Airtel Thanks Offer Benefits – Zee5, Amazon Prime, Netflix & Other Offers | Free Airtel TV Premium & 8 more offers

Are you an Airtel user? Do you love binge-watching TV shows from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Alt Balaji and similar Video On Demand services? If your answer is ‘yes’ for either one of them, then we might have an offer that you can’t refuse. 

With the boom of online digital content in India, Airtel & other telecom services are providing impressive prepaid and postpaid plans to their customers. Also, after an immense cost-cutting by Jio in the telecom sector, Airtel is also trying hard to retain its customers by surrounding them with luring entertainment offerings which keep retain customers and increase the perceived value of Airtel Prepaid and Postpaid plans. Therefore, the plans from Airtel not only pack a hefty data package but also come bundled with complimentary subscriptions for Wynk Music App and Airtel TV App for Movies, Videos & TV Shows.

Now, all you need is an Airtel connection, and you’re all set to get a buffet of Entertainment offers without even paying for subscription plans of those content. Happy Reading.

What is #airtelThanks Offer?

This is Airtel’s way to reward its prepaid and postpaid customers with multiple exclusive offers including premium subscription for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video etc., cashbacks, gift cards & vouchers, and more. If you fulfil their criteria (read the next section), then you can also reap all the benefits that come along with the #airtelThanks offer. With the rise of VOD services, this seems to be an attractive offer. However, one of the primary and foremost requirements to be eligible for #airtelThanks offer is that you must be an Airtel customer.

Am I Eligible For #airtelThanks Offer?

Airtel has initiated #airtelThanks offers to a select set of Prepaid & Postpaid customers who fulfil the following criteria:

  1. Airtel Prepaid users with Unlimited recharge pack of Rs 90 and above.
  2. Airtel Postpaid users with Infinity plan of Rs 299 or above (Excluding corporate plans)

Note: Add-on connections for Postpaid users are not the part of #airtelThanks offer as of now.

How To Become an Airtel User?

If you want to enjoy the benefits of #airtelThanks offer but you’re not an Airtel user then don’t worry. All you need to do is to either purchase a new SIM or port the existing SIM to Airtel. To request a port, you can visit or visit a nearby Airtel store. To purchase a new SIM, you can either visit a nearby Airtel store or any retailer that sells Airtel SIMs.

What Will I Get With #airtelThanks Offer?

A user satisfying either of the above criteria is eligible for #airtelThanks and can avail the benefits after giving an explicit consent through My Airtel App, Airtel TV App or Website. Here are the benefits that come under Airtel Thanks program:

  1. Free Netflix subscription:  If you’re a binge watcher of TV shows and movies, then you definitely know that this is big. With #airtelThanks offer, you get 3 months Netflix subscription for absolutely Free. However, this offer is only for select users. The complete details are under the heading ‘What Is Netflix Subscription Offer?’ heading.
  2. Free Amazon Prime Subscription:  An Amazon Prime Subscription can not only allow watching all the TV shows, movies and originals on Prime Video, but it also gives you exclusive benefits on shopping through Amazon. This offer is also for only select users which are discussed under the heading ‘What Is Amazon Prime Subscription Offer?’.
  3. Airtel TV Premium Subscription: Airtel Tv offers access to exclusive content form ZEE5, HOOQ, ALT Balaji, Eros Now. Moreover, curated free content of Hotstar & YouTube is available on Airtel TV app. You can enjoy all these contents for free on Airtel TV app with the #airtelThanks offer.
  4. Airtel Secure: This is only for Postpaid customers. Airtel Secure is free insurance for the customer’s Handset against accidental damage or liquid damage. In such cases, customer needs to inform Airtel and get the device picked up from the doorstep for repairment. The customer is charged only 10% of the insured sum value.
  5. Data Secure: This is only for Postpaid customers in which they’ll get Anti-Virus protection including anti-malware protection, App Advisor, Web Protection & Spam Block. Android users will get 12 months of Norton Antivirus subscription and 2 GB Cloud Backup Storage. iOS users will get just the 12 months of Norton mobile security subscription.
  6. Free Add-on connections:  This only for Airtel Prepaid customers offer gives Add Ons to its customers boost their data size. Various Add Ons are available to match your varying data requirements.
  7. Amazon Pay Gift Card: The eligible candidates for the #airtelThanks offer will get a Rs 51 Amazon Pay Gift Card for free. Read more about this offer in the ‘What Is Amazon Play Gift Card Offer?’ section.
  8. PUMA Gift Voucher: With this, you get flat 25% off of on PUMA’s products.
  9. 100% cashback on recharges: Prepaid customers who recharge for the unlimited pack of INR 199 or above through MyAirtel App will get cashback coupons worth the recharge value in INR 50 denominations. These coupons can be used on future recharges as well to avail the discounts on the net amount.
  10. Premium customer support will be offered to the eligible Airtel users.

These benefits of airtelThanks will be terminated when a customer downgrades or stops a prepaid or postpaid account.

What Is #airtelThanks Netflix Subscription Offer?

For some of its postpaid and broadband users, Airtel is giving free 3 Months Netflix subscription worth INR 1500 with the #airtelThanks offer. Are you the lucky one or not? Check the offer details below.


In addition to satisfying the criteria for the #airtelThanks offer, to avail this free Netflix subscription offer, Airtel customers need to fulfil either one of the following conditions as well.

  1. Infinity postpaid plan worth INR 499 and above.
  2. Airtel Broadband Customers with Gold Plans and above.

Netflix Users

This offer can be availed by both New and Existing Netflix users.

  • New Netflix Subscribers: They will be given 3 months subscription to the Netflix – Basic plan. After the 3 months are over, the subscription of Netflix will continue and the user will be charged through the Airtel postpaid bill.
  • Existing Netflix Subscribers: A credit of INR 1500 will be added to the Netflix account and the current plan will continue. After INR 1500 is used up, the existing payment method will continue. Users with iTunes as the mode of their payment are not eligible for this.

How to Avail

  1. Download or upgrade to the latest Airtel TV app.
  2. Launch Airtel TV app and click on the Netflix Card.


This offer is valid until the customer is valid & verified Airtel postpaid member with a monthly plan of INR 499 and above.

Note: Netflix users with iTunes as their mode of payment can’t avail this offer.

What Is #airtelThanks Amazon Prime Subscription Offer?

Airtel is giving a whopping 1-year Amazon Prime subscription to its selected users on Postpaid plans or Broadband users. Check your eligibility below.


  1. Airtel Infinity postpaid users with a monthly bill worth INR 399 or above are eligible.
  2. Airtel Broadband customers with monthly plans worth:
    1. Rs 999 and above for Bangalore / Delhi & NCR / Chennai are eligible.
    2. Rs 799 for all remaining cities are eligible.

How to Avail

  1. Through My Airtel app: Launch the app and click on ‘Amazon Prime Card’ in the Thanks page.
  2. Through Airtel TV app: Launch the app and click on ‘Amazon Prime Card’.


  1. This offer can be availed only once for each Postpaid or Broadband plan.
  2. After the one-year duration is complete, the customer will be billed INR 999 per year through the Postpaid or Broadband bill. Customer will be notified at the time of renewal.
  3. If the customer unsubscribes from the Amazon Prime membership during one year period, then Amazon Prime subscription will continue for one year but it won’t be auto-renewed.
  4. If the customer stops the Amazon postpaid or broadband account, the Amazon Prime Subscription will not be accessible. However, if it had been claimed, then it will be continued for one year.
  5. If the customer downgrades for one year, the Amazon Prime subscription will be cancelled.

What Is #airtelThanks Amazon Pay Gift Card Offer?

With #airtelThanks offer, eligible candidates can redeem Airtel’s Amazon gift card worth Rs 51. This gift card is non-renewable and is offered only once per user. Check out the other details below.


All Airtel Prepaid and Postpaid users with select recharge plans are eligible for this gift voucher.

  1.  Prepaid users with unlimited recharge pack of above Rs 100 are eligible.
  2. Postpaid users with infinity plans of Rs 299 and above are eligible.

How to Avail

  1. Download or update to the latest My Airtel app.
  2. Redeem the Amazon Prime gift voucher.


This offer is valid up to 11:59 PM of 31st October 2018.

What Is Airtel TV Premium Offer?

Select #airtelThanks eligible users will be offered Airtel TV premium membership for free. Airtel TV premium users will have access to select shows and movies from Zee5, HOOQ, Eros Now, and Alt Balaji along with 350+ live TV channels, 1000+ TV shows and movies. Check out the eligibility and other details below.


All Airtel Prepaid & Postpaid customers with an active monthly recharge plan of Rs 199 or above are eligible.

How to Avail

  1. Through My Airtel app: Launch the app and click on ‘Thanks’ tile. Within the ‘Thanks Page’, you can click to claim the offer.
  2. Through Airtel TV app: Launch the app and claim the offer on ‘Thanks Page’.  


  1. For as long as #airtelThanks offer lasts.
  2. For as long as the customer holds a valid Airtel account or eligible plans.

What Is Airtel Thanks 100% Cashback Offer?

Airtel is offering 100% cashback on multiple recharges for prepaid users only. Check the details below.


  1. Airtel Prepaid users with recharges of Rs 399 and Rs 448 are eligible.
  2. Airtel Prepaid users with recharge of Rs 199 are eligible.
  3. All the recharges must be done through My Airtel app only.
  4. All the recharges must be done on the primary number on My Airtel app.

How to Avail

  1. Recharge for either Rs 399, Rs 448, or Rs 199 on your primary number through My Airtel app.
  2. For Rs 399 or Rs 448, cashback will be offered in the form of coupons worth Rs 50 up to the recharged amount.
  3. For Rs 199, cashback will be offered in the form of 10 discount coupons worth Rs 20.


  1. The 100% cashback offer is valid till 30th November 2018.
  2. The discount coupons worth Rs 399 or Rs 448 are valid till March 2020.
  3. The discount coupons worth Rs 199 are valid till 10 months from the date of recharge.

What Is Airtel Secure Offer?

Under this offer, an Airtel user gets protection for his/her smartphone from accidental or liquid damage along with ant-virus and cloud backup. If your device is damaged and it is eligible for Airtel Secure offer, then you don’t need to go to a service center and pay a hefty amount. Airtel will pick-up the device from your doorstep and get it repaired from an authorized service center for you.


  1. Only Airtel Postpaid users are eligible.
  2. The device should be less than 1 year of age according to the invoice date.
  3. Only smartphones are eligible for repairment.

The applicant or the owner of the smartphone should be 18+ years old.

How to Avail

  1. Download or update to the latest My Airtel app.
  2. Click on the ‘Airtel Secure’ banner.
  3. Follow the instructions that will be shown to you.

Supported Device Brands

Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, HTC, Sony, Google, Micromax, Xolo, Lenovo, Motorola, Asus, LETV, Nokia, Microsoft, OnePlus, Meizu and Gionee.


  1. Airtel Secure is valid as long as #airtelThanks is valid.
  2. The validity of damage protection is for a year after enrollment.


So these were the #airtelThanks offer that became quite popular among Airtel users as well as non-Airtel users. Have you tried any one of them yet? How was it? Are you gonna try it? Comment down your views and experiences down in the comment section.


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