The complete list of 23 Hindi Viu Originals Web Series

Viu is a video service initially launched in Hong Kong and owned by PCCW Media. At present, Viu has over 20 million active users in South & South-East Asia. It has both freemium as well as premium services. It showcases a selected set of popular shows and movies free of charge and charges for complete content and additional features. We have consolidated some of the best original shows that you can binge-watch on Viu. What are you waiting for? Scroll down and start streaming already! 

For convenience, we have the list segregated into 4 genres:

  1. Romance and Drama
  2. Thriller and Horror
  3. Cricket Originals
  4. Reality and Talk Shows


Romance and Drama

Love, Lust and Confusion (Season 1 and 2)

Cast: Tara-Alisha Berry, Rajat Barmecha, Ankit Bathla, Meiyang Chang, Meghana Kaushik, Mohini Shimpi, Gaurav Chopra, Jatin Dua

Plot: 26-year-old Poroma Sarkar is a free-spirited and carefree girl. Her childhood sweetheart, Rohan Chatterjee is moving to the US for 14 months. So, she decides to move to Mumbai and explore herself and do everything on her wishlist. Soon, she comes across new people who give her new and wild experiences. She notes down everything in a journal about her life of getting wild before getting hitched. Will she get herself into a mess? Has she been hiding any secrets in her journal? Will she end up marrying Rohan? Watch the show to find out! Watch the trailer here.

Love Lust & Confusion Viu Web Series

Wedding Khichdi

Cast: Abhijeet Duddala, Varshini Sounderajan

Plot: This comedy-filled show revolves around a bride and her groom running away from their marriage on the day they are getting hitched. Sounds peculiar, isn’t it? They run away from the wedding to get married. Now, you must like whaaat? Watch the series to find out. All the drama, madness, and chaos-filled in one show brought to you by Viu. Watch the trailer here.

Wedding Khichdi Viu Original

It happened in Hong Kong

Cast: Aahana Kumra, Amol Parashar

Plot: It happened in Hong Kong revolves around the life of a simple and fiercely independent woman named Aahana who just broke up with her fiance and is out on a solo trip to the beautiful city of Hong Kong to discover herself. On the trip, she meets Amol who is also a tourist there and the duo hit it off instantly. They decide to explore the city together.

The way people go out on trips, meet strangers, discover something new about themselves is all captured beautifully in this show. But, as it is said, all good things come to an end. Will this newly found friendship blossom into love or will have a tragic ending? Do happily-ever-afters still exist? Watch the show to find out. Watch the trailer here.

It happened in Hong Kong Viu Webseries

Spotlight (Season 1 and 2)

Cast:  Arif Zakaria, Sid Makkar, and Tridha Choudhury

Plot: Spotlight, as the name suggests showcases the glamorous life of the very famous actress Sana Sanyal and how she falls in love with the Bollywood superstar Romesh Raj. The life that Sana has is a dream for many and how millions would like their lives to be.

The show begins with Romesh Raj calling a press conference to clear his name and denying all the link-ups with Sana. Did Sana fall in love with Romesh? Does Romesh realise his mistake? What happens to the stardom that Sana carries with her after all the secrets associated with Bollywood get exposed? Tune in to find out. Watch the trailer here.

 Spotlight Viu Webseries


Cast: Paresh Pahuja, Syed Zeeshan Qadri, Deepak Kalra, Sahil Anand, Vivek Mushran, Sameer Anjaan, Sheetal Thakur

Plot: This show is about four Swag Busters (name of the band) and the journey of how they create their band. The show begins with Sangeet Sharma narrating his story of being a part of the music reality show ‘Voice of Hindustan’ and how he forms the band with his cousin Gaurav Bhalla and friend Shampoo.

They finally come across their fourth band member who is a blind harmonium player while performing jagrata to meet their needs and make money to give rent to Guptaji, who is a newcomer in politics and is a property dealer who gives his jam pad on rent to these four guys. It is a show full of emotions, fun, and friendship. Will the Swag Busters be able to make it big in life? Will they be pulled down by others or their hard work will pay off? Watch the show to find out! Watch the trailer here.

 Banned Viu Original

 My Girlfriend’s Secret

Cast: Sunaina, Ashwin Kakumanu

Plot: Om is a tattoo artist who sets up his studio in an eerie old bungalow. One night, he is attacked by a Vampire, who is also his neighbour and college mate. Nila is a super cute and over-friendly, but she has a dark backstory and also many Vampires lurking around. Over the course of their interaction, Om and Nila fall in love with each other. But a human and a Vampire, together? Where will this love story take both of them? How will they stay together and manage two different species of society? Watch this 13 episode rollercoaster of emotions. Watch the trailer here.

Nila Nila Odi Vaa My GIrlfriend's Secret

Thriller and Horror


Cast: Vatsal Sheth, Sanjeeda Sheikh, and Trishaan Singh

Plot: Gehraiyaan is the first digital horror series revolving around a surgeon Reyna who has just joined work after a year-long break. She works to save lives but instead has been surrounded by the dead. She sees and feels evil spirits around her and when she tells people around her, they say that her medicines are causing her hallucinations. Will Reyna accept her fate and give up or will she fight and resurface from this dark envelope surrounding her? Tune in to Viu to find out! Watch the trailer here.

Gehraiyaan Viu Original Horror Series


Cast: Rana Daggubati

Plot: Social is a cybercrime digital show which shows the downfall that the rapidly growing social media websites have. Inspired by true events, it shows how a girl named Veda goes missing and Vikram Sanpat starts a huge social media movement to find the missing girl. Will the missing girl’s brother Prithvi along with his gang be able to find Veda by using social media and other means? Who is behind this kidnapping? Watch this action thriller to find out! Watch the trailer here.

Social Viu Web series


Cast: Rohit Roy, Priya Gor

Plot: Siddharth Sareen is a renowned anchor of the leading news channel ‘India Now’. After facing and coming back from a near-death experience, he is blessed with the superpower to touch a dead body and get access to all the memories, desires, ambition and the events that winded him/her dead.

Much to his surprise, he finds out about this after one of his interns Priya went in a coma. He realises that there is a huge plot to kill the CM behind Priya’s condition and helps the police in gathering evidence to solve the case. Will Siddharth succeed? Will he be able to get Priya back from Coma? Will he be able to save the CM? Tune in to Viu to find out! Watch the trailer here.

 Memories Viu Web Series Original

Truth or Tamanna

Cast: Priyanshu Jora, Abhitesh Khajuria, Vrushika Mehta, Kushal Punjabi, Himani Sahani, Sakshi Pradhan.

Plot: ‘Truth or Tamanna’ throws light on the dark side of the dance industry of Bollywood as a documentary film-maker Dhruv sets out on a quest to find his girlfriend Tamanna who is might have been kidnapped, lost, killed or is secretive. Does Tamanna really exist? Will Dhruv be able to find the truth about her? Tune in to Viu to find out now! Watch the trailer here.

Truth Or Tamanna Web Series Viu Original


Cast: Sayani Gupta, Madhurima Roy, Shruti Srivastava, Rajeev Siddhartha, Rannvijay Singh

Plot: Kaushiki is the female protagonist of this series who comes across five people and becomes really good friends with them. She feels very lucky to have such an amazing circle but suddenly her world turns upside down when she gets to know the ‘dark’ side to every person in her group.

Meanwhile, things go haywire and ACP Sumer starts investigating each one of Kaushiki’s friends to find out about their secrets. Will he be able to find out about her friends? Will all the wrongdoers be punished? What is it that shocks Kaushiki to such an extent? You will have to watch the show to find out. Watch the trailer here.

Kaushiki Viu Web Series Original

Unafraid (Season 1 and 2)

Cast: Aparna Dixit, Vipul Gupta, Aniruddh Dave, Pranav Sachdev, Ajay Chaudhary, Ambrish Srivastava.

Plot: Bade and Chitre are a pair of psychopaths who kill the women who mock them. Piya Verma is assigned to study the case and find out the serial killers. Chitre, the maniac, finds it mocking that a woman is assigned to catch him. Is Piya’s life in danger? How will she solve the case? Watch the show on Viu to find out. Watch the trailer here.

 Unafraid Viu Web Series Original

13 Mussoorie

Cast: Shoaib Ahmed, Shriya Pilgaonkar, Viraf Patel, Naveed Aslam

Plot: The series revolves around a mysterious story of a merciless serial killer ‘AKS’. The entire city of Mussoorie wants to know about the man behind the endless murders. Aditi Bisht, daughter of a celebrated senior cop of the city, wife of a reputed cop and a journalist by profession takes on a mission to solve the case and find the serial killer.

But a twist follows when Aditi is shocked to know about the mystery man and plans to close the case without revealing the details to anybody. Another surprise awaits, as Aditi gets trapped by a copycat killer claiming himself to be ‘AKS’. Will Aditi be able to track down the killer before he reaches to her? How long will she be able to hide the truth from her husband, her father or the people of Mussoorie? Watch the show on Viu to find out. Watch the trailer here.

13 Mussoorie Web Series Viu Original


Cast: Anirudh Tothapalli, Dhanya Balakrishnan

Plot: Chhaliya throws light on the lives of millions of teenagers through Dhanya who is a light-hearted girl with a boyfriend and loves partying. She goes to an amazing party but comes across a shocking revelation the next morning that she is pregnant. She, along with her boyfriend Rishi, try to backtrack the night and find out what exactly happened. Will they be able to find an answer? Who is responsible for Dhanya’s pregnancy? Is there some crazy stalker behind Dhanya? Tune in to Viu to find out now! Watch the trailer here.

 Pill A Challiya Viu Web Series Original

Cricket Originals

Veeru ke funde

Everyone who is a fan of Virender Sehwag and watches cricket would know how hilarious he is. In this series, Viru gives his hilarious take on the different things in life – how to get a promotion, how to win an argument with wife, how to get the best of your child and many more.

Viru ke Funde Virender Sehwag Viu original web series

What the Duck – Season 1, 2 & 3

WTD is a talk show with many Indian Cricket Celebrities telling their secrets, their stories, what motivates them, and drives them in their exclusive interviews with Vikram Sathaye? Idols to millions, Rahul Dravid, Virender Sehwag, Harbhajan Singh, Zaheer Khan, Sachin Tendulkar, Irfan Pathan, Gautam Gambhir and many more will appear on the show and share their stories on-field as well as off-field.

What the Duck with Cricket Celebrities Viu Web Series Original

WTD Googlies

This comedy talk show showcases the life of mango people and how they sit with their friends over a cup of coffee and discuss the cricket match and laugh over some jokes. Well, this talk show involves four friends who bring out the lighter side of cricket with their jokes and hilarious comic timing by talking about wicketkeepers, umpires, and of course your favourite cricketers. If you want to get some entertainment, do tune into Viu and watch this amazing show!

WTD Googlies Viu Original Web Series

Reality and talk shows

I Can You Can

Released in 2015, I Can You can is an adventure reality show hosted by Milind Soman, the first Iron Man of India. He takes the participants of this series on a trek to Mt. Everest Base Camp. These are not just some avid trekkers but a bunch of 6 smokers trying to quit smoking, and that too on an Mt. Everest Base Camp Trek. Now you know the reason behind the prominent ‘Nnicotex’ branding. The concept is derived from the American reality show with the same name.

I can you can viu original web series Milind Somand

Paisa Vasool

This comedy filled show with Mahnaz Damania and Deepal Doshi as the anchors give a review of all the new Bollywood movies that hit the box office. Also, experts from all over the world join them in providing their valuable inputs and reaching a conclusion about a movie. Tired of watching the same old drama and looking forward to some light-hearted humour? This is the one for you!

Paisa Vasool Viu Original web series

Get ready to binge-watch the entire list of available Viu originals and shows with every genre you need!

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