51 Best Anti-Hero Hollywood Movies

Thor: Ragnarok

‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Anti-Hero Character: Loki
Thor finds himself chained and dangling in front of Surtur who informs him that Odin is missing from Asgard. He manages to escape and Returns to Asgard where Loki disguised as Odin is ruling, leaving Odin on Earth. Thor and Loki go to Earth to fetch their father but he dies and intimates them about their long lost sister Hela, the goddess of death. The infuriated sister is in the foreground to claim the throne. Thor crashes on Sakaar where he is captured by the grandmaster who urges him to fight in a ring to leave the planet. He meets his old friend Hulk and Valkyrior on the planet, together they form the ‘Revengers’ and fight against Hela. Loki also joins the team and together they fight to stop the Ragnarok.

Avengers Infinity War

‘Avengers Infinity War’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Anti-Hero Character: Thanos
Avengers Infinity War is the third installation to Marvels’ Avengers series that introduces the much-awaited character, Thanos, and extends the storyline of the Avengers. The movie begins with the spaceship carrying the last Asgardian survivors, continuing the Avengers timeline from Thor: Ragnarok. The very first scene introduces Thanos, where he acquires the Tesseract. The movie traverses parallelly in two directions: one, where Thanos goes in his inter-planetary quest to acquire the six Infinity Stones for his gauntlet, and the other, where the Avengers unite to stop him from wiping out half the universe with a snap of his finger (thanks to those Infinity stones).


‘You’ Online Availability:FlickZee

American Psycho

‘American Psycho’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Anti-Hero Character: Patrick Bateman
Patrick Bateman is a young, twenty-seven-year-old investment banker. He appears to be intelligent, well-educated, and handsome and everyone at work seems to like him. However, what everyone fails to notice is the fact that Patrick has an alternate ego, the one that becomes alive at the onset of dawn. He is born as a human being but is not able to feel a single emotion which is why he resorts to murder and execution, killing several innocent people and not knowing why.

Hotel Transylvania

‘Hotel Transylvania’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Anti-Hero Character: Johnny and Mavis
Count Dracula is a loving vampire father who lives with his 118 year old daughter, Mavis. He runs the Hotel Transylvania, the getaway for monsters from all corners of the world to be free from human disturbances. But the growing Mavis wishes to see the outside world, and Dracula fears losing her more than everything else. But what happens when a human manages to find the Hotel?

The Social Network

‘The Social Network’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Anti-Hero Character: Mark Zuckerberg
The Social Network is inspired by the events that lead to the formation of the massive social media company, Facebook. In 2003, Harvard student, Mark Zuckerberg and his friend Eduardo Saverin, begin working on a social networking website to connect all the students on campus. Soon, his website becomes popular in other colleges and gradually Facebook gains traction around the world. Mark becomes one of the youngest billionaires ever but his success is overshadowed by two of his college friends who accuse him of stealing their idea of building a social networking platform. Eduardo also accuses Mark of deceptively booting him out of Facebook.

Baby Driver

‘Baby Driver’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Anti-Hero Character: Multiple Characters
Paying off debts force a passionate music lover, Baby to become a getaway driver for the Crimelord ‘Doc’ (Spacey). Suffering from tinnitus, he makes mixtapes which later work against him. As the film progresses, Baby finds himself swamped in a mire of crime. All attempts to lead a normal life fail as he keeps swinging back and forth between his love interest (Debora) and Doc and his crew of robbers. So what course does his life finally take?

Mad Max: Fury Road

‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Anti-Hero Character: Furiosa and Max Rockatansky
Human civilization has collapsed; a desert landscape exists, where humanity is broken and there is no sign of any sanity. Everyone is in a frenzy, fighting for bare necessities. Within this absolute madness of a world, exists two rebels who might be the only hope of restoring order. First, there’s Max, a former captive of Immortan Joe, who enslaves all the survivors of the apocalypse. Max seeks the peace of mind, after losing his family in the chaos. Next, there’s Furiosa, a fearless woman who believes that she can achieve survival amongst the chaos only if she reaches her homeland

God Father

‘God Father’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Anti-Hero Character: Michael Corleone
The Godfather’ is a precisely crafted story about the mafia culture. The series draws inspiration from an Italian best-selling novel (by Mario Puzo) of the same name. Don Vito Corleone, is the patriarch of the Corleone Mafia Family. He has 3 sons – Sonny, the eldest and the probable hire to the throne, Fredo, the womanizer and Michael, a Marine who has no interest in the throne of Corelone Family. An attack on Vito Corleone in the summer of 1945 makes Michael leave the Marine Corps. After a series of events, Michael becomes the head of the Corleone crime family and avenges the attach on Vito Corleone and other members of the Corleone Family.

The Silence Of The Lambs

‘The Silence Of The Lambs’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Anti-Hero Character: Dr Lecter
The Silence of The Lambs deviates from the good vs evil genre tropes and metaphorically pits a devil against one. The film moves from the perspective of Clarice Starling, a top student of the FBI’s training academy who takes the help of a cannibalistic serial killer, Dr Hannibal Lecter, to catch another psychopath serial killer who likes to skin his victims, treating them as his very own personal trophies.

The Dark Night

‘Dark Night’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Anti-Hero Character: The joker
When the pain in the neck, Joker resurfaces from his mysterious past, he creates havoc and turmoil in the lives of people of Gotham city. With the aid of allies of Lt. Jim Gordon and DA Harvey, Batman has kept this city safe from all the threats out there. When Joker emerges as a menace, the Batman must rescue this city as he has been doing so far.

God Father II

‘God Father II’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Anti-Hero Character: Michael Corleone
The Godfather – Part 2′ is an epoch crime drama, the second in the Godfather Series. The film traverses in two parallel timelines, one moving forward as Michael Corleone expands and strengthens his position in the family crime empire, meanwhile struggling with betrayals and tough competition. Another parallel timeline follows young Vito Corleone and how he rose to power and set up a base for his generations to come. He escapes his native village in Sicily escaping an attack by the Local Mafia. Vito reaches New York city and hustles to make a living, legally or illegally. He earns respect & creates fear in the community with a desire to avenge the wrong done to him.

Harry Potter Deathly Hallows: Part 2

‘Harry Potter Deathly Hallows: Part 2’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Anti-Hero Character: Severus Snape
The decisive moment has arrived for Harry, ‘The boy that lived’ or ‘The Chosen One’ has to be true to his name and defeat Voldemort at any cost. It’s an almost suicide mission but he is not alone and moves forward with the support of each and every soul at Hogwarts. Hogwarts swarms with dementors and enemy forces trying to destroy vicinity and kill Harry. Potter gets a vision of his past and now knows everything about his life and why he lived. He now knows what to do next in order to defeat Voldemort and he will do it at any cost involved to save his loved ones. From changing loyalties to unsaid love, a lot of secrets surface in this epic saga, and what follows is the unfolding of love, friendship and magic.

Fight Club

‘Fight Club’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Anti-Hero Character: Tyler Durden
Fight Club begins with an unnamed narrator being utterly dissatisfied with his life and his job. He has earned himself regular dosage of insomnia. The narrator attends a support group and there he meets another sufferer like him, Marla. Both of them seem to connect with each other very well. The story goes on and the narrator meets a soap salesman, Tyler, and from here the story takes a turn. The two men fight with each other to release their aggression and this ultimately gives birth to a ‘Fight Club’ at the basement of a bar. This incident gathers a lot of public attention and frustrated men start coming there to fight each other off, as a form of recreation. Soon enough, a lot of such fight clubs open up all across the country, which paves way for a new kind of revolution against the establishment.


‘Nightcrawler’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Anti-Hero Character: Nightcrawler
Louis Bloom, a petty thief, witnesses a brutal car accident, and meets a stringer (freelance photojournalist) who tells him that they sell the footage to local news stations. Inspired by this, he buys a camcorder and a police radio scanner. After recording the aftermath of a violent car crash, he sells the footage to a news station, where the producer tells him that she is only interested in violent crimes in affluent areas. Things escalate quickly when Louis records a crime scene before the cops arrive and find himself in the midst of a full-blown police investigation.


‘Unforgiven’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Anti-Hero Character: William Munny
The movie begins in the town of Big Whiskey in Wyoming, a town filled with normal citizens, cowboys, average Joes, and brothel workers. The days just seem to go by as they should, but trouble starts knocking at the door when two cowboys, Davey-Boy Bunting, and Quick Mike maliciously attack a brothel worker who had made fun of Quick Mike’s masculinity. Following this, the town’s sheriff orders the cowboys to compensate for their action by providing horses to the brothel owner. Outraged by his unjustified decision, the other brothels place a bounty on the cowboy duo, which leads to even more chaos.


‘Oldboy’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Anti-Hero Character: Oh Dae-Su
Abducted by an unknown captor for no apparent reason at all, Oh Dae-Su is held in a hotel room cell for 15 years. After failed attempts at escaping, he is released with new clothes, money, and a cell phone. After his release, he finds himself in the midst of a strange conspiracy, which then becomes stranger when he becomes romantically involved with a beautiful sushi chef.

Léon: The Professional

‘Léon: The Professional’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Anti-Hero Character: Léon
Twelve-year-old Mathilda’s father is a corrupt man, storing drugs for a two-faced policeman, Norman Stansfield. Things take an unfortunate turn when Stansfield decides to kill Mathilda’s father and his family for causing him trouble. Mathilda is the sole survivor in this, as she was not at home when the killing proceeded. Seeking refuge in Leon’s apartment, her neighbour, she finds out that Leon is a professional killer. Thus, as Mathilda seeks to avenge her family’s death, Leon does everything to protect her while Stansfield leaves no stone unturned in wiping out the sole eye-witness of the crime he committed.

The Unusual Suspect

‘The Unusual Suspect’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Anti-Hero Character: Verbal Kint
Chaos has broken out as a truck has been hijacked in New York. Following that, another chaotic event takes place as a cargo ship, carrying drug money worth millions, bursts into flames and several die. The only survivors are questioned, one of whom narrates the events leading to the cargo ship destruction. The survivors are the conmen who had hijacked the truck but couldn’t be declared guilty. A bigger problem arises when they feel the presence of a mastermind criminal and somehow, feel endangered as they may have gone against him in their plan of actions.


‘Scarface’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Anti-Hero Character: Tony montana
Tony Montana leaves Cuba during Mariel Exodus in 1980. He ends up in a refugee camp, where his friend Manny announces he has a plan by which they can get green cards. All they have to do is kill the Cuban General at the request of drug-Lord Frank Lopez. Tony doesn’t approve of the small jobs they do and ends up in the drug dealing business. At first, he works for Frank, but soon desires more power and his wife too. Will his greed bring him crashing down or place him on a pedestal?

V for Vendetta

‘V for Vendetta’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Anti-Hero Character: V
Set in an alternative future of post World War Britain having a totalitarian government regime, V, an insurgent makes terrorist attempts to establish anarchy in the state to curb the oppressors of England. When V saves a young lady named Evey from the secret police, he teams up with her to fight the cause.


‘Amadeus’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Anti-Hero Character: Salieri
‘Amadeus’ is a fictionalised account about the life and death of one of the greatest musicians of the 18th century, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, told from the perspective of his rival, Antonio Salieri, an Italian composer. Antonio is extremely envious of Mozart’s success. He believes that God has been unjust to him by blessing Mozart with more musical talent than him. He decides to take revenge from Mozart and God for this injustice.

Taxi Driver

‘Taxi Driver’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Anti-Hero Character: Travis Bickle
The film is an intense and gripping take on the theme of urban life and alienation and how an ex-marine becomes like a redundant word in the sentence of city life.’Taxi Driver’ is the story of Travis Bickle, an ex-marine and a Vietnam war veteran. Bickle works as a taxi driver in the city of New York and is treated as an outcast by society. He soon takes up the task of rescuing a teen prostitute from the clutches of her pimp.

A Clockwork Orange

‘A Clockwork Orange’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Anti-Hero Character: Alex DeLarge
Set in a dystopian London landscape, the film follows the crimes and misdeeds of a small band of thugs, led by a juvenile sadist, Alex. With disturbing imagery and gratuitous violence, the film chronicles the full turn of events of Alex’s life, from his crimes, punishment, submission and finally his rehabilitation.It explores heavy themes such as the nature of goodness and psychotic behaviour

Despicable Me

‘Despicable Me’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Anti-Hero Character: Gru
Gru is a supervillain who takes pleasure in stealing national monuments and artefacts. When his rival Vector steals the Great Pyramid of Giza, Gru decides to one-up him by stealing the moon. Gru plans to adopt three girls who can distract Vector by selling cookies, while he steals Vector’s shrink ray. The movie takes a sweet turn when Gru warms to the affections of the young girls and enjoys being with them more than being a supervillain.

Gran Torino

‘Gran Torino’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Anti-Hero Character: Walt Kowalski
Gran Tarino is the intriguing story of Walt, a Korean war veteran and his neighbour Thao. Thao attempts to steal Walt’s prized car, a 1972 Gran Tarino. Owing to this episode, Walt decides to reform the teen. Gradually Walt gets involved in Thao’s chaotic life.

From Dusk Till Dawn

‘From Dusk Til Dawn’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Anti-Hero Character: Seth Gecko

Layer Cake

‘Layer Cake’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Anti-Hero Character: Daniel Craig

John Wick: Chapter 3 Parabellum

‘John Wick: Chapter 3 Parabellum’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Anti-Hero Character: John Wick

John Wick

‘John Wick’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Anti-Hero Character: John Wick

Falling Down

‘Falling Down’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Anti-Hero Character: William ´D-Fens´ Foster

First Blood

‘First Blood’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Anti-Hero Character: John Rambo

John Wick: Chapter 2

‘John Wick: Chapter 2’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Anti-Hero Character: John Wick


‘Venom’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Anti-Hero Character: Venom


‘Drive’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Anti-Hero Character: Driver

Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior

‘The Road Warrior’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Anti-Hero Character: Mad max

Solo: A Star Wars Story

‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Anti-Hero Character: Han Solo

Citizen Kane

‘Citizen Kane’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Anti-Hero Character: Charles Foster Kane

Dead Man’s Shoes

‘Dead Man’s Shoes’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Anti-Hero Character: Richard

The Crow

‘The Crow’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Anti-Hero Character: Eric Draven

Natural Born Killers

‘Natural Born Killers’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Anti-Hero Character: Mickey & Mallory Knox

Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call New Orleans

‘Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call New Orleans’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Anti-Hero Character: Terrence McDonagh

Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

‘Pirates of The Caribbean’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Anti-Hero Character: Jack Sparrow

The American Beauty

‘The American Beauty’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Anti-Hero Character: Lester Burnham

The Wild One

‘The Wild One’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Anti-Hero Character: Johnny Strabler

Robin Hood

‘Robin Hood’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Anti-Hero Character: Robin Hood

Romeo is Bleeding

‘Romeo is Bleeding’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Anti-Hero Character: Jack Grimaldi

Rebel Without A Cause

‘Rebel Without A Cause’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Anti-Hero Character: Jim Stark


‘Watchmen’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Anti-Hero Character: Rorschach

The Talented Mr. Ripley

‘The Talented Mr. Ripley’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Anti-Hero Character: Tom Ripley

Despicable Me 2

‘Despicable Me 2’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Anti-Hero Character: Gru

Despicable Me 3

‘Despicable Me 3’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Anti-Hero Character: Gru

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