13 Best Entrepreneur movies

The Pursuit of Happyness

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The movie is based on the true story of a man named Chris Gardner. Chris is a salesman who is stuck with tons of unsold product. He’s unable to make ends meet because of which his wife leaves him. When he is evicted from his apartment, he is forced to live on the streets with his son. Gifted with a flair for numbers, Chris finds an unpaid internship with a brokerage company, that has the potential to turn into a paid job. Chris has to balance between excelling at the internship and selling the products to earn money while making life worthwhile for his son.

The Wolf Of Wall Street

‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’ Online Availability:FlickZee

The movie is based on the real-life story of a highly successful stockbroker, Jordan Belfort, who turned from being a normal stockbroker to a drug-fuelled criminal. After a Wall Street crash in the 80s, Jordan decides to start his own brokerage firm with his partner, Donnie Azoff. Their company quickly becomes successful and famous. However, Jordan also quickly becomes addicted to the luxurious life, filled with drugs, alcohol, and sex. Due to his massive show of wealth, the FBI is behind Jordan and his partners for their illegal trading schemes.


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The son of a schoolteacher, Gurukant Desai, was never able to live up to the expectations of his father. When he is unable to find employment, he flees to Turkey. He dreams of starting his own business and becoming ultra-rich. This leads him back to India where he marries the daughter of a wealthy man. He moves to Mumbai in 1958 and starts a polyester business with the dowry he receives in marriage. Gurukant becomes the most successful entrepreneur in India. However, his business is threatened, when authorities find evidence that he has broken several laws to further his venture.


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In the 1990s, Joy Mangano, a divorced mother of two children, works a normal job as a ticketing clerk at Eastern Airlines. She always had a gift for creating products but due to lack of support, she is never able to pursue her ideas. Frustrated by her complicated personal life, Joy finally decides to pursue her dream of creating things. She designs a self-wringing mop and starts her own manufacturing company. However, the battle to become a successful businesswoman is not easy, as Joy is faced with apprehensive investors, customers and legal authorities.

Rocket Singh: Salesman of the year

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Harpreet Singh Bedi is a fresh graduate from Mumbai University who doesn’t have the best marks in exams but has the spirit of being successful. He finds a job as a salesman at AYS Computers. However, he finds that his ideas of achieving success don’t match up with the ideas of success that other ‘professionals’ have. His sales techniques and honesty is mocked by his colleagues, which leaves him feeling disheartened. Finally, he decides to write his own rules of success and start his own fictitious organisation named Rocket Sales Corporations.

Wall Street

‘Wall Street’ Online Availability:FlickZee

In 1980s New York, Bud Fox is an ambitious stockbroker, trying to rise to the top by hook or crook. He idolises the ruthless but successful stockbroker Gordon Gekko. Bud convinces Gordon to mentor him and help him become as successful as he is. Gordon teaches Bud how he trades using insider information. Due to his unstoppable greed, Bud finds himself in the center of many underhanded schemes. Finally, he comes face to face with sacrificing the livelihood of his own father, when he targets Blue Star airlines, a company where his father has worked for 24 years.

The Social Network

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The Social Network is inspired by the events that lead to the formation of the massive social media company, Facebook. In 2003, Harvard student, Mark Zuckerberg and his friend Eduardo Saverin, begin working on a social networking website to connect all the students on campus. Soon, his website becomes popular in other colleges and gradually Facebook gains traction around the world. Mark becomes one of the youngest billionaires ever but his success is overshadowed by two of his college friends who accuse him of stealing their idea of building a social networking platform. Eduardo also accuses Mark of deceptively booting him out of Facebook.


‘Moneyball’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Billy Beane is the manager of a baseball team, Oakland Athletics, which is losing many good players to other teams. Billy wants to build the best possible team but doesn’t have the payroll budget to hire the best players. He meets an economics graduate from Yale, Peter Brand. Billy recognizes Peter’s ability to analyze data to find out the value of the best players in the game and together, they decide to challenge the conventional methods of playing baseball. They want to recruit rejected players who were labeled as flawed as they believe these players have the required winning streak in them. However, Billy and Peter must prove to the management that their method is the most likely to succeed if Oakland has to win the World Series.

Jerry Maguire

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Jerry Maguire, a sports manager, leads a successful life complete with a high salary and a beautiful fiancée. However, he has an epiphany about the immoral ways that he has been forced to adopt in his professional life. He decides to rectify all his mistakes and communicates the same to his colleagues at the agency. He is met with a lot of criticism and is fired from his job. He becomes an independent sports manager and manages to only keep one of his old clients. He has to rebuild his career again. Throughout this nightmare, he receives help from his old secretary, Dorothy.

Boiler Room

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Seth is a college dropout who dreams of proving his worth to his father by being wealthy. He finds an opportunity to become a stockbroker at a brokerage firm, J.T. Marlin, just outside of New York. He is amazed by the high energy and ambition of the co-founder, Jim Young. Seth develops his selling skills and is able to become a successful broker. However, he soon finds that not all of J.T Marlin’s operations are legitimate. As FBI investigates the firm, they target Seth as a potential witness to testify against the firm.

Pirates of Silicon Valley

‘Pirates of Silicon Valley’ Online Availability:FlickZee

The movie is the story of the formation of two technology giants, Microsoft and Apple, and the lives of their charismatic founders, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. The film looks at their journey in college, the building of the personal computer industry and the love-hate relationship between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. The personal lives and characteristics of the two legendary founders have been explored, revealing that all successful empires have taken some ingenuine decisions.

The Godfather

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Don” Vito Corleone is the head of the Corleone mafia in New York. He oversees the family business but due to his age, he wants his son Michael to take over the business. Michael has served in the marines and returned home after the war. He is not interested in taking up the family business but he is forced to involve himself when a new mafia clan starts selling drugs in New York. The clash between the mafia clans leads to bloodshed with the potential to tear up the Corleone family.

Badmaash Company

‘Badmaash Company’ Online Availability:FlickZee

Karan is a fresh graduate who wants to start his own business but his father is against the idea due to their middle class status. After his father suffers a heart attack and his mother has to pawn her jewelry to pay for the treatment, Karan vows to become rich by any means. He teams up with three of his friends and starts an import business. Their business takes off in India, so they expand to America. However, their illegitimate schemes draw the attention of the police which causes them to change their business several times. Karan’s greed causes a rift between the group and he is left alone to face the consequences of his actions.

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