26 Best Anti-Hero Bollywood Movies

Bollywood heroes have always been Sanskaaron ki Murat, Aadarsh Vyakti etc. but this can be reversed when the good boys take over the bad boy´s role and the scary wicked man comes for the rescue wearing a shining armour. Here is a list of movies where the villains stole the show. 

Kyunki Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahi NaMumkin hai.


Ganges of Wasseypur

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Set in the rural town of Wasseypur, the movie shows the notorious Shahid Khan mustering the audacity to impersonate the iconic Sultana Daku and robbing British cavalries, only to get exiled. Gradually, Khan starts working for Ramadhir Singh, a coal mine owner and soon aims to take over the mine. Khan is killed for his ambitions, which spurs a vengeful quest of his son, Sardar, who becomes the most feared man of Wasseypur. The movie then progresses to show the David and Goliath battle between Sardar and Ramadhir and its consequences.


‘Haider’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Haider is the son of a doctor based in Kashmir and he stays away from home, seeking education at the Aligarh University. On returning home post his father’s death, Haider is surprised to see his mother and uncle, living life the normal way. A plethora of questions arise in his mind and he decides to find an appropriate explanation and sets out to find the actual truth behind his father’s demise.


‘Darr’ Online Availability:FlickZee

The Indian thriller, Darr: a Violent Love Story, revolves around a crazy stalker who is unwilling to give up on his lady-love at all costs. Kiran is a bubbly college-going girl, her long-term boyfriend Sunil is a marine officer. Kiran’s family has accepted their relationship and both of them are supposed to be engaged and married soon. But there is a person who is not very happy with all this, and that person is Rahul, Kiran’s classmate from college and her obsessive lover-cum-stalker. Rahul does every possible thing to gain Kiran’s attention, he stalks and disturbs her with his annoying antics. Things take an uglier turn, as Rahul learns about Kiran’s engagement and probable marriage to Sunil. Rahul is now keen on bringing back Kiran in his life and omit Sunil’s existence. He decides to go to any extent possible to achieve what he desires

Don (1978)

‘Don (1978)’ Online Availability:FlickZee

After killing a local don, the police officer installs another identically same man in his place to reveal and watch the rest of his gang. After the death of the officer now the newly replaced don has to deal with the situation. One hero replacing a villain makes it a perfect anti-hero movie.


‘Kaminey’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Guddu and Charlie, two identical twins with unique characteristics, never got along. Raised in the slums of Mumbai, they decide to change their miserable lives and live a luxurious life. However, their desires lead them into the dangerous territory of drugs and corrupt politicians. The lives of the two brothers finally converge and they realize that the only people they can trust in this world are each other.


‘Anjaam’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Vijay Agnihotri, a rich businessman, falls madly in love with an air hostess – Shivani Chopra. But she refuses his advances. Just when he decides to ask her hand in marriage, he is shocked to find out she is already married. His love grows into an obsession, causing him to raise hell for Shivani only to hear her confess her love for him. Shivani faces great troubles and braves bad news as she tries to convince people around her that Vijay is much more than he seems and has sinister plans unless she loves him back


‘Agneepath’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Vijay witnesses his father’s death at the hands of a drug Lord Kancha who saw Vijay’s father as an obstacle. After finding shelter in Mumbai, his mother gives birth to a girl while Vijay works his way to seek revenge from Kancha. His mother and sister leave Vijay as they don’t approve of the path he is treading

Shootout at Wadala

‘Shootout at Wadala’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Manya Surve is a college student with a bright mind and diligence for academics. Manya’s step-brother, Bhargav Surve, is quite the opposite, as he’s a local criminal, often being chased by the police. Things go out of the norm when both the brothers are arrested and Bhargav is killed in prison. Manya manages to escape with Sheikh Munir and reach Bombay where they’re offered to join Zubair’s criminal gang. Manya ultimately decides to form his own gang and avenge his step-brother’s death. This brings about the chaos which is up to Inspector Afaque Baaghran to stop


‘Fan’ Online Availability:FlickZee

‘Fan’ is a story of a die-hard fan and his unique ways to gain attention from the Bollywood superstar whom he worships. The plot of the film is centred around Gaurav Chandna, a crazy and obsessive fan of Aryan Khanna, a super-successful hero of the Hindi film industry. Interestingly enough, Gaurav looks very similar to Aryan Khanna, his mimicry of the superstar gains him popularity among the local public. Gaurav now goes over the head to receive attention from the person he adores, but Gaurav’s ruthless behaviour angers Aryan Khanna and he punishes Gaurav as a result. A heart-broken Gaurav plans to seek revenge from Aryan Khanna, giving a unique twist to the story

Welcome Back

‘Welcome Back’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Two gangsters Uday and Majnu decide to quit the underworld. However, they soon discover that they have another sister, Ranjana and they are responsible for arranging her marriage. Meanwhile, Dr Ghunghroo also finds out about his step-son, Ajju, a gangster in India. Ajju and Ranjana fall in love with each other. But, Uday and Majnu want their sister to marry a decent man, which invokes a feud between Ajju and the former gangsters.

Ek Villain

‘Ek Villain’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Aisha Verma becomes the latest victim of a serial killer, whose identity is unknown. CBI officer Aditya Rathore advised the police that they must nab the killer in time or else, Aisha’s husband, a former goon, will go out on a killing spree to avenge her death. Aisha and Guru’s love story is shown in the form of flashbacks where she hires him to kidnap an old man so that he can marry his lover. He continues to help her scratch things off her bucket list after learning she is suffering from an illness. In turn, she saves him from the world of crime.


‘Padmaavat’ Online Availability:FlickZee

In the middle ages of India, Rajput Queen, belle Rani Padmavati was well known for her enchanting beauty and her intelligence. She gets married to an already married Rana Rawal Ratan Singh (King of Chittoor), who was deeply in love with her. She became the queen of his empire. At the same time, the stories of her beauty reached Allauddin Khilji, a brutal and barbaric ruler of Afghan’s Khilji Dynasty. He was astonished by her beauty and got mad to win her over. To fulfil his lusty and dirty desires, he deployed his largest army to attack Chittorgarh fortress and lead a dirty war against the kingdom of Chittor.


‘Kick’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Shaina and Himanshu are set up by their parents for an arranged marriage. Though they both are uncomfortable with it, they become good friends over a train journey discussing their lives. Shaina reveals about her previous relationship with Devi, an adventure monger, who was always looking for something to give him a kick in life to pursue it. Himanshu, who is a police officer, tells her about how he is after a cunning thief; unaware of the fact they are talking of the same person. Devi returns in their lives, with a deeper motive and mystery.

Don 2

‘Don 2’ Online Availability:FlickZee

After keeping the Indian Police running behind him for many years, Don manages to expand his empire and gets success at Asia level. He now seeks to conquer Europe. He must do everything in his capacity to defeat the underworld & the governmental power in Europe and maybe, even death if he really wants his place to succeed.

Dhoom 3

‘Dhoom 3’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Sahir is a brilliant magician, highly trained in acrobatics and magic, performing tricks that leave the audience flabbergasted. But he’s no ordinary magician, as he has a dark past that makes him rob every bank in Chicago. Indian cops, Jai Dixit and Ali are sent to capture this magician thief who is keeping the entire city of Chicago in a state of fear. Sahir soon devises a plan to execute his final robbery and flee, but the cops are hell bent to catch him. Stuck between love, emotions, and revenge, Sahir finds himself in a massive battle between avenging his father’s death and escaping the policemen who are behind him


‘Vaastav’ Online Availability:FlickZee


‘Baazigar’ Online Availability:FlickZee


‘Khalnayak’ Online Availability:FlickZee


‘Deewar’ Online Availability:FlickZee


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Gunga Jumna

‘Gunga Jumna’ Online Availability:FlickZee


‘Sholay’ Online Availability:FlickZee


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Kismet (1943)

‘Kismet (1943)’ Online Availability:FlickZee


Kabir Singh

‘Kabir Singh’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Kabir singh is a medical student with extreme anger management issues, this creates trouble for him and it leads to his expulsion from the college. Kabir falls in love with Preeti who is forced to marry someone else, this puts him in trauma and he chooses drugs as a way of recovery until he loses every. Kabir is nothing like a classic hero but steals the audience’s hearts as they feel sympathetic towards his condition.


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