ATTENTION SINGLES: Get Ready For A Digital Movie Night

Are you alone this Valentine’s day? Are you missing somebody? Are you feeling miserable? Cool. We are too. That’s why we welcome you to a one-of-its-kind online event, THE DIGITAL MOVIE NIGHT. This is a call to all the singles out there in this cruel all paired-up world who are looking for a great company.


We’re gonna choose 1 movie out of 10 based on your votes and stream it live on our website. It’s cool, isn’t it? A bunch of movie buffs enjoying and discussing a good movie when everybody else will be out there just trying to fit in each other’s worlds. This is the need of the hour for us singles. This has to happen. And to make it happen, we need you to go to our poll and vote for your favourite movie.

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Wait! Wait! Wait! Where are you going? Hold on. We’ve got something for you. Something cool, something that will not make you feel lonely, and alone, and miserable of course. We’ve got free one-month subscriptions of the top online media services for the 5 not-so-unlucky people among you. Out of these, the choice is yours- Netflix, Prime Video, Alt Balaji, Hotstar, Zee5. You can win this, easssiiiily! All you need to do is to follow these simple instructions:

1. Choose your favourite movie from the poll at the end of this blog
2. Come and hang out together with other movie buffs on The Digital Movie Night.

Oh! and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram at to keep up with the latest updates about the Digital Movie Night.

We are excited about this. Hope you are too. This Valentine’s Day is not gonna be just about the cliched-love; It’s gonna be about the movie-love as well. And here at FlickZee, we care for the movies & TV shows lovers. See you at the movie night. Be ready with the drinks and snacks. We’re gonna have some fun! Ta-da!

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