentaries.

Add to ‘My List’ & ‘Watched’ Movies

For easy access, you can add your favourite films in ‘My List’ section of GuideDoc. Simply click/tap on the ‘+’ icon below the title of the movie that you want to add in your list. Moreover, once you’ve watched a documentary, it will automatically be added to the ‘watched’ segment of GuideDoc. If you want, you can rewatch them from here.

Ratings  & Awards

To help you choose a good and suitable documentary, GuideDoc shows rating beside every film available on the platform. Moreover, all the awards won and the official selections by the movie are also included. This results in filtering out the films that you’d enjoy.

Anywhere Access & New Movies

Once you’ve bought the GuideDoc subscription, you can stream any documentary from anywhere on supporting devices by just logging in with your GuideDoc credentials. GuideDoc updates its catalogue by adding new must-watch documentaries every day. So you’ll never fall short of the Documentaries to watch on GuideDoc.

What are the Subscription Plans of GuideDoc?

GuideDoc currently offers only a monthly subscription plan at $5. You can watch any film anytime, from anywhere with a GuideDoc subscription.

Note: Subscription will renew automatically unless the user turns it off.

How Can I Subscribe to GuideDoc?

Currently, GuideDoc is only available either through their website or through the iOS app.

  1. Go to GuideDoc website or open the iOS app.
  2. Click or tap on the blue ‘Join’ button. This will lead you to the sign-up page.
  3. Fill in your personal as well as billing details and continue.

You have now subscribed to GuideDoc. Enjoy!

Who are the Competitors of GuideDoc?

GuideDoc focuses only on the documentary content which makes it one of its kind. But still, GuideDoc faces some competition from other online video streaming service described below in the comparison table.

Subscription Service GuideDoc Mubi TubiTV Spuul Hooq
Susbcription Plan Details GuideDoc Subscription Mubi Subscription TubiTV Subscription Spuul Subscription Hooq Subscription
Free Trial or
Free Availability?
No 7 Days Free Trial Free 30 days free 30-day free trial on adding a recurring payment method
Monthly Plan 5 INR 500 Free Rs 99 INR 89
3-Month Plan N/A N/A Free N/A
6-Month Plan N/A N/A Free N/A
Yearly Plan N/A INR 4200 Free Rs 999 INR 450
Simultaneous Streaming 1 User 2 Users 1 User 1 User 5 Devices
Premium Features Unlimited access to content anytime, documentaries Access to movies, Offline Download, HD Picture Quality & Subtitles, Social Network of Cinephiles Free – Parental Control, HD Playback, and subtitles are available. Premium Movies, Unlimited Downloads,
Ad-Free Streaming
Unlimited Access, Download & Offline Viewing, Few Rental Movies Only
Offers N/A N/A Free Free with Ola Play
Service & Content Type On Demand Streamin, Documentaries Only Handpicked Arthouse Cinema Movies Free movies, TV shows, and documentaries On Demand Streaming, Live TV Channels, TV shows, Movies. On Demand Streaming, Movies, TV Shows
Data Usage per Hour N/A 3.3 GB (HD) 900 MB (HD) 2.0 GB (HD) 1.65 GB (HD)


Which Devices Support GuideDoc?

You can enjoy GuideDoc on any of the following devices.

  1. Desktop/Laptop: Visit GuideDoc website and log in with your credentials.
  2. iOS: GuideDoc is supported on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. You can download the app from here.

Is GuideDoc really Popular?

You can’t really compare GuideDoc with some of the popular mainstream VOD services like Netflix and Prime Video. GuideDoc is a player of its own league. The following statistics will help you understand the performance of GuideDoc throughout the years.

Downloads:  GuideDoc apps have been downloaded 12037 times.

Subscribed Users: There are currently 2197 subscribed users mainly from USA, UK, Canada, Netherlands, and China.

Content Count: Currently, there are over 453 Documentary films on GuideDoc.

Watch Count: The films have been seen over 12513 times on GuideDoc.

GuideDoc Subscription: Is it Worth the Bucks?

Not everyone is fond of watching Documentaries, so it’s pretty obvious that GuideDoc might not appeal to most of you out there. But for those of you who love documentaries, you can spend all the time you want here on GuideDoc. You would love GuideDoc if:

  1. You enjoy watching Documentaries on a variety of topics.
  2. You were looking for an inexpensive source to get as many documentaries as you want at a single place.

How to Cancel GuideDoc Subscription?

You can cancel the GuideDoc subscription anytime you want. Go to the subscription page from your app or website and simply cancel your GuideDoc subscription from there.

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