20 Best Comedies on Amazon Prime

They say laughter is the best medicine, and sometimes you need jokes to propel you through the weekday monotony. Comedies are fun for a night of relaxation – be they romantic-comedies, black comedies or parodies, these comedies can make you laugh out loud. Here are 20 of the best romantic comedies on Amazon Prime.


‘Striptease’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Erin loses custody of her daughter to her criminal ex-husband. She is unable to afford an appeal to get her daughter back. She discovers that the only way to earn so much money in so little time after she has been fired from her job is to become a stripper. There Erin gets mixed up into a corrupt congressman’s fantasies and having to deal with people who think her body’s for sale.

Bridget Jones’s Diary

‘Bridget Jones’s Diary’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Bridget Jones is a heavy smoker, drinker and is paranoid about her weight. She is in love with her boss Daniel,  but can’t bring herself to ask him out. When an arrogant family friend named Mark ridicules her vulgar lifestyle and behaviour, she decides to turn her life around and record it in her diary. As she becomes more confident about herself and gets closer to Daniel, she keeps running into Mark. A loose adaptation of “Pride and Prejudice”, the movie is entertaining and interesting.

The Hangover

‘The Hangover’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Phil, Stu and Doug are best friends who go to Vegas to celebrate Doug’s marriage. They are also accompanied by Doug’s brother-in-law, Alan. After a drink on the hotel rooftop, they wake up with no memory of the night before and Doug missing. Their hotel room has a tiger, a chicken and a baby, and they have no recollection of how they got there. With less than 5 hours to the wedding, the three must find the groom and return him, all the while being pursued by gangsters.


‘Ted’ Online Availability:FlickZee

This is the story of two best friends, John Bennet and Ted. Ted is a teddy bear gifted with life just like humans, because of John’s childhood wish. They live together and go through life’s glory and troubles together. This is a comedy movie which shows highs and lows between Ted and John’s friendship. Enters a man who’s obsessed with the idea of ‘owning’ a talking bear and tries to kidnap and torture Ted multiple times. This is a light-hearted film to just sit back, relax and have a good time as the Teddy Bear here, has no shame and Mark Wahlberg, as a human, is obliged to show some.

Horrible Bosses

‘Horrible Bosses’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Nick, Dale and Kurt are friends who are harassed by their respective bosses. Nick’s boss David dangles the possibility of promotion before awarding it to himself. Dale’s boss Julia threatens to tell his fiancée that they’ve been having an affair unless he actually sleeps with her. Kurt’s amiable boss dies unexpectedly and the ownership is transferred to his son Bobby who is a jerk. The three friends conspire to murder the other’s boss, so suspicion will not fall on any one of them. And so shenanigans ensue among these three common people, who have no idea how to commit a crime.

Ocean’s Eight

‘Ocean’s Eight’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Debbie Ocean is the sister of famed conman and thief, Danny Ocean. Living up to her brother’s profession, when Debbie gets out of prison, the first thing she does is recruit her best friend Lou for the heist of a lifetime – stealing The Toussaint, a necklace worth 150 million dollars. Carrying out the job requires the assistance of 7 more people, each with their own specific skill sets. “Ocean’s 8” portrays great chemistry between the actors and the sudden twists in this heist comedy make it enchanting to watch.

No Strings Attached

‘No Strings Attached’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Adam, a production assistant for a TV show, is mortified on hearing his father is dating his ex-girlfriend. He proceeds to drunk-dial all the women on his phone to hook up with them. He wakes up in the apartment of an acquaintance Emma, where he’d passed out. She proposes that they have casual sex and keep continuing to do so, never getting into a permanent relationship. Adam agrees, and they become sex buddies but are nervous when they begin to experience true feelings for each other. ”No Strings Attached” is fun to watch and humorous.

Jumanji: Welcome to The Jungle

‘Jumanji: Welcome to The Jungle’ Online Availability:FlickZee

A sequel of 1995 Jumanji, the fantasy adventure comedy made a comeback in the year 2017. Starring Dwayne Johnson and Nick Jonas among the leads, the plot revolves around four teenagers who are made to serve detention in the school’s basement where they find a discarded video game system. Their inquisitiveness transports all 4 teens into the world of Jumanji as they get sucked up in the video game. They get the roles of a buffed up male archaeologist, a short zoologist, a fat cartographer & a female martial art commando. Each of these players gets 3 lives after which they die. There is another fifth character, an interesting twist in the movie. These 4 characters get on a quest to rescue a jewel – Jaguar’s Eye and call “Jumanji” to return to reality alive.

Bad Teacher

‘Bad Teacher’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Elizabeth despises her job as a middle school English teacher and makes sure everyone knows. She curses frequently, pays no attention to the students’ wants and only cares for money. Her plan to leave teaching is thwarted when her wealthy fiancé dumps her. She is attracted to another wealthy teacher at her school, Scott, and wants to get breast implants to seduce him. The implants are expensive, and Elizabeth must go through many shenanigans to earn enough money for them, while her rival Amy falls in love with Scott herself.

The Girl Next Door

‘The Girl Next Door’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Matthew is a high school student who longs to join Georgetown University but cannot afford the tuition. He meets his new neighbour Danielle and watches her stripping from his bedroom window. Infuriated, Danielle goes over to his house and confronts him. They manage to make up and bond over a series of wacky adventures until Matthew finds out she is a former porn star.

Sex and The City: The Movie

‘Sex and The City: The Movie’ Online Availability:FlickZee

A sequel to the “Sex and The City” TV series, the movie focuses on the lives of best friends Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha. Carrie is engaged, Charlotte and Harry raise their daughter Lily happily, Miranda has settled down with Steve and their son, and Samantha lives with her boyfriend. The girls are all excited for Carrie’s wedding until some comments of Miranda cause Carrie’s fiancé Big to get cold feet. Now it’s up to them to get Carrie back on her feet and become happy once again.

The Dictator

‘The Dictator’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Admiral-General Aladeen is the cruel and childish dictator of the nation of Wadiya. As his rule gets out of hand, he is forced to travel to the USA to address the UN. There he is betrayed by his uncle and his beard is shaved off so he is unrecognizable. Escaping to the streets of New York City, he encounters Zoey who mistakes him for a protestor and takes him in. Similar to all Sacha Baron Cohen movies, “The Dictator” is raucously funny, with crude jokes and no bar on the vulgarity.

Game Night

‘Game Night’ Online Availability:FlickZee

“Game Night” is a comedy-thriller film, which revolves around a married couple who enjoy hosting weekly game nights at their house. One such night turns dangerous when Max’s rich brother comes to town and decides to host a murder mystery game, which Max and his friends have to solve. As the truth slowly unravels, it’s up to Max, Annie and their friends to solve this convoluted mystery and find out the identity of the mastermind of this game.

Catch Me If You Can

‘Catch Me If You Can’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Catch Me If You Can is the story of Frank Abagnale and his wit with which he became the most-wanted con-artist of his time. At the young age of 16, Frank witnesses severe hardships in his life as his family falls apart and his father’s once successful business comes to a standstill. Ultimately, Frank runs away from his home without notice and decides to create his own destiny. From here, his life takes a turn and ventures into becoming a popular con-artist. For the next few years, Frank fakes several names, identities, professions; bags a lot of money for himself and lives a kind of life only a few can imagine.


‘R.I.P.D.’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Boston Police detective Nick Walker and his partner Bobby Hayes are dirty cops who steal expensive evidence from cases that they can sell themselves. Guilt-ridden Nick tells Bobby he is going to confess because he detests lying to his wife, and he is killed by his partner. For his crimes, Nick is sentenced to serve 100 years in the R.I.P.D.(Rest In Peace Department) by finding souls that are stuck on Earth and bringing them back to judgement. He is partnered up with Roy, a former U.S. Marshal who keeps getting additional years on his sentence for misbehaving. A supernatural comedy, “R.I.P.D.” boasts funny performances from Ryan Reynolds, Jeff Bridges and Kevin Bacon.

Land of The Lost

‘Land of The Lost’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Marshall is a palaeontologist who creates a tachyon amplifier, a device that allows him to travel through a time warp and end up in a primitive era along with his daughter Holly, and friend Will. They meet Cha-Ka of the Pakuni tribe who was banished for various crimes and agrees to be their guide. Marshall must now find the tachyon amplifier to return to his home, while also being pursued by a vicious T-Rex.


‘Hancock’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Hancock is a superpowered individual who cannot be described as a superhero – he is an alcoholic and often unnecessarily destroys public property to save people. One day he saves public relation specialist Ray by derailing a train. While everyone else is angry at him, Ray is thankful to Hancock for saving his life and promises to use his skills to make Hancock be seen as the good guy he really is.

What’s Your Number?

‘What’s Your Number?’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Ally is a hopeless romantic who just can’t seem to find the perfect person. When she reads an article about how a woman who has had 20 or more romantic partners is likely to never find a husband, Ally decides to meet up with all of her ex-boyfriends to see if she missed out on her one true love with them. She enlists the help of her womanizing neighbour Colin to track them down so she can find out which one is her true love.

Monte Carlo

‘Monte Carlo’ Online Availability:FlickZee

“Monte Carlo” is the story of Grace, her friend Emma and her stepsister Meg who go on a trip to Paris. They accidentally enter a hotel in the rain, where Grace is mistaken for Cordelia, a rich British heiress. She pretends to be Cordelia and heads to Monte Carlo with her companions. At a charity event in Monte Carlo, Grace must successfully carry out the ruse of being Cordelia while also preventing Cordelia’s aunt from finding out the truth. But what if the real Cordelia arrives?

Just My Luck

‘Just My Luck’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Ashley is extremely lucky and the world around her is shaped to her desires, while for Jake, it is the exact opposite as he is always plagued by bad luck. They meet at a masquerade ball and kiss, resulting in their lucks being exchanged. Ashley is fired while Jake gains his dream job. Troubled by the sudden change in her life, Ashley learns from a fortune teller that the man who kissed her took her luck and she must kiss him again to regain it. There begins the hilarious journey as she tries to find the masked man who turned her life upside down, while she has to avoid the perils her bad luck brings her.

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