7 Best Mafia Movies and Where to Watch Them

MAFIA: A throne demanding worthiness every moment, a taut seat waiting to bounce off just as comfort sets in. It’s like being the captain of a ship which may or may not go down but unlike the captain of a ship, assurance and reliance are always on a brink even with the close ones…..uhm…..especially with the close ones.

We all have, once at least, zestfully notion over the idea of being the ‘baddest’ of all the bad guys. To be the protector of a target and targeting the protected. However, approaching the cards from all angles comes with a price, price that even the deck master has to pay.

We at FlickZee noticed a lot of Crime-Drama chatters around the workspace and thought about everyone’s opinion on the Best Mafia Movies of All Time. It was a tough act to follow as technically there are a lot of gangsters and criminals out there in the movie world but a very few mafias. There is a difference, you peasants! Guess, it takes a lot to be one, more than all the ammunition in the world.


  • The character of Al Pacino is based on a real-life mobster named Al Capone.
  • The cocaine showed in the movie is baby laxatives. BUT there are rumours to if real coke was used during the production – De Palma still hasn’t denied it.

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Tony Montana leaves Cuba during Mariel Exodus in 1980. He ends up in a refugee camp, where his friend Manny conjures up a plan by which they can get green cards. All they have to do is kill the Cuban General at the request of drug-Lord Frank Lopez. Tony doesn’t approve of the small jobs they do and ends up in the drug dealing business. At first, he works for Frank, but soon desires more power. Will his greed bring him crashing down or place him on a pedestal?

Reservoir Dogs

  • Majority of the movie is shot in a real-life mortuary
  • Quentin Tarantino – director of the movie wanted to make a theatre play out of the script initially

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Reservoir Dogs is an independent film shot on a very low budget but the exceptional prowess of the director and co-writer yells out that a good movie does not need a huge budget. It is not your average Crime – Drama as, along with the characters the viewers have a toll on their patience regularly throughout the film. A gang of six thieves is hired to successfully carry out an armed robbery on a diamond warehouse. As soon as they get done with the robbery, things get out of control and they suffer with unintended and unexpected damage to their plan and force. The Police are after them and the team members suspect that one of them might be a police informant. Will they be able to find out which one is the back-stabber here? Or are they just too blatant to be true in the first place?

The Godfather Trilogy

  • Marlon Brando (the lead actor) used to look at cue cards on lambs and poles during shots, he believed it made the scene more real as he was literally looking for words.
  • Don Corleone’s cat was a stray cat found near the shooting set.
  • The real mafias at that time indulged in notorious activity with members of the crew. The word Mafia was banned from the script and few of the Mafia members were given work at the production as extras and/or crew members.

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‘The Godfather’ is a precisely crafted story about the mafia culture. The series draws inspiration from an Italian best-selling novel (by Mario Puzo) of the same name. Don Vito Corleone, is the patriarch of the Corleone Mafia Family. He has 3 sons – Sonny, the eldest and the probable hire to the throne, Fredo, the womanizer and Michael, a Marine who has no interest in the throne of Corleone Family. An attack on Vito Corleone in the summer of 1945 makes Michael leave the Marine Corps. After a series of events, Michael becomes the head of the Corleone crime family and avenges the attack on Vito Corleone and other members of the Corleone Family.

Donnie Brasco

  • Pacino’s character had a pet lion in real life.
  • Real Brasco claims that Johhny Depp was spot on with his character
  • The director didn’t like Pacino’s style of the character but couldn’t find a problem with it, he admits.

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What if we tell you that this movie is gifted with Johhny Depp and Al Pacino and the script is as polished as the stars themselves. Based on a true story, a young officer, Donnie Brasco, in his quest to infiltrate one of five Mafia family empires and bring them down, makes his way into the road of crime by connecting closely with a Mafia family. What was supposed to be a 6-month assignment went on for more than 5 years which left Brasco hanging on a line between both sides.

Black Mass

  • This is my favourite film from my career; Johhny said.
  • The word ‘Fuck’ has been said over 250 times in the movie
  • Many murder scenes are shot where real-life murders took place

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Based on a true story from the 70s, Johhny Depp plays James Bulger, a principled Irish gang leader. The film shows an uncertain treaty between James and the police force as his childhood friend John Conolly is a reassigned FBI agent. Bulger grows notorious day by day with the support of his old friend until a slight shake of positions in the FBI office. Things go south for James pretty fast, revealing his true identity.

The Departed

  • Sullivan’s condo is actually the Library in Suffolk University Law School
  • A Former Detective (Real Life) was working as the advisor for the movie
  • There is a tribute to Scarface in between the movie (Can you tell us what it is?)

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An undercover cop (Billy Costigan) tries to expose an Irish gang in South Boston. At the same time, a mole (Colin Sullivan) in the police department works for the Irish-American mobster Frank Costello. When Costello is exposed to a sting operation, both happen to realize other’s existence. Both see each other but unknown of each other’s identity. It is an exciting thriller which keeps loyalty on the edge and it is never certain where and with whom one’s loyalty truly lies.

Once Upon a Time in America

  • Sergio Leone declined The Godfather to direct Once Upon a Time in America
  • Despite ‘America’ in the title, the majority of the film was shot in Rome

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A tale about struggle, friendship, loss, and loyalty. The movie follows the life of David “Noodles” Aaronson; who commits petty crimes with his friends as a kid in the streets of Manhattan in 1920. After serving his sentence for killing a police officer, he reunites with his group in 1932. Involved in a heated argument with his gang members, he is knocked unconscious. He wakes up to find out that all of his crew members are killed by the police. Eaten up by guilt he decides to hide with a fake identity until 1968 when he receives a letter. The letter forces him back into action when he discovers that his identity has tampered. Who sent the letter ?

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