60 Best Hollywood Survival Movies Of All Time And Where To Watch Them Online

Spending any energy to even breathe can take you a step closer to death.

Best Survival Movies of the 21st Century


Arctic is a tale about perseverance, endurance and self-reliance as a plane flying over Arctic crashes and a man, Overgard (Mads Mikkelsen), finds himself stuck in a middle of nowhere. In hope of spotting a plane or vice versa, he takes shelter in the plane as he gathers food in daylight and attempts at connecting a radio before nights. Rescue comes one day as a helicopter flies through, but much to his anguish, it crashes and strands a wounded survivor (Maria Thelma). With daily rigorous tasks of hunting fish in freezing temperature and hoping for revival, he is now burdened with 2 responsibilities. Considering the hardships and fluctuations in the rate of survival, he is left with a life-threatening decision (like it was all sunflowers till now), to walk through a 2-day trail filled with obstacles or a 5-days of walking through heavy winds and freezing temperature.

‘Arctic’ is available online on:FlickZee



Everest is a 2015 biographical movie about the tragic Mount Everest Disaster in 1996. One of the very few real-life tragedy movies, two rival commercial expeditions on the Everest base camp has more than a dozen climbers collectively and plan to continue their climb the next morning. Due to crowding the leader of the first crew, Rob (Clark) proposed Scott (Jake) to team up their respective groups till the top. They continue making ways towards their goal, unaware that a heavy storm is heading towards them. With lots of liabilities and responsibilities other than their own, the crew faced a lot of mental as well as physical derangement.

‘Everest’ is available online on:FlickZee



In search of the extraordinary and finding ways to escape the social world, a young Israeli backpacker named Yossi Ghinsberg meets an Australian geologist in Bolivian town. Attracted and fascinated by the idea of a lost tribe, gold and the unknown, he convinces his friends to follow the Geologist deep into an Amazonian Forest. These rainforests, as we know, has never welcomed humans, things start changing as they experience the adversaries of the Jungle which will leave them shattered and derailed.

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Into the Wild

A young college graduate Mc Candless, after graduation, decides to go on a hitchhiking road trip to Alaska. He abandons his car, burns his money & all the cards and leaves everything to go on a self-exploratory journey all the way to Alaska. On the way, he meets different type of people, hikes through the Grand Canyon, canoes through Colorado river, lives alone in the Alaskan winters to find himself and just live there.

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The Martian

In the year 2035, a crew of Ares III on their mission to voyage Mars and face a complication. They were hit by a storm on the unfamiliar planet forcing them to abort their mission and return for Earth. But they leave a crew member behind, Mark, who was caught in the storm and hit by debris. Mark gains consciousness and realizes that he is all alone on a planet with no sign of life, isolated and unfavoured to survive. While his team agrees on a rational decision of his demise, he plans to signal NASA and inform them about his existence while finding out a way to survive on the planet with no sign of life.

“Help is only 140 million miles away”

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Directed by the well-appreciated Alfonso Cuaron, Gravity shows a side of the space completely contrasted to how beautiful we think it would be. With no sound, no sight and no air, a talented medical engineer on her debut mission, Dr.Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) is separated from her spacecraft due to dysfunction. A rookie engineer finds herself trapped in a boundless and never-ending field and finds her way home with a veteran on his last mission, Matt Kowalsky (George Clooney)

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The Road

The Road is a post-apocalyptic thriller in a world hit by a global calamity. With no crops, no animals to eat, the remaining humans have turned cannibal as the winter tones in. A father and his son try to escape the annihilated and destructed America in hope of a hospitable habitat, living on some scavenged food and a pistol to help them survive the flesh-eating mobs. Watch the dark and unhearting side of humans as the two try to head south with indefinite plans and 2 bullets to kill the foes or, when the times toughen, to kill themselves.

‘The Road’ is available online on:FlickZee


All is Lost

Have you ever been alone? All alone*, in the outer world, exposed to the exterior of those cuboidal shells? Now add the constant lack of resources to even rest your body and mind. All is Lost is that story. A man suffers to survive as he gets marooned in the Indian Ocean after he wakes up, and finds water leaking from a hole caused by a stranded container. All alone in the vast water body, he finds that the boat’s communication systems and the radio are unusable due to contact with saltwater and the boat is shrinking persistently. While attempting to fix his boat, he discovers that a storm is on its coming, which eventually catches him and demolishes him of his inventory. Somehow surviving the storm, he manages to heft on an inflated lifeboat. As the bad part seems to be left behind, he believes to be rescued soon unaware that another storm is brewing on the other end of the light.

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The Survivalist

In a post-apocalyptic time following a major drop in world population, a Survivalist lives in a wooden cabin hidden deep in a forest. He lives by growing crops, foraging berries, fertilizing the seeds by seminal fluids and water from the nearby stream while setting bear traps for intruders around his cabin. He manages to live this way for 7 years until a woman with her daughter appears at his door, proposing a trade of his crops for jewellery. After observing his lack of interest, the woman (Kathryn) offers him her daughter (Mija), who he accepts and lets them live in his cabin. While the Survivalist helps them survive the harsh environment and saves them from a band of raiders multiple times, the mother-daughter duo plan to poison him due to lack of food and resources.

‘The Survivalist’ is available online on:FlickZee



Set in 1916, Theeb is a young boy who is accustomed to a life of nomad and lives with his brother Hussein. One night, a British officer named Edward and an Arab name Marji appear in their camp, looking for a Roman well somewhere on the pilgrims’ trail. Coming from a family of pilgrims guide, Hussein agrees on assisting them in their path. Despite of Theeb’s fascination, he is asked to stay behind for his safety but as they leave for the trail, the young Bedouin boy follows them and catches up within a day. Aware of the dangers throughout the wide blanket of sand, Hussein objects moving ahead with Theeb and desires to direct him back to their tent, in safety. But the stubborn British general does not agree and they keep moving towards the well. As they reach their destination, they find the well is filled with blood and dead corpses, soon they realize that their movements are being observed and escape for shelter. Ambushed by a group of rifled bandits, Edward, Marji and Hussein are killed by the raiders, leaving the boy all alone hiding inside a well in the vast desert and miles away from his home.

‘Theeb’ is available online on:FlickZee


The Way Back

Inspired by the true story of a former Polish lieutenant Slawomir Rawicz during the Soviet invasion of Poland. The motion picture tells us how an accused officer, along with an American engineer (Mr.Smith), an actor (Khabarov), a Russian criminal (Valka), an artist (Tomasz), a Latvian priest (Voss), Kazik who suffers from night blindness and Zoran, plan to escape far from the Siberian prison to south on Mongolia through the Lake Baikal. But their escape was just the beginning of the hardships as they are hit by a snowstorm in their way and lose one of their friends.  Deprived and exhausted after walking for days in the freezing snow, as they reach Lake Baikal, they meet a young Polish girl on the run, Irena, who they decide to include despite many casualties. The group now has vast and harrowing Gobi Desert lying ahead of them following the stone-hearted Himalayas on their quest to find freedom in British India.

‘The Way Back’ is available online on:FlickZee



Written and Directed by Alfonso Cuaron’s son Jonas Cuaron. Desierto is a Mexican-French Thriller, where a group of Mexican migrants illegally are trying to migrate in America. Due to the malfunction of their truck, they are forced to walk through the desert to reach America. Desierto questions the concept of vigilante, an identity which is questioned and criticized more than the ones those are legally appointed. As the group walks through a plain field, a nearby hunter (Sam) spots them trespassing and stars shooting them one by one. As the events roll by only 2 people from the group are left, Moises and Adela. In an unknown country, the two have to survive a ruthless hunter who’s resourceful and trained enough to chase them in his truck, shoot them on his first sight and can track them with his dog, Tracker.

‘Desierto’ is available online on:FlickZee



Shaurya works at a call centre and plans to run away with his girlfriend Noorie just a day before her arranged marriage. Before eloping, he goes to check in the flat that he booked for living his life after marriage. Unknown to anyone, this visit happens and Shaurya finds himself locked in the flat in building with no other person except security guard, who is unaware of his presence. Shaurya fights between life and death for a week in the caged flat without any electricity, phone battery, food and water. He puts every effort to help himself get out of the flat and at the same time develops bizarre eating and talking habits.

‘Trapped’ is available online on:FlickZee

Eight Below

Set in 1993 and inspired by true events, Eight below is about a guide Jerry Shepard in Antartica and his dog sledge. After an operation to Mount Melbourne is successfully but the humans are immediately evacuated due to weather conditions and dogs are left behind anticipating that the pilot will come back for them. But when the rescue mission seems impossible due to the storm, Jerry takes matters into his own hands.

‘Eight Below’ is available online on:FlickZee


Mad Max: Fury Road

Human civilization has collapsed; a desert landscape exists, where humanity is broken and there is no sign of any sanity. Everyone is in a frenzy, fighting for bare necessities. Within this absolute madness of a world, exists two rebels who might be the only hope of restoring order. First, there’s Max, a former captive of Immortan Joe, who enslaves all the survivors of the apocalypse. Max seeks a peace of mind, after losing his family in the chaos. Next, there’s Furiosa, a fearless woman who believes that she can achieve survival amongst the chaos only if she reaches her homeland.

‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ is available online on:FlickZee


Life of Pi

The film narrates the life of Pi Patel, as he recounts all the events that lead to his fame in the present day. He starts off from his childhood days, when his family owned a zoo in India, to the time when they were moving to Canada with the animals after selling the zoo. Their freighter meets with an accident on the voyage, and Pi finds himself stranded on a lifeboat, with only wild animals for company. What follows is a beautiful story of courage, love, and struggle, as Pi fights his way against the odds, befriending the animals on the way.

‘Life of Pi’ is available online on:FlickZee


In the Heart of the Sea

Based on the events of the sinking of the whaling ship Essex. Set back to 1820, the movie follows the events which inspired the novel Moby-Dick. This international production has a non-linear story narrative as a survivor recalls his days on the ship. Looking for profitable oil trade, a trading company sets up a ship Essex. Despite his skill set, Owen Chase (Chris Hemsworth) is appointed as the first mate and a non-worthy, rich father’s son, George Pollard is chosen as the captain of the ship. Setting up their problems aside and focus on hunting the crew manages to kill a Sperm Whale. But thereafter, they couldn’t spot a Whale for 3 months. When a Spanish captain tells them how a vengeful Whale attacked his ship and killed most of his crew, the Essex crew didn’t believe him and headed towards west. Upon arriving a potential ground, as soon as they dispatched the whaling boats, a massive White Whale attacked their ship and ripped it in half. With few of their sailors dead, the rest of the crew fled in 3 lifeboats. Soon they find themselves separated from each other and lost in the untouched water grounds and 2000 miles away from their homes.

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12 Years a Slave

This story is of the year 1853 about a free man from New York, Solomon Northup, he has a wife and children. Solomon is tricked, kidnapped and ultimately sold as a slave in New Orleans. He is robbed of his own name and given a different name ‘Platt’. Solomon starts facing violence in the hands of the slave owner. He struggles hard to retain his self-respect amidst the chaos that surrounds him. For twelve long years, Solomon works in different plantations as a slave under different slave owners. Solomon’s willpower and hope to be free one day encourages him to endure it all. 12 Years A Slave is a real-life story that talks about the struggles of Solomon to diminish the chains of slavery that bounded him for twelve years.

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More Survival Movies – 


‘Alpha’ is available online on:FlickZee


‘Lion’ is available online on:FlickZee


‘Dunkirk’ is available online on:FlickZee

127 Hours

‘127 Hours’ is available online on:FlickZee


‘Wild’ is available online on:FlickZee


‘Tracks’ is available online on:FlickZee


‘Buried’ is available online on:FlickZee

The Revenant

‘The Revenant’ is available online on:FlickZee

The 33

‘The 33’ is available online on:FlickZee

I am Legend

‘I am Legend’ is available online on:FlickZee

The Beach

‘The Beach’ is available online on:FlickZee

Big Miracle

‘Big Miracle’ is available online on:FlickZee


‘Alive’ is available online on:FlickZee

The Book of Eli

‘The Book of Eli’ is available online on:FlickZee

Wolf Totem

‘Wolf Totem’ is available online on:FlickZee

Children of Men

‘Children of Men’ is available online on:FlickZee

The Edge

‘The Edge’ is available online on:FlickZee


‘Frozen’ is available online on:FlickZee

Dawn of the Dead

‘Dawn of the Dead’ is available online on:FlickZee


‘NH10’ is available online on:FlickZee

Against the Sun

‘Against the Sun’ is available online on:FlickZee

Open Water

‘Open Water’ is available online on:FlickZee


‘Snowden’ is available online on:FlickZee

The Grey

‘The Grey’ is available online on:FlickZee

Deepwater Horizon

‘Deepwater Horizon’ is available online on:FlickZee

Cast Away

‘Cast Away’ is available online on:FlickZee


‘Adrift’ is available online on:FlickZee

The Finest Hours

‘The Finest Hours’ is available online on:FlickZee

Swiss Army Man

‘Swiss Army Man’ is available online on:FlickZee


‘Sully’ is available online on:FlickZee

Rescue Dawn

‘Rescue Dawn’ is available online on:FlickZee

The Railway Man

‘The Railway Man’ is available online on:FlickZee

10 Cloverfield Lane

’10 Cloverfield Lane’ is available online on:FlickZee

Lone Survivor

‘Lone Survivor’ is available online on:FlickZee

The Impossible

‘The Impossible’ is available online on:FlickZee

No Escape

‘No Escape’ is available online on:FlickZee

47 Metres Down

’47 Metres Down’ is available online on:FlickZee

The Mountain Between Us

‘The Mountain Between Us’ is available online on:FlickZee

Captain Phillips

‘Captain Phillips’ is available online on:FlickZee

The Shallows

‘The Shallows’ is available online on:FlickZee

The Last Escape

‘The Last Escape’ is available online on:FlickZee

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