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This is for all the ladies in the house. If you’re looking for some awesome chick flicks to have a good time with your gang or by yourself, then this blog is all that you need. We have curated 20 best and most popular chick flick movies that you can enjoy right now on Netflix. Enjoy!

To all the boys I’ve loved before

Lara Jean is a high school junior who has always had a crush on her sister’s boyfriend, Josh. One night, after her elder sister Margo breaks up with Josh, Lara Jean is devastated. The next morning at school, Peter Kavinsky, a fellow classmate walks up to her with a letter she had written to him but never sent out in his hand. She notices Josh holding a similar letter too. Realizing that somehow the letters she had written to her crushes and stored in a box under her bed have somehow gotten out, Lara Jeans panics and tries to deal with all the boys she loved before.

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Cher is the most popular girl in school. She is rich and attractive and her best friend, Dionne, is also rich and pretty and she dates the most popular guy at school. Cher tries to help her teachers find love and succeeding in doing so, manages to relax the way they grade reports. When her ex-step-brother visits home on a break from college, he sees Cher for what she truly is and calls her superficial and selfish. On a mission to do something good, she decides to Help an unpopular girl Tai to become the next “it thing” at school. But when Tai becomes more popular than Cher and asks for help with impressing Josh, Cher is clueless about herself and what she really wants.

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Alex Strangelove

Alex Truelove has been friends with Claire for as long as they can remember. They plan to be each other’s first and book a hotel room. But, before that, Alex goes to a party and meets the openly gay Elliot. He begins to have feelings for him. This confuses Alex about his sexual orientation.

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Love Actually 

Nine stories that are woven together make a fascinating movie about love. Whether it’s the first love for young Sam, or extramarital trysts for Harry, “Love Actually” tries to show a more realistic view of love and how what you perceive best for you need not always be true. Among others, there is the newly elected Prime Minister David who is in love with his junior staffer and a graphic designer Sarah who is torn between taking care of her mentally ill brother or committing to the love of her life. Their lives are linked in some way except of course, in their quest to find love.

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Harper, after working for four years for a company, is sent on a business trip to Barcelona. Her friends Leah and Nikki accompany her against her wish. On their trip, they encounter a hot DJ and Harper falls for him. She believes they have a connection and to pursue him, the three women set off for Ibiza to catch his next show, ignoring all responsibilities.

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Nappily ever after

A young, successful woman named Violet has a perfect life with perfect, straight hair that she puts in an effort to maintain. She expects her longtime boyfriend, Clint, to propose and in the preparation process for a dinner one night, her hair gets messed up. She is disappointed when he doesn’t propose, she breaks up with him and shaves her head in the spur of the moment. When Clint starts dating another woman, Violet is taken over by a series of emotions like anger and jealousy.

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When we first met

Noah Ashby has been in love with Avery Martin, who friend-zoned him on the night they met. Upon attending her engagement party, he recalls their first encounter. After the party, he goes to the photo booth where Avery and he had clicked pictures. He wishes he could do something different and puts in a quarter. Next day he wakes up back to that day and realizes it is another opportunity to impress Avery.

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Set It Up

 Harper is an assistant to Kirsten, who is the editor of a popular online sports magazine. On the other hand, Charlie is the assistant to a capitalist, Rick. Working in the same building, Harper and Charlie meet when getting food for their bosses. Tired of the way they are treated, the two decide to make a plan and set their bosses up. They think if their bosses are busy spending time with each other, the assistants can take some time off their hectic schedules.

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The kissing booth

 Childhood best friends Elle Evans and Lee Flynn live by a set of rules in order not to mess up their friendship. One of the rules is that Lee’s brother Noah is off the dating list for Elle. Although Noah is hot and every girl wants to date him, Elle resists him. Winning the opportunity to put up a kissing booth, Elle and Lee get to work but the biggest task is when Elle has to face her crush on Noah and kiss him in front of everybody.

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How to lose a guy in 10 days

Andie Anderson is a writer for a women’s magazine. After witnessing her friend’s numerous breakups, an idea strikes her to write an article about How to lose a guy in 10 days. She decides to find a man to test her little experiment. At the same time, Ben makes a bet with his boss that he can make any woman fall in love with him within 10 days. Two women who overheard Andie’s and Ben’s thoughts set them up. The two get to work without revealing their intentions.

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10 things I hate about you

 Cameron James, new to Padua High School, develops a crush on Bianca Stratford. When he asks her out, she tells him that her father has a rule according to which she cannot date until her elder sister Kat starts dating someone. Bianca asks Camron to find someone for her sister, without informing him that she intends to date Joey. Cameron gets Joey to pay bad boy Patrick Verona to date Kat. Kat resists at first but opens up to Patrick.

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The Princess Switch

 Stacy DeNovo runs a successful shop and bakes pastries for a living in Chicago with her best friend Kevin. On Kevin’s insistence, she agrees to go for a baking competition where she bumps into Lady Margaret Delcourt, the Duchess of Montanaro who is the fiancée of Prince Edward of Belgravia and looks exactly like her. Margaret expresses her intent to switch places with Stacy in order to experience the life of a normal girl but to switch back in time for the competition.

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Definitely, maybe

 After a 10-yr-old Maya experiences Sex-ed class for the first time, she insists that her father tell her how he met his wife. Will agrees to narrate his complicate love story by changing the original names and omitting a few details. The movie constantly flashes from the past to the present. Maya is left to figure out who among her father’s three girlfriends is her mother.

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Blue Valentine

 Dean, a school dropout and a hopeless romantic works for a moving company while Cindy is studying pre-med. When the pair start dating, Cindy discovers that she is pregnant but the child is unlikely to be his. Dean and Cindy make things work but flash forward a few years later, everything doesn’t seem rosy anymore. Watch a couple madly in love struggle not to fall apart.

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Mean Girl

Cady Heron moves from Africa to Illinois with her parents and takes admission in a public school. The Plastics or the so-called popular girls of the school include Cady in their group until they find out she likes one of their group member’s ex-boyfriend. Will Cady succumb to the evil ways of the mean girls or will she outpower them?

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Pretty woman

 Edward Lewis, a rich businessman, looks for a woman to escort him on social events after his girlfriend breaks up with him. Accidentally driving to the red light area on Hollywood Boulevard, he meets Vivian Ward, a prostitute. He realizes she knows much more than she lets on. He hires her to escort him and pay her well. But Vivian follows a no-kissing rule her friend Kat taught because that could lead to love. Edward finds himself attracted to Vivian soon after.

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Theodore Twombly is a lonely man, unwilling to sign divorce papers after his marriage ends. He upgrades his system which includes a virtual assistant with artificial intelligence. The AI assistant is designed to evolve with time. Theodore develops a relationship with it through constant conversations and finds himself to be happy. A girl he briefly dated in college, is now his neighbour and on the verge of divorce herself because she has become close to her AI assistant. Theodore is plunged into a re-thinking where exactly is his love story headed after his ex-wife rebukes him.

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