10 Best Movies to Watch when Bored or Alone

How To Be Single


A romantic comedy based on a novel of the same name. ‘How to be Single’ stars Dakota Johnson as Alice and Rebel Wilson as Robin. After a long term relationship, Alice decides to take a break from her boyfriend, Josh and shifts with her sister Meg. Working as a paralegal, she befriends Robin, who believes relationships and having a baby is a waste of time and has a unique and unusual take on life. New to being single in a long time, Alice learns to lead her single life with Robin’s tricks for acquiring free booze, things and to love herself

You’d enjoy this movie if:

  • You are in your post-relationship phase.
  • You’re in a mood for some great comedy.

‘How to be Single’ is available online on:FlickZee

500 Days of Summer


Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is a greeting card writer who feels just fine with his normal and stale life. One day he comes across Summer (Zooey Deschanel) during a meeting and is dazed by her looks. He feels extremely attracted to her when he learns their common interest for The Smiths during an elevator moment. The movie has a non-linear storyline as Summer dumps Tom after a long time of being together and the movie skips to random days as Tom tells his love-story to his friends. Summer has a different perspective on the concept of love and thinks that it does not exist whereas Tom is incredibly wooed by the idea of being in love and believes that Summer is the one.

  • The movie shows how the perspective of people for one another changes while they go through in and out of love.

‘500 Days of Summer’ is available online on:FlickZee

21 & Over


On the night of their friend’s 21st birthday, Casey and Miller plan to visit their childhood friend Jeff Chang’s place and surprise him. They plan to go to every pub in the city and keep the party rolling till morning. They see their plan ruined as they learn about Jeff Chang’s medical interview the next morning by his intimidating father. Miller manages to convince Chang to sneak out in the night and promises to hit just one nearest bar instead of all over the city. One thing leads to another, Jeff Chang blacks out and they find themselves unaware of their whereabouts past 12 at night with Chang’s career setting interview the same morning.

You’d love this movie if:

  • You have high school or college friends who you don’t connect with frequently
  • You relish your friends

’21 & Over’ is available online on:FlickZee

Project X


Based on a true story of 3 friends – Thomas, J.B. and Costa, have always been the unnoticed goofs in their school. They are never invited to parties and were never acknowledged by the “cool people”. With Thomas’ parents out of the city, J.B and Costa plan to throw him a party for his birthday and increase their popularity. Initially, no one comes but a secret traffic by Costa ends up inviting a lot of people and the party slowly starts going out of control. Within a few hours, the party starts to televise through a helicopter and things take a wild unexpected turn.


‘Project X’ is available online on:FlickZee



2 best friends, Hunny and Chucha live off and spend on their pleasures by earning from Chucha’s gift. Chucha has weird dreams and Hunny deciphers a code from them to win illegal lotteries. They have been failing 12th standard for 2 years and are on the verge of failing again. They are informed about the CBSE paper leaks but are tensed about the money to buy them. Depending upon their pattern, they look for investors to collect for the leaked papers and befriend Zafar and Lali. They hear about Bholi, a smuggler and a trafficker, from a college’s watchman Pandit. After telling her about their arrangement, she agrees to invest in their idea but things take a U-turn for them as Choocha, who was unable to sleep all night, blabbed a self-crafted story.

‘Fukrey’ is available online on:FlickZee

Pyaar Ka Punchnama


A hilarious and epic take on the modern Indian dating scenario of metros. The story is about 3 friends who fell in love with 3 girls and are played by the ways of the girls. Known for the epic 5-minute monologue of Kartik Aryan, the movie is full of relatable moments about love & relationship. The girls bring out the naivety and cunningness in them to survive in the relationship.

‘Pyaar Ka Punchnama’ is available online on:FlickZee

Sadda Adda


Sadda Adda is a movie about 6 bachelors from different cities living together in a 2 BHK apartment, who are working jobs, preparing for competitive exams and/or just chilling on family money. Coming from different backgrounds, they call their home Sadda Adda. The film takes us through their lives as 6 different personalities live in a house full of beer bottles, cigarette butts, unwashed utensils and dirty clothes. What was supposed to be a temporary spot (adda) in their lives, settles as a home for them as we go through their lives as they thrive to be successful.

‘Sadda Adda’ is available online on:FlickZee

The Truman Show


Documented since the birth of Truman Burbank, The Truman Show is a live show directed by the visionary producer Christof who intends on filming every moment and movement of Truman’s life. Truman is the main protagonist of the show and every other character in his life is an actor. All of these were being recorded without his knowledge until one day he begins to sense that something wasn’t right. The film takes one on a comical journey of how Truman acts on his realization.

‘The Truman Show’ is available online on:FlickZee



Sacha Baron Cohen is Borat, a fictitious Kazakh journalist, sent for an assignment to the United States of America. Taking off with his producer and his pet hen, Borat has to record live conversations with Americans. The movie has a comedic and witty storyline coming from a country where women are materialized and kids grow up with real guns, Borat has to adapt to the advanced and highly mature population of “U.S and A” (as he likes to say it).

‘Borat’ is available online on:FlickZee

Dumb & Dumber


Best Friends Harry Dunne(Jeff Daniels) and Lloyd Christmas (Jim Carrey) are best friends. Harry runs a pet care business and Lloyd is a professional driver. One day, after driving a customer to the airport, Lloyd finds a lost suitcase. Figuring out the owner of the suitcase, Mary Swanson (the customer), Harry and Lloyd head out for Aspen, unaware that the suitcase contained ransom for a kidnapping. As they begin on this antic journey, thinking that Lloyd, who has a crush on Mary, could mingle up with her, they stay unobservant that a group of hired killers are after them for the suitcase.

‘Dumb & Dumber’ is available online on:FlickZee

Shaun of the Dead


Shaun is in his mid-life and leads an unexciting and normal life. Working in the same boring place at an electronic store and living and lives with his best friend in the outskirts of the city. Leading a pale life, he constantly neglects his girlfriend, Liz, who works hard to uplift him and to lead a productive life. Because of his negative attitude towards her, she dumps him. Soon after the breakup, he realizes his mistake and plans on winning Liz’ trust, the only problem between him and his relationship now is that the streets of London are filled with flesh-eating zombies.

‘Shaun of the Dead’ is available online on:FlickZee

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