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Arré is an online infotainment platform founded by the former Network TV18 CEO. They produce a variety of articles, videos, web series, doodles, audio series/podcasts and documentaries. Arré is a modern, change-oriented platform and typically caters to the modern youth.

Content on Arré is free and doesn’t require a subscription. Simply download their app or sign up on their website itself.

Content Available

Besides articles and doodles, Arré produces a number of web-series, short videos, investigative documentaries and podcasts that are usually 20-30 minutes long. These can be accessed on their website, app or on their Youtube channel. Most of their original titles are partnered with other influential media platforms, and the subject content is often based on modern issues.

The content of Arre is also available to be viewed on YouTube, Airtel TV and JioCinema.

Following is a list of their original content:

  • Web Series: Official CEOgiri, The Real High, The Adventures of Abbaas Mastan, I Don’t Watch TV, Ho Ja Re-gender, A.I.SHA My Virtual Girlfriend, Official Chukyagiri, The Real High
  • Audio Series/Podcasts: Trial by Error: The Aarushi Files (in English), Aarushi Files (in Hindi)
  • Documentaries: Death by Breath, Kashmir’s Lost Children

Who Would Love Arré?

  • Youngsters and teenagers interested in modern issues or controversial topics
  • Those on the lookout for unique and free web-series across various genres
  • Those who like well-made podcasts and docu-series
  • If you’re into pop culture, funny short videos and appreciate a unique take on everyday issues, you’ll love Arré

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