Bollywood Comedy Movie Series Ever

Bollywood has given us a fair share of good comedy movies that have spawned various sequels, which may or may not be as good as the original. Nevertheless, this list is about all the comedy movies that have made into movie franchises. From dark comedies to sex comedies, this list has every type of comedy movie franchises ever made in Bollywood. So, the next time when you’re looking to tickle your funny bones, you know where to come for an exhaustive list of comedy movies!

Judwaa Series


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This movie is a farce comedy of the 90s, remembered for its silly characters, who end up in hilarious situations. This movie explores the lives of two identical twins who are separated at birth, Prem and Raja. While Prem was brought up in the USA by his biological parents, Raja grows up to become a thief. When the two twins reunite, chaos ensues in their lives. They often land up in improbable situations while fighting their common enemy, Tiger Ratanlal. Even their girlfriends get confused by the sudden change in the personalities of the two young men.


Judwaa 2

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Judwaa 2 is the remake to the original 90s hit comedy Judwaa. This is a mindless comedy with tons of silly jokes and one liners which are enjoyable in little doses. The plot is quite identical involving two twins who are separated at birth. One grows up on the street and one grows up having a privileged life. However, their biological connection brings them together again. They reunite to take down an underworld group involved in drug smuggling.

Hera Pheri Series

Hera Pheri

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Hera Pheri is one of Bollywood’s cult classic comedies which has spawned several new generation memes and memorable dialogues. An irritable old man, Baburao Ganpatrao Apte rents two rooms to two young boys named Raju and Shyam. Raju hasn’t been able to pay rent and Shyam is unemployed. All three men are financially drained when Baburao receives a call from Kabira, a kidnapper, who asks for ransom from millionaire Deviprasad for his granddaughter. Though this call wasn’t intended for them, the trio sees this as an opportunity to act as intermediate kidnappers to earn some money, totally unaware of what they’re stepping into. The movie is about the comedy of errors that follow as the three common men pretend to be dangerous kidnappers.


Phir Hera Pheri

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In this equally funny sequel to the classic Hera Pheri, the trio of Raju, Ram and Babu Rao are wealthy, at least, in the beginning. Later, in order to make more money, Raju invests in a scam and ends up losing all the money they had. They are harassed by a Don from whom Raju had borrowed money to invest. The trio resort to shady activities and land in even more trouble just to repay the money back. In the style of the original flick, this movie also has a hysterical climax, in which, amidst the chaos all the characters of the movie encounter each other.

Munna Bhai Series

Munna Bhai M.B.B.S.

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The first movie in the Munna Bhai series is about the life of a good hearted gangster named Munna. After Munna’s father finds out about his real profession, Munna decides to enroll in a medical school run by Dr. Asthana to fulfill the dream of his father of seeing him as a doctor. Munna and his sidekick Circuit put up with the ridiculous rules of the college in their unique way while irking Dr. Asthana and delighting other students and patients. Although, the movie has a serious message, the encounters between Munna and Dr. Asthana provide ample comedic moments.


Lage Raho Munna Bhai

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The second installment in the Munna Bhai series is an amusing movie about the highly improbable events that happen in the life of a gangster. The comedic prowess and mannerisms of Munna and Circuit are the heart and soul of this beloved movie. Munna Bhai, a goon who works for a builder, falls in love with Jhanvi. He pretends to be a professor specialising in the life of Mahatma Gandhi to impress her. Jahnvi runs an old age home which is being taken over by Munna’s boss. The residents of the old age home are unknowingly kicked out by Munna’s sidekick, Circuit. This leads Jahnvi to discover Munna’s identity and she breaks all ties with him. Munna makes it his mission to get back the elders their home back and is helped by no one other than, Mahatma Gandhi himself.

Masti Series


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Masti is a modern age adult comedy which is filled with funny and clever sexual innuendos despite its crime-thriller nature. The chemistry among the three main characters is impeccable. The story revolves around three friends who get bored with their marriages and decide to enjoy extramarital affairs betraying the faith of their loyal wives. In order to spice up their life they start looking for fun outside their marriage and seduce a woman Monica who turns out to be not just a hooker but also a blackmailer. When Monica is found dead, they became the prime suspect in her murder case undertaken by Inspector Sikander.


Grand Masti

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Grand Masti is the sequel to the beloved adult comedy Masti. The sequel upholds the standards of comedy set by the original movie with its wide collection of crude, vulgar and sexual jokes. The story involves 3 friends Meet, Amar and Prem who are not happy with their married life. They go to their college reunion in order to escape their boring married lives. However, their plans are ruined after they are blackmailed by a mentally ill college student.


Great Grand Masti

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The plot of the Masti movies seems to become crazier with each movie. This one is a crossover between a sex comedy and a horror film. As anticipated, the movie is filled with sexual jokes which don’t become vulgar at any point but are fresh and humorous. Amar, Meet and Prem who are as usual bored of their sex lives. They meet a maid named Shiney and are instantly attracted to her. They go to her village to find more women like her but are trapped in a haunted mansion with a female spirit who has a weird request.

Kya Kool Hai Hum Series

Kyaa Kool Hai Hum

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Kyaa Kool Hai Hum is remembered as the ultimate millennial sex comedy of Bollywood. Although some might call this movie vulgar, the frequent sexual innuendos are quite relatable and funny. The comic timing of all the actors and their chemistry is the highlight of this movie. Two friends, Rahul and Karan, who get evicted from their apartment for not paying the rent. They manage to sneak back into the apartment and end up getting involved in chasing their dream women. While Rahul is trying to impress his boss’s girlfriend, Karan is busy trying to find his ideal woman who has a typical birthmark. A series of events leads to mistaken identities which causes the lives of the two friends to change forever.


Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum

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The second installment in the adult comedy movie franchise, Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum, maintains the standards set by the first film. Though the plot is a bit far-fetched, the movie makes up for it with its extensive collection of double meaning jokes and sexual innuendos that are genuinely funny. Adi and Sid want to be in the show business, however, despite their several attempts they end up with uninteresting offers. They follow their love interests Simran and Riya to Goa as Simran wants to take care of his mentally unstable father. A series of unfortunate events lands the duo in hilarious situation involving two dogs and a con man pretending to be a priest.


Kyaa Kool Hain Hum 3

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Kyaa Kool Hain Hum 3 is the first porn comedy of India, or at least it was advertised as one. The film had a potential to be a hilarious sex comedy due to its interesting plot, however the crass jokes are not up to the standards set by the franchise. The story revolves around a porn actor trying to impress the traditional family of his girlfriend. He gets his fellow porn actors to pose as his ‘sanskari’ family which leads to hilarious scenarios.

Welcome Series


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In search of a groom to marry his sister Sanjana, underworld don Uday and his brother Majnu approach Dr. Ghunghroo knowing that he has a nephew who is single. His nephew Rajiv runs inside a burning building to save Sanjana but she saves him instead and he falls in love with her unknown of who her brothers really are. Upon learning that Uday and Majnu are gangsters,  Dr. Ghunghroo escapes with his family to South Africa. Eventually, Dr. Ghunghroo sets one condition that only if Uday and Majnu leave the crime world, he will approve of the wedding. Despite the absurd plot, the hilarity of this movie lies in the well-rounded but eccentric characters of Dr. Ghunghroo, Majnu and Uday. The brilliant comic timing of the actors, the fast pace narrative and the repeating gags make for an enjoyable experience through the entire movie.


Welcome Back

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Welcome Back is a comedy of errors where even the lead characters don’t know what is going on until the climax of the movie. The movie has plenty of silly jokes, one liners and slapstick humor that make it entertaining. Two gangsters Uday and Majnu decide to quit the underworld. However, they soon discover that they have another sister, Ranjana and they are responsible for arranging her marriage. Meanwhile, Dr. Ghunghroo also finds out about his step-son, Ajju, a gangster in India. Ajju and Ranjana fall in love with each other. But, Uday and Majnu want their sister to marry a decent man, which invokes a feud between Ajju and the former gangsters.

Golmaal Series

Golmaal – Fun Unlimited

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Golmaal- Fun Unlimited is the first movie in the rib-tickling Golmaal series. As the name suggests, watching the movie is indeed a fun-filled roller coaster ride. Four college students are evicted from their college hostel because of their petty con business. They stumble upon a bungalow owned by a blind couple, who is awaiting the arrival of their grandson from the USA. Taking advantage of their disability, Gopal and Laxman pretend to be the couple’s son, Sameer. Laxman becomes the body of Sameer and Gopal becomes the voice. Several hysterical moments in the film arise as the couple questions the odd behaviour of their grandson. Meanwhile, the boys are at war, trying to impress their new neighbour, Nirali.


Golmaal Returns

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The second movie in the Golmaal series uses even more chaotic situations to produce humor with even more mad characters stringed together than in the first movie. It is a classic comedy of errors. Ekta constantly suspects her husband Gopal’s loyalty towards her due to her obsession with soap operas. One night, when Gopal doesn’t come home, she decides to investigate to find proof of his affair. Meanwhile, Gopal is being suspected of murdering his co-worker. Now, Gopal has to prove his innocence to his wife and to the police. This messy situation triggers a chain of hilarious events revolving around two mistaken identities.


Golmaal 3

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Keeping the Golmaal theme intact, this film also has many improbable but hilarious characters. As always the story may be unrealistic but it is indeed entertaining. Gopal and Laxman live in Goa with their single mother Geeta when they get into a feud with three brothers Laxman, Madhav and Lucky.  When the father of the trio, Pritam, goes to confront Gopal and Laxman, he realises that Geeta is his long lost love. Gopal’s girlfriend Daboo sees the love between them and forces them to tie the knot. On their wedding date, the two feuding groups find out that they will become step-brothers after the marriage of their parents.


Golmaal Again

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The fourth movie in Golmaal series lives up to the standard set by the previous ones, only with a touch of spookiness. Two gangs of boys who hate each other due to a rift in their childhood meet once again when the owner of their orphanage dies. They remember the little girl, Khushi, who was like their little sister when they were kids and Anna who has the ability to see supernatural powers. Anna introduces the boys to Damini, the caretaker of the orphanage and reacts very strangely when she sees that the boys acknowledge Damini’s presence. The story takes a paranormal turn here as the boys set on to find the truth behind their orphanage and fight their way through ghostly encounters.

Dhamaal Series


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Dhamaal is a beloved slapstick comedy flick, famous for its hilarious and iconic scenes that have spawned countless of memes years after its release. The highly absurd situations, silly characters, and their chemistry with each other have made this movie an entertainer. Boman, Adi, Manav, and Roy are four good-for-nothing friends who don’t know anything better than procrastination. They are soon thrown out by their landlord for failing to pay rent and they become keen on finding ways to earn quick money by doing less work. After several toils, they meet a dying criminal who discloses to them that he has a hidden treasure worth 10 Crores in Goa. The four friends set off to find the treasure only to realize everything is not as easy as it seems.


Double Dhamaal

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This movie follows Dhamaal’s storyline with a bunch of conmen trying to outdo each other. Like the first movie, this movie’s plot is also filled with double meaning jokes, silly one liners and crazy characters. After the events of the first movie, the four slacker friends are conned by a police officer out of a huge sum of money that leaves them broke. They find that the officer is living a lavish lifestyle but is cheating on his wife. They interfere in his life and try to blackmail him.

Total Dhamaal

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Bhoothnath Series


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Bhoothnath is a heartwarming yet fun story of the adventures of a ghost and a child. This movie is a complete package, with an entertaining plot and a touching message. Banku and his family move to a new house, unaware of the ghost that inhabits the place. At first, the ghost is unhappy with the family living in his house. Eventually, he warms up with the Banku and they become good friends. As Banku learns about the ghost’s past, he wishes to help his friend attain salvation.


Bhoothnath Returns

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Bhoothnath Returns deviates from its predecessor, which was more of a children’s flick, and comments on serious social issues also. The movie has a hysterical yet engaging plot with plenty of punch lines. A mocked lord of the ghosts by the name ‘Bhoothnath’ returns to his homeland to prove his ghostly skills and save his reputation in the Bhoothworld. However, his plans come to a standstill (or take a back seat) when he befriends a child, Akhrot. The friendship between the unlikely pair blooms to a point where Boothnath is compelled to question his fate (or better judgment). Can a ghost save the incorruptible from the corrupt?

Bheja Fry Series

Bheja Fry

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Bheja Fry is an intelligent comedy with several interesting characters. Ranjeet Thadani, a wealthy manager of a recording studio, lives with his wife who is a singer. On the advice of his friends, he invites another singer, Bharat Bhushan for a dinner party at his house. This proves to be a huge mistake as Bhushan turns out to be an incredibly stupid man. His foolishness and cluelessness about the situation makes Ranjeet regret ever making plans with him.


Bheja Fry 2

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Bheja Fry 2 is an entertaining sequel to the beloved Bheja Fry and focuses more on the character development of other lead characters unlike the first movie which was solely based on the idiocracy of Bharat Bhushan. Although the movie has objectively less humour than the first movie, it is still a fun movie to watch. Based on similar characters as the first movie, Bheja Fry 2 also has an idiot tax officer and a businessman trying to get along. Income tax officer Bharat Bhushan, who wants to be a singer and surprisingly ends up winning a 3 day cruise in the singing competition. He meets a businessman Ajit  Talwar on the cruise. Through a series of misfortunate events, both of them end up on an isolated island where they are joined by a surprise guest.

Singh is King Series

Singh Is Kinng

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Singh is Kinng is an entertaining comedy flick with a great mix of romance and action. Happy Singh, a kind hearted Punjabi, is reprimanded from his village to Australia in order to bring back Lakhanpal Singh, another resident of the village who has become the king of the underworld. Happy accidentally lands in Egypt and meets Sonia for a brief period. He falls in love with her despite knowing that he has to be in Australia. When he finally lands in Australia, a series of misadventures causes Lakhan to become paralysed. Happy is appointed as the new king of the underworld on behalf of Lakhan.


Singh Is Bliing

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Raftaar spends his days lazily in his village without doing any productive work. His father, tired of his behaviour, gives him an ultimatum to either get married or go to Goa to work for a family friend. Raftaar chooses the second option and falls in love with a woman while he is in Goa. However, their love story is far from being a fairy tale.


Pyaar ka Punchnama Series

Pyaar Ka Punchnama

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Pyaar Ka Punchnama is a hilarious and fierce take on the modern Indian dating scenario prevalent in metro cities. From their funny nicknames to their rituals, the friendship among the three leads is part comical and part emotional. Three friends fall in love with three girls who manipulate and deceive them. The girls make the boys question the idea of love with their tactics. Known for the epic 5-minute monologue of Kartik Aryan, the movie is full of relatable moments about love & relationship.


Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2

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‘Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2′ is the celebrated sequel to the popular 2011 Bollywood hit, ‘Pyaar Ka Punchnama’. Although the theme is similar to its predecessor, the film is still entertaining to watch due to its fast-paced plot, edgy dialogues, excellent delivery and timing of the actors. Three charming young men struggle with their respective partners although their struggles are different from each other. These three guys fall in love with three good-looking young women and decide to take their relationships ahead. Unfortunately, love vanishes away too soon and what remains is a big mess in the lives of all three of them and what is worse is that this mess is created by none other than their beautiful girlfriends.

Housefull Series


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A slapstick comedy, Housefull, involves a series of mistaken identities. The story is a compilation of impossible scenarios but they are still funny due to the evenly placed silly gags, one liners and a tinge of physical comedy. Aarush considers himself to be cursed with bad luck as the woman he is in love with leaves him and then he has a fight with her brother. He goes to London to stay with his friend Bob and his wife Hetal for a few days. The duo get him married to their Casino owner’s daughter who leaves Aarush on their honeymoon for her long-time boyfriend. While attempting suicide, he is saved by Sandy who he falls in love with. One lie by a hotel owner Aakhri Pasta starts a web of lies which continues to grow when Aarush has to impress Sandy’s elder brother and Hetal tries to reunite with her father.


Housefull 2

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Housefull 2 is almost identical to the original Housefull involving comedy of errors and several mistaken identities. But it has a myriad of quirky characters with peculiar backgrounds, each of which are explored throughout the length of the film. Two feuding families constantly quarrel and throw shade at each other. Chintu and Dabboo want the richest man to marry their daughter. When Aakhri Pasta brings a marriage proposal to Chintu’s house, he rebukes the potential groom Jai’s parents due to which Jai’s father suffers a heart attack. Jai decides to take revenge with the help of his best friend Jolly who seeks his former classmates Max and Sunny (best friends-turned-rivals) to carry out their plan.


Housefull 3

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The third film in the Housefull franchise holds the standards set by the previous films in terms of comic element. Batook, a wealthy man, has decided that his daughters won’t get married as he considers his family to be doomed. In reality, his daughters are actually Urja Nagre’s children, a crime lord. The three girls fall in love with three men but they have to find a way to impress their father-in-law before Batook’s devious plan is a success and they lose the love of their lives.

Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge Series

Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge?

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A spin on the Indian adage “Guests are like gods”, Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge, is a comedic commentary on modern family relationships. The simplistic story has a lot to offer with its engaging plot, relatable and funny moments and the chemistry among the actors. A Mumbai based couple is living a happy life in their fast-paced environment when an annoying relative comes to live with them. To get rid of him as soon as possible, the couple come up with various plans which lead to hilarious situations.


Guest inn London

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Soon to follow the unexpectedly hilarious comedy Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge is Guest inn London with an almost identical plot to the original, except that the characters are in London. Aryan and Ananya are in a live in relationship in London. Their uncle and aunt come to live them from London and overstay their visit. The young couple are often annoyed by the peculiar habits of their relatives and look for ways to get rid of them.

Fukrey Series


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Fukrey is a comedy drama involving the antics of a lousy group of friends. The movie is a laughing riot with its hilarious characters, who have perfect delivery and timing. Hunny and his friend Choocha have a unique talent as a duo. Choocha has absurd dreams that are decoded by Hunny to put together a lottery number. They team up with two other boys, Laali and Zafar, who are as desperate for money as they are. They pitch their lottery idea to a local cunning hustler named Bholi and borrow a huge sum of money. However, their plan does not work out and they have to flee the scene.


Fukrey Returns

‘Fukrey Returns’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Fukrey Returns maintains the rustic charm and lightheartedness of the original movie. The movie is hilarious with its epic one liners and crazy characters who are forever stuck in ridiculous situations. In the end of the first movie, the four friends successfully escape from Bholi. However, in the sequel she is back again to seek revenge. After Bholi’s returns from jail, she threatens Hunny, Choocha, Zafar and Lali to arrange for her bail money by opening a fraud finance company. However, they lose the money and are now on the run to save themselves from Bholi and the people who had invested money in their scheme.

Ishqiya Series


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Ishqiya is one of the few dark comedies in Bollywood that strikes a balance between entertainment and storytelling. The witty dialogues, unanticipated jokes, and plot twists make this movie stand out in its genre. Set against the backdrop of the Uttar Pradesh criminal world, it  is the story of two rogue goons, Khalujan and Babban. They arrive at Krishna’s doorstep in order to seek refuge from their boss, who in turn decides to use them for her own benefit. She seduces them and convinces them into helping her achieve her personal goal of finding her husband.


Dedh Ishqiya

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Dedh Ishqiya is a black comedy film set in the town of Majidabad. The movie is laced with witty jokes and clever banter along with an unpredictable plot. The comic timing and the chemistry among the characters is perfect. The story revolves around Khaalujaan and his nephew Babban who are big-time partners in crime. They pretend to be Nawabs and manage to steal a highly-valuable necklace studded with royal jewellery. As they escape, the duo parts ways and meet at the Majidabad palace, where Khaalujaan is trying his wit’s best to woo the widowed Begum while her friend, Munniya, becomes friends with Babban and plots a kidnapping. The movie progresses with showing the course of how these romantic thieves travel the seven stages of love while battling several hurdles, keeping the prized necklace in their possession.

Tere Bin Laden Series

Tere Bin Laden

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Tere Bin Laden is a satirical comedy which tries to poke fun at a serious global issue – terrorism. Despite its controversial subject, the film is intelligently humourous, delivering a message without being preachy and boring. A Pakistani reporter Ali, wishes to immigrate to America to further his career. However, his visa is repeatedly denied due to the tightened visa norms post the rise of figures such as Osama Bin Laden. In order to secure buy a visa, Ali finds an Osama lookalike and records a video message to be sold to major news stations. However, this raises suspicions in the White House and a secret agent is deployed to track every move of Ali.

Tere Bin Laden Dead or Alive

‘Tere Bin Laden: Dead or Alive’ Online Availability:FlickZee

A movie director is hired by the US government to make a video proving that America has successfully assassinated Osama Bin Laden. However, the doppelganger of Osama Bin Laden whose face is used in the video, is a bit of a lunatic. On top of that, the director also has to deal with a Taliban arms dealer who is determined to prove Osama alive.


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