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List of Indian Amazon PrimeVideo Original Shows

Amazon’s Prime Video debuted in December 2016 in India. It started with all the Amazon originals from the west. In order to engage the Indian audience, Amazon started focusing on India specific content. As an example for their content base, Amazon came up with several Standup Specials in January 2017. Amazon Prime Video plans to create constant video content for the Indian audience. We have already experienced the magnificence of Mirzapur. Now Amazon drops its competition with other OTT’s with the latest release in March 2019.

Prime Video India Originals

Amazon Originals like Mirzapur and Inside Edge are just as sensational as Netflix’s Sacred Games or Lust Stories. With that, Amazon still maintains its unique content with out of the box reality shows for DJs & comedians, nail-biting thrillers & dramas soaked in teenage memories.

Here is the list of Indian Amazon Prime Original TV Shows according to their Genres.


Let’s kick off this list with a bit of Drama. Welcome to this section of the Crime & Drama genre. Expect some violence, abusive language and lots of drama. The shows on this list gained significant popularity among the Indian audience and we’re sure if you’re fond of this genre, you’re gonna have a good time with these Indian Prime Originals.


Languages: Hindi, Telugu, Tamil

The story revolves around a Crime Lord of Mirzapur, Kaaleen Seth who plans to give the reigns of his business to his son who is naive to make up to it. Mirzapur presents cinematography full of guns, violence and strong language with the top class story writers – Karan Anshuman, Puneet Krishna who were also the writers of Inside Edge. This Prime Video original is set in the namesake town of Uttar Pradesh and is decorated with some of the known method actors like Pankaj Tripathi, Ali Fazal, and Shweta Tripathi.

Season 1 of this much-appreciated web series featured 9 episode and 2nd season of Mirzapur is also on the way in 2019.


Languages: Hindi, Telugu, Tamil 

The story revolves around the life of a single parent Danny trying to save his dying son’s life. It becomes an ugly fight between morality and a father’s blind love when Danny sets out to find an organ donor for his son. On the other side, Kabir, a brilliant rule-defying cop finds a mysterious connection between the deaths of people with AB negative blood. Will Danny succeed in saving his child’s life? Or will Kabir be able to crack the case and bring justice? Breathe leaves you with questions about the rights and wrongs of mortality and fate. Breathe is a nail-biting crime drama from the producers of Airlift and Baby.


Languages: Tamil

This is A black comedy revolving around the lives of two movie stores, two ex-lovers & merciless criminal cum producer. These seemingly unrelated characters are connected with a mysterious murder. The 12-episode series builds up the mystery slowly and then unravelling it with a pace at the end in a classic “Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron” style.


If that was too serious for you to handle, then welcome to the Comedy section, where you’ll find reality TV shows, and web series that are made to roll you on the floor, laughing. Check out this list of hilarious Amazon Prime Indian Original comedy shows.


Languages: Hindi, Telugu, Tamil 

A fun take on the life of an ordinary girl, Pushpavalli (Sumukhi Suresh), whose life is set as her mother has fixed her match for marriage as soon as she finishes her Food Science degree. But who knew she will fall for the charming Nikhil Rao (Naveen Richards) and move to Bangalore for him, only to be trapped in a PG owned by a not-so-sweet landlady and also turn into a stalker? Well, as it’s said, everything’s fair in love and war! Watch Pushpaali as she works in a library, conducts a bird workshop in the same library, attends a comedy gig and even breaks her leg only to get the attention of the love of her life. But do things really turn her away?

Chacha Vidhayak Hain Hamare

Languages: Hindi

A lie that gets Ronny (Zakir Khan) into trouble every day. Again, the same lie that makes Ronny’s life difficult. Yet Ronny lives this lie because who doesn’t want to be an MLA’s nephew and enjoy the perks? Or at least, that’s what the world thinks about him. Ronny, a 26-year old jobless man with troubles and adventures in all spheres of his life. And during days and nights, he lives a double life. Because of his surname, he becomes the messiah of the local people. His friends and the girl he is trying to flatter, they think him as the nephew of the local MLA. Will Ronny get the love of his life or will his lie ruin all relations? Watch Ronny, as he takes you to 8 episodes of his life while juggling through his dual life.

Shaitan Haveli

Languages: Hindi

Shaitan Haveli aspires to be a mockery on the B-grade horror movies of the 80s. The movie revolves around a B-grade filmmaker shooting his horror film using the age-old props, stories & effects. This being a mockery of a horror show is neither funny nor haunting. The note in the beginning which advised the audience not to take the movie seriously seems to be misused and as a cover up for the poor plot, overacting & a film taken too lightly. Karan Agarwal, the writer of Laakhon Mein Ek did an excellent job there but the writing falls flat in this Shaitan Haveli.

Going Viral Pvt. Ltd

Languages: Hindi

Going Viral Pvt. Ltd. aims to get anything viral. Giving a piece of investment advice on matters as impressing someone’s girlfriend, a standup comedy or a political campaign. Around the wave of social media where everyone aspires to be popular instantly. ‘Going Viral’ wants to expose the shallow reality of social media in a comic way.


Let’s bring in the drama, shall we? If you’re fond of dramatic web shows and movies, then this section is for you. Following is the list of all Amazon Prime Video original web series and movies in Drama genre.

Made in Heaven

Languages: Hindi, Telugu, Tamil 

Directed by Zoya Akhtar, ‘Made In Heaven’ describes the various complex issues of the Indian society in the backdrop of a big fat wedding. Each episode of this 9-episodic series will tell you a different story about an issue that you might be uncomfortable discussing in open. “Made In Heaven” is the name of a wedding-planner company co-owned by Karan and Tara, who are the lead cast in this series. If you love Zoya’s work, then you’ll fall in love with this series in seconds. Even if you aren’t familiar with Zoya Akhtar’s work but you’re a fan of intense drama and realistic acting, then you will definitely binge-watch “Made In Heaven”.

Four More Shots Please

Languages: Hindi, Telugu, Tamil 

This is the story of four millennial women who explore their lives through love, booze, and blunders in Modern India. The plot revolves around four female friends living in Mumbai dealing with their lives and trying to figure out what’s good and what’s bad for them. ‘Four More Shots Please’ is an attempt to depict the feminism and fight against “male chauvinism“.

Laakhon Mein Ek

Languages: Hindi, Telugu, Tamil 

Laakhon Mein Ek brings out the gloomy hyper-competitive atmosphere of IIT Coaching, the stress that comes with it and the clash between student’s aspirations & society/parent’s expectations. This show revolves around a 15-year-old boy, Aakash, whose life’s aim is acting & to post mimicry videos online. But instead, he is trapped under the burden of his father’s dreams. As Biswa would quote “Aakash is launched in a projectile by his parents, to a pressure chamber of coaching, finds his equilibrium on meeting Bakri & Chudail. But his roots are ripped off, he hits a Minima & finds himself by embracing the Entropy of life”. Will he survive in the jungle or will he eventually, as the situation toughens, quit? The title Track – ‘Pending Sapne’ itself invites you to watch the whole series.

Inside Edge

Languages: Hindi, Telugu, Tamil 

Amazon Prime Video’s first Indian Original, Inside Edge, was released as a 10-episode series in June 2017. It includes a promising star cast consisting of Vivek Oberoi, Angad Bedi and Richa Chadha. This series is based on a T20 fictional team, Mumbai Mavericks. It will send a thrill down your spine as it unfolds the game that goes on behind the actual game. A story that defines sex, money, power, selfishness as the virtues to survive in the game. You cannot help but notice the stark similarity in the fictional team & its owners.

Musical | Reality TV

Things are gonna get musical in this section. You’ll find some great musical webisodes along with reality TV shows here. So get ready to node your heads to the beat with some great Amazon Prime Video Indian Musical Originals.

Harmony with AR Rahman

Languages: English 

AR Rahman embarks on a journey to search for rare Indian music & understand it only to find it stitched in Indian culture. He sets on this journey because of the value it holds in the heart of artists. In this musical travel documentary, A R Rahman discovers the story behind 4 music instruments. He then aims to combine them in one harmonious arrangement, bringing out the individual prowess of each of the instruments. The 4 instruments are – Mizhavu, a percussion instrument played in temples of Kerala; A century-old string instrument, Rudra Veena from Mumbai; the natural song form, Khunung Eshei from Manipur; Pangthong Palith, a bamboo flute played by the Lepchas from Sikkim. The fifth and the final episode makes us realize the depth of music & the effort put in behind those soulful performances we love on Coke Studio.

The Remix

Languages: Hindi

The show is about what the title suggests, remixes! It features participant musicians creating their own spin on popular and classic Bollywood tracks. Ten groups with two partners each (a musician and a DJ) team up to kick-ass. The show is a party, and the professional but boisterous stage lightning and camera work hype up the extravaganza.

Hear Me. Love Me

Languages: Hindi

A must-watch for all the EDM music lovers, The Remix brings to you one of its kind music reality show where the contestants – a singer & a DJ team up to remix Bollywood songs and produce a melody you would love to listen! With an appropriate panel of judges – Sunidhi Chauhan, Nucleya & Amit Trivedi, the series starts off with a head-banging performance by each of them and continues for total 10 episodes wherein you see the contestants mixing retro music in songs or performing with a live band or mixing day-to-day kitchen, garage sounds to their songs. All this with continuous power-packed performances by guests singers and the judges! Watch this one-of-a-kind show to discover new artists & see which team finally manages to impress the judges and win the show!

Stand Up Specials

You know you love them. We all do. And Amazon Prime Video knows that. In this section, we’ll take a look at all the available Indian Standup Specials on Prime Video that you can enjoy right now.

Comicstaan by AIB

Languages: Hindi

7 best Indian comedians hunt for India’s next big comic! The 9-episode series brings loads of laughter by a fresh bunch of aspiring comedians. Each of the 7 mentors trains the contestants in 7 comedy genres. Comicstaan takes us into the raw and fundamental areas of constructing a 10-minute standup. The contestants need to learn a new genre within a week from their mentors. To progress to the next round, they have to write their own scripts and perform it in their best ways. A one-of-its-kind reality show which will haunt you if you don’t watch it soon enough! 

Amazon has the widest collection among all OTTs with its Indian Stand Up and Comedy shows.

Kaksha Gyarvi by Zakir Khan

Kaksha Gyarvi Amazon Prime Original

Languages: Hindi

India’s most loved standup artist, Zakir Khan is here with a new special that goes back to school days. He takes us through the journey from a fourth class to the ninth class boys’ school and the sudden transition as he enters a co-ed school. Zakir narrates this beautiful story with interesting experiences and reflections on his close relationship with his father. This standup has its authentic Zakir style with timed punchlines, repeated dialogues snippets and a sprinkle of philosophy which hits in the head and the heart. Oh and all of this is before he becomes a Sakht Launda.

Take it Easy by Anirban Dasguptal

Take It Easy by Anirban Dasgupta on Amazon PrimeVideo

Languages: English

For a topical and political comedy lover, this is the funniest show on Prime Video. ‘Take it easy’ cleverly takes a dig at the online Indian audience who take offence on anything these days. The show starts with the funny story of a budding comedy artist in India and it is all uphill from there, with clap-worthy jokes about Mangalsutra, Netaji & an aggressive hit on dumb YouTubers & Good-for-Nothing people ready to file a case on jokes. He seems to be very progressive in his style as at a point when an abortion & miscarriage joke gets awkward, he makes the audience comfortable by realizing them it is a comedy show.

The show is in black and white as if shooting a comedy in 1945.  Anirban is witty in his jokes and casually political in his satire. One of the best dialogues of the act – “Bokachoda is our favourite cuss word. Bokachoda basically means a dumbfuck. So in our cuss words, we don’t insult your female relatives or even their genitals. We insult your intelligence.”

Make India Great Again by Sorabh Pant

Make India Great Again by Sorabh Pant exclusively on Amazon PrimeVideo

Languages: English 

Famously known to be aggressive on Political Subjects & Rahul Gandhi, Sorabh Pant talks about all the things he would do to Make India Great Again. This is his kind of comedy, which as always, is filled with hilarious jokes & also delivers a message. It is engaging to listen to him talk on various topics like the NaMo wave, Rahul Gandhi, China & US and the small connections that they have with us. To connect better with his jokes, it’s better to be in touch with the hot topics around you (just go through his twitter feed once in a while :P). ‘Make India Great Again’ is a must watch for topical comedy lovers.

Kal Main Udega by Rahul Subramaniam

Kal Main Udega by Rahul Subramaniam Amazon Standup Specials

Languages: Hindi

There is a thing about Rahul Subramaniam’s comedy, soon as he enters the scene, he is already your best friend. With his casual overfriendly tone and superb acting skills, he conjures up an atmosphere and changes it at will from talking about a housemaid to talking with a DJ playing songs in a club. He makes the whole overused “north Indian vs south Indian” thing extremely funny by his witty takes on it. This is another gem in his artwork and a good watch for a chuckle-worthy time.

The Improvisers: Something from Nothing by Kaneez, Abish, Kenny & Kanan

The Improvisers Abish, Kaneez, Kanan & Kenny on Amazon Prime

Languages: English

The title is what this show is all about: Improvisation. The improvised act in this show is a bit different and there is a lot of preparation and script writing that already has been done for potential situations that may arise during the enactment. This act has awkwardness, the out of the blue one-liners and impromptu scene build up which goes uncontrolled many times, there is humour in the fuck ups of the attempts of the artists. You would love it if you are up for something new and an awkwardly funny theatre act.

Childish Behaviour by Sahil Shah

Childish Behaviour Sahil Shah on Amazon Prime

Languages: English

Sahil with his crazy ability to act a scene out and creating the atmosphere by making stupid faces, silly sounds makes this show hilarious. Though some, not so naive audience might not like it, but for the ones who can relate, this standup is hysterical. He is adept at smoothly changing scenes in seconds from the UK to India, from playing with a child to talking about 90’s cartoons, so smoothly that it looks a single setup. This show has great one-liners, nostalgic recalls, and some unique observations.


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