Amazon launches mobile only “ME” Subscription

Amazon Prime recently launched its new mobile version. As much as the scheme sounds promising, Amazon launched it in a much-hyped manner. Amazon took a unique approach and proved that when it comes to marketing, it is not less than any other competitor out there.

The Curious case of missing ME

Amazon Prime Video, one of the most popular streaming platforms in the country, dropped the letters “ME” from their logo on social media, and everyone wanted to know why? 

ME from the Prime Video logo went missing on January 11 from Instagram, Twitter, and also Facebook. This kicked off the #WhereIsME trend on Instagram and Twitter. 

This gave netizens a new source of curiosity as they started speculating the probable cause of this strange disappearance. Was it some technical glitch? Or is it an advertising gimmick? Or is it just 2021? For many it was a fun thing as they got a new tongue twister to try: “memers kept on asking where is ME as amazon prime video’s me is missing making it amazon pri video while where is ME memes are trending”.

A series of fun tweets made us laugh hysterically –