All 15 Animated Movies on Amazon Prime

Here are the best-animated movies on Prime Video, for the whole family to enjoy.

Despicable Me

‘Despicable Me’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Gru is a supervillain who takes pleasure in stealing national monuments and artefacts. When his rival Vector steals the Great Pyramid of Giza, Gru decides to one-up him by stealing the moon. Gru plans to adopt three girls who can distract Vector by selling cookies, while he steals Vector’s shrink ray. The movie takes a sweet turn when Gru warms to the affections of the young girls and enjoys being with them more than being a supervillain. “Despicable Me” is a hilarious and entertaining movie for all ages. Its sequel “Despicable Me 2” is available on Prime Video as well.

Kung Fu Panda

‘Kung Fu Panda’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Po is a good-natured Panda who wishes more than anything to be a Kung Fu warrior like his heroes, the Furious Five. When Master Oogway selects him as the Dragon warrior, everyone assumes it is a mistake. From the great Master Shifu to the Furious Five, they believe he is a mistake and that he would never be a Kung Fu warrior. When the evil Tai Lung, a former student of Shifu, returns for revenge, Po must become a true Dragon warrior if he is to defeat him.


‘Madagascar’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Marty the zebra, Alex the lion, Gloria the hippo and Melman the giraffe are friends at Central Park Zoo. Everything goes south when Marty believes they should live in the wild. He runs away, causing a scene, and the four are shipped to Kenya to live in their natural habitat. Their ship is run off course courtesy of four penguins who are also attempting to escape the zoo, and they land in Madagascar. The journey of these city animals who must learn to live in the wild, joined by funny characters like King Julien, Mort and the penguins, makes for a truly entertaining movie.

The Lego Movie

‘The Lego Movie’ Online Availability:FlickZee

“The LEGO Movie” is the story of a perfect world, where Emmet is a normal guy living a happy life. It all comes crashing down when he discovers the Piece of Resistance, the only brick that can stop the superweapon Kragle. The villainous Lord Business tries to capture him only to be thwarted by Wyldstyle and Vitruvius. Vitruvius believes Emmet is part of a prophecy that makes him the Special, the only person who can stop Lord Business and the Kragle. Prepare for pop culture references and superb voice acting from Chris Pratt and Morgan Freeman.

Shrek 2

‘Shrek 2’ Online Availability:FlickZee

“Shrek 2” takes place after the events of “Shrek”, as the titular character is living with the love of his life in their swamp. Their blissful married life is interrupted by Shrek’s wife, Princess Fiona, being summoned to her parents’ castle. Despite being happy her curse is broken, her father King Harold is disappointed that Fiona is living as an ogre and married to one. Accompanied by the silly Donkey and suave Puss in Boots, Shrek takes desperate measures to prove that he is worthy of Fiona’s love and become the perfect person for her.

Puss In Boots

‘Puss In Boots’ Online Availability:FlickZee

A spin-off of the “Shrek” series, “Puss in Boots” reveals the backstory of the elegant Puss, from his beginning as an orphan and his foray into criminal activity with his partner in crime, Humpty Dumpty. They reluctantly team up, along with cat burglar Kitty Softpaws, to find magic beans that will lead them to the Golden Goose and a great treasure.


‘Rango’ Online Availability:FlickZee

When a pet chameleon falls off his owner’s car in the desert, he is led to an Old West town called Dirt. There he pretends to be a brave gunslinger named Rango. He is forced to carry on the charade when the town is attacked by a hawk. He accidentally defeats it and is made sheriff of the town. Rango has to deal with the loss of water in the town as well as the return of gunslinger Rattlesnake Jake.

The Stolen Princess

‘The Stolen Princess’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Ruslan is a wandering artist who longs to be a knight. He plays the role of wizards Finn and Shernomore in a play written by his friend Lester. He runs into the Princess Mila who sneaks out of her castle to escape the constraints of royal life. He rescues her from some ruffians and pretends to be a knight to impress her. While they hang out, Mila is kidnapped by Shernomore, and Ruslan must save her from the evil sorcerer.


‘Ballerina’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Also released as “Leap!”, this movie is the story of Felicie, a young orphan who dreams of being a ballerina but without the facilities to train like one. Accompanied by her friend Victor, she travels to Paris where she tries to visit the Opera but is dismissed by the security there. She is taken in by a cleaner, Odette, while she gains entry to the opera by pretending to be another student. Her talents are noticed, but what happens when she is found out? Will she be able to attain the prestigious role of Clara in the Nutcracker? Find out in this classic heartwarming tale.

Room On The Broom

‘Room On The Broom’ Online Availability:FlickZee

A kind witch and her cat are the best of companions, used to a life on their own. But on their journeys, they manage to meet several companions, including a dog, bird and frog. The witch allows them all onto the broom, which annoys the cat. Watch this adorable animation about the power of kindness and friendship.

Fantastic Mr. Fox

‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Mr Fox and his wife Felicity retire from a life of thieving when Felicity becomes pregnant. They live a normal life with their son, Ash, but Mr Fox is drawn back to the criminal life with his friend Kylie Opossum. Life becomes dangerous for them and their community when the farmers they are stealing from want to take revenge for their lost poultry.

The Gruffalo

‘The Gruffalo’ Online Availability:FlickZee

A mother squirrel narrates the story of the Gruffalo to her children. A little brown mouse that once sought delicious nuts is besieged by predators of various kinds on his way to food. He escapes by telling them he is meeting a monstrous creature called the Gruffalo. But he is in deep trouble when it turns out that the Gruffalo is actually real.

The Star

‘The Star’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Bo is a donkey who is tired of his life at the mill and wishes to become someone important. He runs away from the miller and runs into newlyweds Joseph and Mary, who is expecting her firstborn, Jesus. Bo and his friend Dave must protect their newfound family from the dangers waiting for the Messiah.

Hotel Transylvania

‘Hotel Transylvania’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Count Dracula is a loving vampire father who lives with his 118-year-old daughter, Mavis. He runs the Hotel Transylvania, the getaway for monsters from all corners of the world to be free from human disturbances. But the growing Mavis wishes to see the outside world, and Dracula fears to lose her more than everything else. But what happens when a human manages to find the Hotel? This funny tale is made even better by the voices of Adam Sandler and Andy Sandberg.

Doctor Strange

‘Doctor Strange’ Online Availability:FlickZee

An animated version of the Marvel hero’s backstory was available long before Benedict Cumberbatch’s iconic performance. Dr Stephen Strange is a skilled surgeon until a car accident renders his hands useless and stops his career right in its tracks. Desperate to find a cure, he travels to Tibet to the mystical Kamar Taj, where he meets the Ancient One, a sorcerer who claims to be able to cure his illness and much more. Stephen must manoeuvre through the mystical world and master it if he is to defeat the looming threat of Dormammu, a primaeval threat to the living world.

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