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Way before Netflix, India had Bigflix. If you’ve not heard that much about Bigflix then keep reading. Hi and welcome to FlickZee blogs, where we keep you updated with the latest happenings in the Digital Media world. In today’s blog, you’ll get to know about India’s first Video-On-Deman streaming service, Bigflix. Happy Reading!

What is Bigflix?

BIGFlix is a Video on Demand service by Reliance Entertainment launched in 2008. BIGFlix is compatible with browsers, Android devices, iOS devices and Smart TVs. Featuring over 2000 movies in Hollywood, Bollywood and other regional languages, all content in BIGFlix are ad-free. Movies of all genres and age groups are available on this platform.

What Will I Get With a Free BigFlix Account?

You can browse the content on the web, or on any supporting device with a free BigFlix account. But there’s a catch. With a free BigFlix account, you can only watch trailers for the movies. To watch the complete content, you need to buy a subscription plan on BigFlix.

What Will I Get With a BigFlix Subscription?

A BigFlix subscribed user can enjoy the following benefits.

  1. Multiple Device Support: Just like a free account holder, a subscribed user can also stream BigFlix content across the web, iOS and Android platforms.
  2. Unlimited Movies: In addition to movie trailers, a BigFlix subscription holder can watch any number of movies that are available on the platform at absolutely no extra cost.
  3. Regional Movies: Along with Hollywood and Bollywood blockbusters, a BigFlix subscription also allows you to watch some of the popular regional movies including Telugu, Tamil, and Bengali.
  4. Unlimited Downloads: You can download unlimited movies to your device with a BigFlix subscription for offline streaming.
  5. Ad-Free Streaming: A BigFlix subscription guarantees you a seamless experience while watching movies with no commercials in between.

What Content is Available on BigFlix?

With over 2000 titles, BigFlix offers you plenty of movies to spend your leisure time. The movies are broadly categorized into 3 categories, Hollywood, Bollywood, and the Regional movies. We’ve discussed each of them in detail below.

bigflix content

BigFlix Hollywood Movies

If you want to watch some Hollywood action, drama, comedy, or romance, then BigFlix has you covered. You can find some of the most popular Hollywood flicks on BigFlix like Cars, Toy Story, and Sky High.

Popular BigFlix Hollywood Movies

  1. Toy Story
  2. Pirates of the Carribean
  3. National Treasure
  4. Up
  5. Tangled

BigFlix Bollywood Movies

If you want more of a Bollywood spice in your movie cuisine, then BigFlix has almost all the dishes for you. You can enjoy some of the most appreciated and popular Bollywood blockbusters like Madari, Holiday, and Talwar.

Popular BigFlix Bollywood Movies

  1. Hawaizaada
  2. Black Friday
  3. Masaan
  4. Singham
  5. Bodyguard 

BigFlix Regional Movies

Along with popular Hollywood and Bollywood movies, you can also stream some of the regional movies from Telugu, Tamil, and Bengali cinema.

Popular BigFlix Regional Movies

  1. Indumathi
  2. Don Seenu
  3. Baasha
  4. Dubai Seenu
  5. Subhapradam 

BigFlix Rentals

Some of the movies on BigFlix are available for rent as well at Rs 80 per movie. For such movies, you need to go hit the title of the movie which will lead you to the description page. Click/tap on the ‘Pay 80 to watch’ button. Complete the payment process and now you can enjoy the movie on BigFlix.

Note: The rented movie will expire after 2 days. 

How Much Does BigFlix Cost?

BigFlix subscription Plans

You can choose either 1 of the 2 available subscription plans on BiFlix. Check out the details below.

For Indian Audience

  1. The monthly plan at Rs 50 per month.
  2. The yearly plan at Rs 500 per year.

For Non-Indian Audience

  1. The monthly plan with at $1.99 per month.
  2. The yearly plan at $19.99 per year.

Note: The subscription fee is not refundable i.e if you choose to cancel the subscription at any time, you can do so but you won’t get your paid money back.

How Can I Subscribe to BigFlix?

In order to buy any BigFlix subscription, all you need to do is to follow these steps:

  1. Open the BigFlix website or launch the app.
  2. Sign In with your registered credentials.
  3. Go to the ‘Account’ section and hit the ‘Offers &  Packages’ button.
  4. Choose the subscription plan and complete the payment process.

You are now subscribed to BigFlix. Enjoy the movies!

Which Devices Support Bigflix?

BigFlix supported devices

You can stream the movies on the following list of supported devices.

  1. Desktop/laptops: You can visit the BigFlix website to stream the available content.
  2. Apps: You can enjoy the BigFlixx movies on Android & iOS apps.
  3. Media Devies: Apple TV supports BigFlix.

BigFlix: Is it Really Popular?

Play Store: Installs- 100,000+  |  Rating- 3.5 by 511 Users

App Store: Installs- N/A  |  Rating- 2.2 by 15 Users

Content Languages: Hollywood, Bollywood and Regional Movies are available.

Content Count: 2,000+ movies are available on BigFlix

BigFlix: What is Good and What is Bad?

While BigFlix is the first Video-On-Demand streaming service in India, but still it is not as popular as the later one became. Credit goes to its limited and stale content. We have curated a list of the things that we liked and the things that we didn’t like that much in BigFlix.

The Good

  1. Some really good movies are available to rent like Rush and Badhai Ho.
  2. Relatively inexpensive than the other subscription-based online video streaming services. 
  3. Unlimited downloads for unlimited movies.
  4. The regional audience might like the movies that are available on BigFlix.

The Bad

  1. A limited number of good movies are available to pick from.
  2. The movie library hasn’t been updated with the latest or the recent popular movies.

BigFlix Subscription: Is It Worth The Bucks?

Well, at just Rs 50 per month, you can’t complain and demand better service than BigFlix. It might have its own flaws, but it can still appeal to some of you. You would love to spend your money and time on BigFlix if:

  1. You want to pay relatively less than other online video streaming services like Netflix and Prime Video.
  2. You want to watch varieties of movies from various regions across India at just one place.

How Can I Cancel the BigFlix Subscription?

To cancel a BigFlix subscription, you need to go to the ‘Account’ section, either through the app or the website. You can cancel the subscribed plan from there.


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