Breaking Bad Movie – Everything You Need To Know about the Upcoming Breaking Bad Sequel

Jessie Pinkman - BreakingBad - New Season

Since you are already here, let’s cut to the chase. For all the “science bitches” out there, Aaron Paul is making a comeback as Jessie Pinkman in a freshly cooked sequel of Breaking Bad. The sequel’s first priority to air will be opposite to what it has always been, Netflix will be the primary platform, followed by AMC. This arrangement sounds fair as Gilligan (Director/Writer) acknowledged the support and exposure Netflix provided for Breaking Bad after its 2nd season which turned out to be a massive hit. The director claims that he had no hopes for the show to last beyond season 2 until Netflix decided to keep the show on the air.

As of now, some known sources have conducted the project as “Breaking Bad Movie”, which suggests that we’ll get to see at least 2 hours of Jessie Pinkman in his “own private domicile bitch”. But no change in Director/Writer to give the sequel the same Breaking Bad touch which we fell in love with, could highly imply that we could be in for a treat with nearly hour-long episodes.


Not much is out in the open about “Breaking Bad Movie” and it is said to be showing more of Jessie Pinkman and less of Walter White. Before you get passionate about the last line, let us stop you because we might have a reason. According to the New Mexico Film Office, which works to provide crew and markets the state to film industries, revealed that a project by the name Greenbriar started filming in Albuquerque around November 2018. The project follows an escape of a kidnapped victim on his path to freedom, which is exactly the void left with after the finale. The vacuum that Just Call Saul tried to fill. If you are still doubting this possibility, just scroll down to the end and see for yourself.


Our Theory on Sequel’s Name

After the finale of the fifth season, a disclosure of the script of Felina (the last episode) might have given a major hint about the name of the sequel. As Jessie gets in the car and storms through the gates of the compound he was held captive in, the script didn’t say where Jessie heads to. To which Gillian says “I like to call it “someplace better” and leave it at that”, which could be the name for the project given that the 5 seasons haven’t done justice to Jessie.



Bryan Cranston, in an interview, admitted that the sequel to Breaking Bad has begun filming and that he hasn’t still seen the script.

There might be a possibility that he might be a part of the series in flashback scenes, but other than that, Walter White’s appearance in the upcoming sequel is still hanging.


Universe serves you what you truly desire and in this case, its another season of Breaking Bad.


“Yeah Magnets, BITCH”


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