FlickZee – About Us

At FlickZee, we believe no movie is good or bad. Every movie has an audience and every person likes a different kind of movie or shows at any point in time.

Movie watchers find a movie or tv show based on a lot of factors

  1. Personal Preferences – What kind of movies or shows someone likes, political drama, psychological thrillers, movies with a 
  2. Where is it available right now – The On-Demand Economy, needs everything, RIGHT NOW. So the online availability is also a major factor in finding what movie or tv show to watch online.
  3. Social Recommendation – Did any of my friends Recommend it?
  4. Whom they are watching it with – If you are watching with a family, you would want to avoid movies with nude scenes, profane language
  5. Mood – Are you watching while eating food, Watching something serious or Watching

These factors are important now, in the age of Digital Streaming because 

When we used to watch movies in Theatres, we have at most 5 movies to finalize what to watch and someone in the group helps in taking a decision.

When we used to watch movies on TV, the list of movies playing at any time is not more than 10-15 and they are already playing, so the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), boredom and laziness in decision-making triggered us to decide on whatever is available.

Online Streaming is different, on platforms like Netflix, there are more than 2000 movies & shows available at any time, which make the decision making 10x complicated. These streaming services generally promote the content they want you to watch and not the content that you would like. 

Many times, if you pick a content piece to watch, either you regret watching or you are lucky.

They don’t factor in the above 5 essential decision making parameters, and if they do, they don’t highlight that.

Even if their recommendation algorithm is the industry best, it fails to tell the WHY. Why they have recommended a movie to us?

Thus, at Flickzee, we want to be a Single Decision Making Source to help find the Movie or TV Show to Stream Online so that you never have a bad movie watching experience.

What to Watch

  1. Discover that Evergreen content which never gets old and you can stream online
  2. Never have an awkward time with your family, Find Whom to Watch a movie with
  3. Find more User sourced data points to finalize a movie – including objective tags of every movie
  4. See all the IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic ratings & rewatchability information at one place

Where to Watch 

  1. All your streaming services at one place
  2. Find out movies & TV shows available on
    1. Free
    2. Streaming
    3. Rental/Buy
    4. What is streaming on TV right now
  3. Never pay for a movie if you can watch it for free