20 Funny Hindi Movie Names that are too Weird to be True

Weird Bollywood Movie Names

Shakespeare once said that what is in a name. Seems like the film industry has taken its onus to prove our literary figure wrong. We have enough movies in Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood and in any kind of wood (except the tree wood) that will make you spit your coffee out (well, only if you are having one). So boil some beans and take your sweet time to read the names of these movies and keep aside the cup whenever you feel like you are about to spoil your clothes.

Aa takli teri maang bharu

We really have no idea what the producers, directors, writers and everyone associated with this movie was thinking while naming it, but whatever it was, it sure wasn’t a straight thing.

Jal bin machli, nritya bin bijli

Aquaman and Pikachu are offended by this. Either the metaphors are wrong, or our perceptions. Let’s hope its the latter.

Andheri raat mai, diya tere haath mai

You might think what’s funny in the name. But look at the English translation. *drum rolls*. “In the dark night, in your hands, eco-friendly light.” Ouch!

Murde Ki Jaan Khatre Main

Our first question is Uh..How?

Raja Rani Ko Chaiye Pasina

Wonder if someone from the royal family ought to need to sweat. Things are getting really hot now.

Ek Tsunami: Jwalamukhi

Now really? If a Tsunami is a volcano then my whole life is a lie.

Honeymoon ke side effects

Priyakasi, a tamil movie dubbed in Hindi, turned its name into this. And guess what? We believe that there’s only one side effect of the honeymoon, or you know better.

Umar 55 (pachpan) ki, dil bachpan ka

Honestly? No. No. No.

Sasti Dulhan, Mehenga Dulha

A movie that breaks the modern stereotype of having an unfavourable sex ratio. Boys, you need to get back to the era where your less supply made you expensive.

Kab tak chup rahungi

Did she? Did she really? A girl? Shush? Wait. What?

Yeh hai chakkad bakkad bambe bo

Oh shucks. Tihs Mvoie Tilte is as carzy as tihs sentecne.

Petticoat mai visphot

Excuse me?

Howrah Bridge par latakti laash

A murder, a place, thing. All we needed was a good name. Too much to ask for?

Surya jalta nahi, jalata hai

Oh, why did I think otherwise? *eye roll*

Alag: He is different, he is alone

Ah, obnoxious child. What hath thou doest? Thou hath created a name different, oops, similar to thy personality.

Bhatakti Jawani

So..horror or comedy? Well, this is what happens when you decide to name your movie while you’re high.

Dhoti, Lota aur Chowpatty

An undeniably deadly combo.

Biwi Tumhari, bacche humare

Wait, What!? What did I just read? Oh my eyes! my eyes!

Do Ladke, dono kadke

Ambiguous name signifies a long lasting impression. Content can go to..the next level of importance.


Salim Langde Pe Mat Ro

This gem of a title translates to “Don’t cry over Salim, the lame”. Well, duh!! Why would we cry over the lame? Instead, we choose to laugh at the title of this movie.


And that’s a wrap. If you’re still not brain dead then hats off to you, take a bow! Comment more names if you remember and laugh along. Wait. Did you spill the coffee though?

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